SAP's Hana Cloud Platform will ultimately be the foundation of all of its cloud-based applications

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SAP announced at the Sapphire meeting that SAP's Hana Cloud Platform will ultimately be the foundation of all of its cloud-based applications. The Hana Cloud Platform includes core memory databases as well as application development tools, analysis and Integration services.

SAP announced the announcement in Tuesday, shortly after launching the Hana Enterprise Cloud service. Hana Enterprise Cloud is a new service that provides users with the ability to run their SAP Business suite software, CRM, and Enterprise warehouse software in a cloud environment. These software are generally installed within the enterprise. SAP is planning to provide host partners with the ability to run this service well in their own databases.

Meanwhile, the announcement of the Hana Cloud Platform has sent SAP customers a signal that SAP will be committed to developing Hana for a long time. This product was officially released in 2011, mainly for analytical workloads. However, the product has been able to run trading applications since then.

SAP has built a cloud-based portfolio of software products by acquiring companies such as SuccessFactors and Ariba. SAP also relies on its own efforts to develop some of these applications. Many of the applications developed by SAP have changed names, such as the previous "financials OnDemand" software, which is now renamed "Cloud for Financials" (Cloud Finance software). The "Travel OnDemand" (optional travel) software is now renamed "Cloud for Travel" (Cloud travel) software.

Over time, all of these applications will be ported to the Hana Cloud Platform. SAP also plans to integrate its jam social collaboration software with these products.

According to SAP, Ariba's cost analysis component is now running on the Hana platform, and other product plans will receive the same treatment in the coming months. SAP did not provide other delivery dates.

SAP called Hana the fastest-growing product in its history and positioned it as a symbol of SAP's transformation from a simple ERP (Enterprise resource planning) vendor to a more flexible enterprise associated with modern computing trends.

SAP's joint CEO Bill McDermott disclosed SAP's efforts during a speech at a meeting in Tuesday. "Before 3.5, we asked ourselves some serious questions," he said. Do we have an important role to play? Are we important? If we don't show up, does anybody care? "

The sapphire meeting is to be held this week and will end in Thursday. This Thursday is expected to have more news about Hana.

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