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According to the Japanese Square Enix company announced that it will be developed by the "Soldier of Fortune", "Quake4" and other popular FPS games known as the North American game Developers Raven Software developed, Activision on June 29, 2010 in North America across PCs, Xbox 360, PS3 and other platforms launched the SF-style fps new "singularity" (Singularity) of which the XBOX360/PS3 two versions received square  Enix company Foreign games strictly selected Japan's deputy trademark "Square Enix Extreme Edges" among the agents to launch the Japanese release, the current version of the two platform edition is scheduled to launch on September 22, pricing 7980 yen. In this work will be a total burial of all the past in the dark, even from the map to erase the island of Russia as a stage, players will be able to manipulate the timing of the special device to shuttle in the "Past" and "modern", through the interaction between the past and the modern to solve the mystery of the development of the story. In this story, the description of the 1945, as the Soviet military continued to strengthen, and gradually expand their influence in the political, but the secret of the Atom, still only the United States. In order to catch up, the Soviet Union secretly carried out a plan. A new energy source known as "E99" was accidentally discovered when the Soviet Union was investigating uranium deposits on a small island on the southeast coast. The Soviet Union, which is considered a good opportunity to conquer the world, is indefinitely betting money to explore the potential of this unknown substance. Victor Barisov, who heads the project, also built a research facility called "Katorga-12" on the island. But one day, "Barisov" will return the entire facility and erase the island from the map of Russia ...  In this way, from history and record completely wiped out of this small island, so has been in this 50 years hidden huge secret, until the protagonist "Nate Renko" on this island ... In the game, it will be a 2010-year modern stage, described as a result of the investigation of the Russian territory in a small island, so the United States Air Force reconnaissance Pilots, "Nate Renko" came to the island. It was supposed to be a reconnaissance mission on the surface, but the protagonist crashed into the island because of the mysterious bombing. On the island, "Nate" sees the ruins of the streets, the abandoned military research facilities, and countless traces of past brutal research, and so on, and through the unfolding flashbacks, let the protagonist understand the tragedy that happened 60 years ago ... Originally this island, is called the special point "Singularity" of space-time distortion of the place, "Nate" must use their own here to be able to manipulate the local time specific device "TMD" (Manipulation Device), Keep track of the great events that took place here 60 years ago! (Edit Zhang Xing)
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