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Why do some sites in search engines ranked very good, and some can not even find it? What's the secret? As the guidelines on free search engines say, there are five factors that you must keep in mind:

1, search engine optimization strategy: Website content

The actual content of the site is an important factor in your network optimization strategy. If you want your site to be ranked in search results, you must have actual content in your site. Search engine spiders are basically a blind man. They can only judge the quality of your Web site content, but not from the picture, Flash animation. Having enough content on all pages to index a search engine is a basic need for a successful search engine optimization strategy. It's easy to see why a site with no content is very difficult to line up. When people look for information, they always want to find a site that includes a lot of important information. Naturally, Web sites that are rich in content are much better ranked than those with rich web content. Every station owner who optimizes their site is remembered. Don't forget to update your website. Both search engines and visitors want to see newer information. What does that mean? This requires you to collect a lot of information and focus on the changes in this field.

2, search engine optimization strategy: keyword density

There are usually hundreds of words on a Web page, so how do search engines tell which are the important words that describe your site? The search engine will count the number of words in your page. Those repeated occurrences of words or phrases are considered more important. Search engines use their own algorithms to count the importance of each word on your page. The ratio of key words to the number of words in the page is called keyword density, which is one of the most important factors in search engine optimization strategy. To get a better ranking, your keywords must appear on the page a number of times, or within the bounds of the search engine.

How can you know the density of the key words to get a better ranking? Very simple, as long as you search the search engine you want to optimize the keyword, and then statistics on the first few sites that keyword density can be. There are, of course, a lot of tools for counting keyword density (you can find it on the

3, Cable engine optimization strategy: Highlighting keywords

Put keywords in a place of value, and after you've counted how many keywords your page needs, then consider putting your keywords somewhere on the page. Highlighting keywords is one of the most important factors in attracting search engine attention. Search engines will focus on the content of one part of your Web page, and the words that are in this focus are much more important than the words in other parts. This is called "highlighting the keyword."

A:title and META Tags: as mentioned in the previous section, the Title tag is the most important label in a Web page. So it's important to place keywords in title. Some search engines will pay extra attention to "description" and "keyword" tags.

B: Title (headings)) <H1>--<H6> title tags indicate to your visitors which are the most important elements of the site. Title: Is the text in <h1>--</h1>. Having keywords in the title tab is good for improving your site rankings.

C: Hyperlink text: The idea that you link to a Web page that is relevant to the content of your site is perfectly normal. This is also why keywords are so important in the link text.

D:url text: The presence of keywords in your domain and your pages can have a big impact on search engine rankings. Such a keyword is called "url text", in another site with your site to create links, as far as possible to use the keyword as a link text, which is conducive to improving the importance of your site, thus affecting the PR.

E: Top: The text at the top of the page, the content at the beginning of each paragraph is particularly important, so try to include keywords in these places.

4, click on the popularity of

Another factor that affects rankings in some search engines is the popularity of clicks, and the number of clicks that connect to your page in the search results are counted. Frequently clicked hits the page the popularity to be high. When a visitor clicks on your site from the search results, the search engine will reward you with a certain score. If your site gets a higher number of clicks, you'll get more points in the future than those sites with less clicks. Do not try to repeatedly click on your site, for the same IP repeated clicks, the search engine will delete it. When again landing to the search engine will greatly affect the rankings. Search engines will consider this a worthless page. This is not a good optimization strategy.

5, Link popularity

Link popularity is considered to be a major factor in search engine optimization. Search engines will think that more external links to the site is also relatively high importance. Not all links are fair, and the links from high-quality sites will give you more points on your site. Link text must contain your optimized keywords, which will also improve your site rankings. Link popularity is not within your control, but you can increase the popularity of your links by following these instructions:

A: Do a high-quality website, if people find that he has valuable content, they will actively link with you.

B: Make the exchange links easier. In the Exchange Link page to place the Exchange link code, the exchange of links in the contact way in a conspicuous place, to facilitate the exchange of partners with you.

C: Find your competitor's link partner in the search engine and ask them to exchange links with you. Mutually beneficial exchange links are beneficial to both sides.

D: Advertise on an important website or submit your site in the billing catalogue.

Of course, you can also submit to many free catalogs, yellow pages, etc. You can also add your links (such as ebook, published articles, etc.) to your work.

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