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Some webmaster, professional programmers for important and basic Web page knowledge is very not understand, write code is very confusing. For this reason, the release of the "SEO Standard template", to the unclear what is the canonical page code of the people to enlighten and inspire.

The following template is the basis for creating a canonical Web page and is the lifeblood. These extremely important things, you can not learn in the general tutorial, but it affects the search quality of each station.

<meta http-equiv= "Content-type" content= "HTML; charset=gb2312 ">
<title>$$ page Content title $$--$$ Channel Title $$--$$ site name $$</title>
<meta name= "Keywords" content= "$$ page content title $$ $$ Channel title $$" >
<meta name= "Description" content= "descriptive statement, $$ page content title $$ descriptive statement" >
<link href= "Style.css" rel= "stylesheet" type= "Text/css" >
<script language= "javascript" type= "Text/javascript" src= "Header.js" ></script>
$$ website Navigation $$

<h1>$$ Page Content Title $$</h1>

$$ Web content $$

$$ Related Content Links $$


$$ The fixed content link that the Netizen is worth to be convenient to view all $$

$$ privacy terms, links, copyright notices, details, messages, etc. $$

SEO Standard Template comments:
1 CSS style sheet code as far as possible and HTM, ASP and other files separated
2 JS code as far as possible and HTM, ASP and other documents separated
3 Modular, standardized. There is no advanced knowledge in the world, it is all basic knowledge. Basic and important HTML code knowledge
4 each tag should appear where it should be now.
5 can also give different content blocks to increase the DIV surround tag, the use of CSS control content layout. This can be less page size, convenient search engine indexing.

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Wang Jianjan
July 19, 2008

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