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Often see a lot of webmaster friends in order to buy links to the matter, especially the new station, the new station PR low, can exchange less friendship links, buy high-quality links is a good way. What kind of links are high quality links? In this, I say the unique view of high-quality links, and listen to my one by one:

First, the PR output value is high.

PR has always been a site to determine the weight of the standard, even if Google has withdrawn from mainland China, but there are no other indicators like PR to measure the weight of a site. The purchase link is not PR High is good? NO, this is a big misunderstanding, you think of a PR6,PR7 station export link Dozens of or even hundred, to your website PR How many? PR output value and PR value and the number of links exported, PR output value, the more you import to the PR of your site. PR output value can be found in many websites:


I have seen such a webmaster, in the purchase of links to calculate the output of each link of the PR value, to the end of all the purchase of the link output value added up to see a few, the results two or three months later, PR really rose to that number.

Second, Baidu included content time, Baidu included the faster the better, seconds to collect the station is a good station

Home snapshots are basically updated every day, but many sites update the content of the day is often to the second genius was Baidu released, your site is not this situation? For the new station, in addition to enhance the PR, increase the amount included is also an important indicator. So want to collect the site quickly, find a collection of fast Web site links, through the snapshot delivery, your site will be quickly included. Check the day included a lot of tools, as long as site can be traced


Third, Baidu weight can only do reference.

Recently a lot of Baidu to check the weight of tools, Baidu officials have said that these tools at all 6188.html "> not reliable." In fact, think carefully, if really have Baidu weight estimation method, that Baidu itself has already launched, will not let PR has been monopolized. Baidu algorithm has been updated every day small updates, a week a big update, who can say he mastered the secret of Baidu weight. Check Baidu Weight tool can only do reference, such as can see the relevant word ranking and search volume and so on.

Four, the link that can bring traffic must be good link.

Now the link market often appears dark chain (do not know what is dark chain can be found in the A5 related articles), the sale will be cheaper. Dark Chain Although the theoretical analysis of the PR transmission has no effect, but always feel uncomfortable, which is wrong? Dark chain is the hidden link to a common people can not find the place, that is, there will be no traffic past. So how does Baidu judge the relevance of this link? If a link is a regular point, then Baidu will feel that this is a good channel, spiders will often crawl through this link to your site. So buying links is going to buy those users who are likely to point.

The above is my purchase of high-quality links to some experience, only on behalf of personal views, hoping to help new webmaster. This article from the university students Weibo ( in the A5 starting, reprint must indicate the author and source. Also welcome webmaster friends and I exchange, I QQ is: 1223157972.

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