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Beijing Time May 20 news, according to foreign media reports, at Google and SAP held their respective meetings this week, they staged the music of the 80 's--at Google's I/O Conference, Billy-Edol (Billy Idol) performed; At the Sapphire Convention, U2 the band's Bono on the stage. But the two companies look at the future of computers in very different ways. Although they all think cloud computing is critical, their strategies are far from the same.

First, the new cloud services from SAP are not even clouds at all. Bono was not the Bono person at the SAP conference, but a copycat.

Stefan Ried, analyst at the market research firm Forrester, Stefan that SAP's new HANA Enterprise Cloud Service is a misconception of cloud services:

"Hana Cloud Services is a very cautious step towards a new enterprise cloud service model." It is not disruptive and will not allow Hana Local Service users to immediately go to the Hana Cloud service. Hana Local Service users can only use their authorization to transfer to Hana Cloud services. This is really great for corporate users who have been Hana Local Service licensing and are willing to use cloud services. However, this is of no use to enterprise users whose data or user numbers vary significantly or are used flexibly by cloud services. ”

In other words, it's not really a cloud.

Many cloud service providers, especially Amazon, insist that such "cloud services" do not deserve such a name because they do not meet the Cloud's prerequisites: Truly flexible, customized software on demand. SAP's Hana Cloud service cannot even be called a cloud because it requires users to submit Hana authorization.

At the same time, Google's I/O conference, Google introduced the Google Cloud Service platform (Cloud Platform) A lot of improvements, and announced that Google Computing engine (Compute Engine) to all. Like Amazon, Google has created a range of very flexible, on-demand, and robust infrastructure services.

Like Amazon, Google realizes that future computing winners are not suppliers with the most beautiful devices or the best user interface, but companies that have the best cloud services. Stephen O ' Grady, an analyst at market research firm RedMonk, said: O

"The message from Google is very clear: the winning point for the future mobile war is not a device or an operating system, but a service." ”

SAP must have seen this, but it seems to have suffered from its history. It has too much revenue from the deployment of traditional software, even the release of this specious cloud services, for it has been the greatest effort.

This is not to say that Hana is a poor technology. In fact, the technology is great. But, as Reid put it, "SAP's Hana Enterprise Cloud Service is the first Hana Memory Database version 2.0, but it is the modern Enterprise Cloud service 0.1 edition." ”

This means that it is not a cloud service at all. While this may not sound a lot, businesses use real cloud services to meet a variety of requirements, not just for development and test work. If SAP wants to have a niche in future corporate cloud computing, it should learn from Google and Amazon, the company that created the future.

(Responsible editor: The good of the Legacy)

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