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Do online marketing, but do we really know who we are marketing to? also said that our network marketing target crowd who, where they are, this is very important, if the crowd is uncertain, it is difficult to formulate suitable, targeted promotional programs to come, so today and you talk about how network marketing to determine our target crowd

1. Fixed target audience

This is nothing to say, what kind of products have their own fixed crowd. For example, the crowd of schoolbags is students. The cosmetics crowd is female. But this is about the classification of the population. For example, perfume, its population is mainly female, then which age of women most need it? What occupation, what is the female is its dominant consumer group. This involves high, medium and low-end consumer groups. So we must put good pulse, to carry out targeted publicity. And this kind of crowd is the long-term consumption crowd. Be sure to understand them in all directions and lock them firmly into their own loyal customers. Because it is a long-term fixed crowd, so each of their needs are our network marketing considerations in the category, but also the basis for business development and adjustment.

2, the product characteristics of the crowd

Each product has its own characteristics. This feature has also been a specific consumer group. These target groups, though not fixed, are the dominant consumers. such as pregnant baby products. No one is pregnant all the year round, can say once a lifetime. So their psychology must be the safest, the most reliable, the best. The price is the last consideration. Because not perennial consumption not to save money, add up. Then in doing this product network marketing, we should understand this particular group of the elimination of psychology. The characteristics of their own products to create. Because attracts them is the characteristic, this kind of characteristic in the network marketing may according to the time sex, the stage need and adjusts. We can also according to their own product characteristics, in the Network Marketing initiative to find guide our target crowd. To put it simply is to list the advantages and find the audience of interest.

We in the network marketing to determine their own target group, we must analyze, quantify, compared with competitors in the industry. Come up with our strengths and differences. and to adapt as the market changes. At the same time to maintain a good fixed population. In the case of fixed population without loss, the excavation of specific groups. In this way, our network marketing can only be based on the success of the. Reprint please indicate the source, Rui Yang, Rui Yang Network, qq:1515040789 1599681262

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