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The 2008 is the rapid development of the network community one year, domestic SNS application has been unprecedented popularity. With Ucenter home as the representative of the SNS station products launched, forum/bbs popularization of SNS application of the technical threshold is getting lower.

The face of SNS opportunities, the majority of webmaster is how to look at the Internet technology and applications? Recently, "The Third China Internet Community Development Status Survey" ( event hosted Fangkang (Comsenz) The company and Eric Consulting have organized a community discussion on internet technology and applications. The event has hundreds of webmaster to participate and put forward their views.

Development costs think twice about saving money is the hard truth

According to Cnnic report, by the end of June 2008, the number of Chinese websites has reached 1.919 million, the annual growth rate of 46.3%. Webmaster in a large number of construction stations, but also face a huge development costs: technology, art and so on. and the Internet technology upgrading so quickly, the majority of webmaster how to follow the trend, and save the development costs? Faced with this problem, Songxi community webmaster "Songxi people" that: do webmaster not necessarily proficient in technology, after all, now there are many open source programs can help rookie build stations, such as discuz!. Crazy Game Alliance Webmaster "outdated modern people" also think: Sing to open a discuz!, Ucenter home free open source, everyone can use.

For the majority of webmaster friends, not blindly into the technology development, effective control of the cost of construction stations, so that the webmaster can achieve more long-term development. Sing to launch the Ucenter series of products is built station hundred treasure box. If you set up a forum, you can choose the combination of Ucenter and discuz!; If build information portal, can choose to combine with Ucenter supesite; Similarly, do community E-commerce can choose and Ucenter combined Ecmall and ecshop, build blog can choose X-space ... After all, saving money is the hard truth.

Understanding technology applications and mastering operational management

SNS era, the strategy of Operation Network community has gradually become no longer applicable, for the majority of webmaster technology development or core competitiveness? On this issue, Anping family Community webmaster "Chanley" that: for Baidu, Google and other sites, technology is the core competitiveness. For the small and medium stationmaster the technical request is too high, the most important still is the operation idea, the operation idea, the appropriate adaptability and the execution ability. Wuhan Jump9 webmaster "Aone" that: the bottleneck of technology has been decreasing, the core competitiveness of the site more and more inclined to the site's promotion and operation.

From the site's security, personalized and other aspects, the webmaster needs to understand some technology. But the long-term development of the site can not rely on technology, the majority of stationmaster more need correct operation management method, provide the content that adds user stickiness, in order to let the website grow and develop.

The ultimate in creativity and more creativity

With technical support and operational ideas, coupled with good ideas, can make their site stand out. There are millions of websites on the internet, and websites that cannot innovate will soon be flooded. Gameke operations Director "where the Flute sound" that: Today's era, the site has not relied on a good idea can be successful times, will be a good idea to play to the extreme to show similar product differences. Foreign web site Daquan webmaster "icem4n" that: Facebook, schools are open platform, manyou open platform is many Ucenter home collective open platform. Anping People community Webmaster "Chanley" that: hope to obtain the latest applications from manyou, such as car parking, buy and sell friends, these applications will improve the interaction between users, increase user viscosity. Jiu River Home Webmaster "Small Black" that: the user's active degree, the viscosity of the site will become the core competitiveness of the site.

Participate in the investigation of the majority of stationmaster generally optimistic manyou open platform. The majority of webmaster think manyou open platform is not only a variety of network applications converge platform, but also a lot of creative platform. The developer's thinking is unlimited, whether it is a variety of game applications, tools, or a variety of innovative applications, webmaster needs of the creative will be available from the Manyou open platform to find. The application of Manyou open platform can greatly increase the interactivity and viscosity of website users, and enhance the core competitiveness of the website.

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