Rumors of Mexican Twitter users arrested or jailed for 30 years

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In the future "weaving scarf" can be careful, even if forwarding can not be careless, a man and a woman in Mexico recently was arrested for spreading false news on Weibo.  The authorities have filed lawsuits against them on charges of terrorism and sabotage, and if they are convicted, they may have to serve 30 years.  Prosecutors said that as the defendants released rumours about gunmen attacking schools, parents in the Mexican city of Veracruz, tripping, flocked to schools, causing serious traffic accidents and road paralysis. "There were 26 accidents and some people left their cars in the middle of the road," a local official told the media.  In addition, emergency departments are "busy coping" with the trumped-up terror, so that the real incident does not have enough manpower to deal with. Veracruz, bordering Boca del Rio, is one of the most serious drug crimes in Mexico. The Boca del Rio of violence in successive weeks has left the mood of the local population in a state of heightened alarm. Just this time, Gilberto Martineze Villa, a teacher at a private school in Mexico, said gunmen were hijacking children from schools. "My sister-in-law just called and she was very frustrated and said they had just kidnapped 5 children from school." "I don't know when it happened, but it's true," wrote another microblog. "3 days ago, Vera also sent a micro-blog, said the kidnappers killed 6 children 13-16 years old."  A similar incident did occur in Mexico on that day, but no children were involved.  Another Maria De Gissouse Bras Vaux Pagra, a radio broadcaster, had just forwarded Aston Villa's microblog, but had unfortunately been dragged into it. Both Vera and Pagra, who are currently being detained, have expressed great injustice, with human rights groups saying that Mexican police practices violate freedom of expression and accuse the authorities of not handling the security situation. "Unsafe living conditions add to people's mistrust that information on social networks is part of the effort to protect themselves," he said. "In some cities in the Estado De Tamaulipas of the violent north-east of Mexico, people and even authorities are using micro-bleomycin to remind people to be safe." Drug traffickers, on the other hand, use social networks to create panic.  In the past 5 years, a total of 35,000 people have died of drug violence in Mexico. As a matter of fact, the case of a wind-up microblog has previously been. Last year, a man Weibo said that if the Robin Hood Airport in the north of England were not reopened on time, "I'm going to blow it up!" As a result, he was fined 385 pounds and paid a lawsuit fee of £ 2000. Two Venezuelans were accused last year of spreading false information about the country's banking system on Weibo. Once convicted, they will face 11 years in prison. • Wang share to:
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