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Open office space design does not necessarily apply to all enterprise companies, in many cases, in the office design by giving employees more privacy, perhaps to create a better office culture atmosphere.

In today's innovation-oriented information Technology society, the Office space Design of Technology enterprises is becoming more and more attractive, and the deep curtain locked meeting rooms and suits have been replaced by hoodie and leisure sofas, and even the "Corner office", which is proud of top managers, is not spared.

Today, open Office has become a symbol of scientific and technological innovation enterprises, the traditional office cubicle, partition wall are beginning to collaborate and team building in the name of demolition. From Silicon Valley to Zhongguancun, from the United States to China, technology companies prefer the same "Big Bay."

However, the "Big Bay" type of open office design must be the best choice for technology enterprises? Although the "Big Bay" can be said to cater to the technology companies in the flat and agile management, but the in emphasizing the business area of personal creativity, full of noisy large bay may not be the best choice.

Turnstone's chief brand expert, Kevin Kuske, wrote in a recent paper that open office space design does not necessarily apply to all businesses, and that in many cases, if more privacy is given to employees, it may be better to create an office culture and improve the creativity and productivity of employees.

Research shows that in many cases open office can lead to lower productivity, while Chicago Grid says in a report that some employees are overwhelmed by increased mobility in the workplace, which requires more private and quiet office space to focus on the work at hand.

How to integrate traditional office design sense of rank, privacy and modern Open Office team collaboration and mobility? Kuske's advice is to design different functional partitions in open office space, such as:

1. Collaboration area. Colleagues and team members can encounter and share ideas. Collaboration area is not very formal, you can learn from the Kitchen center console design.

2. Entertainment area. Social media analyst Klout's employee entertainment area is famous for its entertainment facilities and snacks, including ping-pong, where employees can communicate happily, build friendships, and enhance team chemistry.

3. The Silent Zone. This is an area away from the scream and rush of the printer, suitable for thinking and accomplishing tasks, there is plenty of room for you to stretch your limbs, or you can whisper a brainstorm with your team. Even the actor in "Mad Man", Roger Sterling, could not help but pour a cup of coffee to enjoy a relaxing lunch break.

4. Private area. This is for those who have important jobs on hand and need to avoid all distractions. The private area is designed to convey the message: "Don't disturb me." "Private areas need good Wi-Fi signal coverage and enough light."

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