Sanfeng Intelligence: Many years deep in intelligent conveying equipment industry

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Hubei Sanfeng Intelligent Conveying Equipment Co., Ltd. has been focused on the intelligent transportation Equipment research and development design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning and technical services, technology-based to provide customers with intelligent transport solutions. The company has a number of independent intellectual property rights and core technology related to intelligent conveying equipment, has obtained 15 patents, including 1 invention patents, 10 other patent applications have been accepted, and has 8 core technologies including intelligent control technology.  The company has formed a complete technology system in its core products such as trolley suspension conveying system, and the core competitive advantage is outstanding. 2007, the company's independent research of "monorail control system bus control technology" has been identified as filling the gap, the overall technology reached the international advanced level, can replace imports, is an important breakthrough in intelligent transmission technology, the technology was named the third prize of scientific and technological progress in Hubei Province,  Using the technology developed XD Monorail trolley Suspension Conveyor 2007 was listed as the National key new products. 2008, the company independently developed the "dual-track trolley suspension conveyor" by identification to fill the gap, the original one is suitable for heavy load wide body and large workpiece automatic continuous transmission of new suspension conveying equipment, integrated innovation characteristics, with independent intellectual property rights, its overall technology reached the international advanced level,  Its original transformation technology in the international leading level, can effectively replace similar imported equipment, the product was listed as the National key new products, access to National Innovation fund support, and was named Hubei Province science and Technology progress Third prize.  2009, the company independently developed the "car large slope friction conveyor system" to take the lead without auxiliary drag independent climbing technology, the use of pressurized friction wheel design technology, to achieve a large slope of independent climb and smooth downhill, can be independently realized three-dimensional transport, and achieved "large slope friction supercharged self car" patent. 2010, the company self-developed "XZ large-scale heavy load intelligent suspension logistics conveying system" was listed as the National key new products, and was named Hubei Province scientific and technological progress Third prize, self-developed "heavy load rectangular suspension conveying system" has been identified to fill the gap, with independent intellectual property rights, its overall technology reached the international advanced level.
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