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Just past Father's Day and now playing the World Cup, I believe that many friends through E-commerce promotion has been a good bucket of gold bar, through the festival to promote their own website to increase sales, how to do it, whether Western or Oriental Festival Chinese people are not falling, So that does not earn a holiday promotion this bucket of gold to see the following three methods, a customer through this kind of marketing, the sales of the basic is the usual 2-3 times, and soon to 11 national day, hurriedly ready.

1, SEO optimization

Through the SEO optimization of the holiday category of keywords long tail words to achieve the top ranking to achieve high quality flow IP, 1-2 months ahead of time in the website news or blog or high-weight question and answer website posted some popular headlines, for the upcoming holiday to do a good job of keyword choice, such as "Mother's Day to send" "Father's Day to send dad what?" and so on, Finally leave their product picture link address, etc. after the arrival of the festival is waiting for the flow of water to come, but also to practice good internal strength, the first screen must put a good relevant information link address, so that the site and the festive atmosphere on OK, ahead of time to do some preparation for the cashier!

2, "viral" marketing

Before the festival comes, you can make a holiday to send a blessing page, because every day before the arrival of a few days are everyone to send blessings, QQ send blessing information peak time, friends as long as fill out the name of the blessing can automatically generate a link address sent to friends mailbox, QQ, etc., so that the equivalent of a lot of netizens to help you publicize the OH , as long as the page put a picture or text chain such as XXXX Friendship provided, similar pages add a link address on OK. Such a page on the Web download or technology to do a very simple oh, Rui Heng to the customer at that time by these methods on the same night to obtain more than 4,500 IP, it is not easy to buy it. The second is through the festival before the art to do some of the QQ Avatar Class blessing pictures, can do some creative combination of the festival at that time, can be made into GIF dynamic pictures, such as the last frame put on a gift picture or link address, as long as QQ group or forum posted to me, the number of people forwarding is countless!

3, Soft Wen Marketing

This should be a more cost-brain thing, if you are not too will be able to find someone to write, according to the upcoming holiday theme and the network popular keywords and their own site products to write some of the high forwarding rate of the article, the ultimate goal is to allow netizens to forward their own, do not publish a look is advertising articles, That kind of article is not easy to publish or be reproduced, can not be called the real meaning of the soft text, the number of soft text is not much in order to fine on OK, some of the articles of the Rui Heng was reproduced hundreds of of the same day, a few days increased by more than 1000 of the chain, E-commerce site if there is such a high-quality outside the chain for Baidu rankings is also very effective, of course, to increase sales is a breeze.

The above way is just a few ways to use, I believe that the way to promote the festival there are a lot of ways and means, can be flexibly used, this kind of free promotion method cost is low, simple way, tried and done oh. What's the holiday? Hurry up.

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