Sea King Biological transfer 80% stake to the British special Dragon

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Last night (July 16), Sea King Biological (000078, closing price 10.31 yuan) and the holding subsidiary of the Sea Wang Yingtorong (8329,HK) also announced that Haiwing Intron will be the way to add additional domestic shares to the Sea King Biological acquisition of Wang Fu Laixi drug 80% stake, the lump sum of 434 million yuan. Sea King Biological Discount 20% transfer fu medicine Sea King Biological Bulletin, to support the holding subsidiary of the Sea Wang Yingte Dragon Development, enhance the sea Wang Yingtorong profitability, enrich the sea Wang Yingtorong main business and product categories, the company and the wholly-owned subsidiary of the Sea King Pharmaceutical and Sea Wang Yingtorong signed an agreement on the transfer of shares, The agreement in the sea Wang Yingtorong can be successfully issued and placing 189 million new foreign shares (H-shares) and other conditions, the company holds the sea Wang Fu Laixi drug 75% Equity, Sea King Pharmaceutical holding the sea Wang Fu Laixi drug 5% of the equity, a total of 80% of the sea Wang Fu Laixi drug ownership transfer to the sea Wang Yingtorong,  The transfer of the total price of 434 million yuan, Haiwing Intron will be 0.8 yuan/share price to the company issued 542 million new domestic shares of the way to pay the above-mentioned equity transfer payments. The Hai Wangfo is owned by Hai Wang Biology and wholly owned subsidiary, the other 20% is held by management and core backbone. As of April 30 this year, Hai WANGFO drug combined statement total assets of 354 million yuan, net assets of 117 million yuan, January-April to achieve operating income of 160 million yuan, net profit of 19.07 million yuan.  The company's valuation was 549 million yuan, and the transaction price was discounted by 20%. Or to consolidate the holding right sea Wang Yingtorong is a holding subsidiary of Sea King Biology in Hong Kong Gem listed, 2009 years loss of 24.12 million yuan.  Not long ago, the company was awarded a 189 million-yuan H shares, the company also earlier this month, the Shenzhen municipal government issued a grant of 18 million yuan research and development funds. After the deal is completed, Haiwing Intron will hold 80% stake in the sea Wang Fu Laixi Medicine, while the Sea King organism through the indirect holding, its Wang Fu Laixi in the sea of the proportion of drugs will fall by 56.3%. The transfer was puzzling as Haiwing Intron lost money last year.  Some analysts said the Sea King's move was either to consolidate its controlling stake in the Wang Yingtorong. Sea King, which currently holds 639 million shares of Wang Yingtorong, is 67.5%, and the latter has been granted 189 million shares, which means the stake will fall to 56% per cent. The share of the company's Wang Yingtorong shares will rise from 67.5% to 70.38% after the Wang Yingtorong has issued 542 million new shares to the Sea King.
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