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After years of legal proceedings, Salome (Konami) and Viacom (the parent company of the rock band Development Company Harmonix), the official documents of Texas and the Massachusetts Court of Justice announced that the two sides have reached a settlement on copyright and patent disputes over the peripherals of music consoles.  The two companies announced that they had reached a settlement and no longer held any legal and patent responsibilities on the issue, but the specific agreement between the two sides was not disclosed. The lawsuit began in 2008, when the US sued Viacom and Harmonix, who argued that the rock band violated a number of patents they registered in the United States and asked Harmonix and its parent company Viacom to compensate for the losses, which the Japanese company had already had, such as the  A musical game such as a guitar master and a fanatic drummer (Guitar Freaks and DrumMania).  Interestingly, when Harmonix launched the lawsuit in 2008, the big hot Guitar Hero has been in play for 3 years, helping Viacom make a full pot.  In 2009, Viacom and Harmonix counterclaims of the United States, said that the music of the U.S. 2008 "Rock Revolution", the same violation of the Viacom in the game related patents. It seems that this is a silly account. But this has not stopped two companies from launching new music games, during which Harmonix launched "Rock Band", "rock Group 2", "Rock band: The Beatles," and the latest attempt by the United States in this field is the "Rock revolution." Now two have finally reached a compromise, I hope they still focus on the introduction of newer and better music games is the right path.
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