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Yahoo China set up a new search portal site "one search" against Google and Baidu, Sohu hinted that August will striking

China's Internet search industry is high. Sohu to strengthen search research and development, MSN is also brewing in China's search plan, the recent controversy over Baidu injection of gossip buyers surfaced, including Google's eight institutions to participate in this round of injection, the search market is changeable. A few days ago, Yahoo China offering brand-new search brand--Search the Portal "a Search" (www.yisou.com). Yahoo China, in addition to strengthen its portal search outside, the alternative, directly to Google and Baidu.

Yahoo Sohu

In April, Sohu "godfather" Negroponte and Yahoo "Sheikh" Yang's visit to China all stressed the need to strengthen the search business in China research and development and investment. Now Yahoo China will solve the mystery, and Sohu is half cover. June 23, Sohu Chairman Zhang Chaoyang in Guangzhou to receive an interview with the reporter revealed that Sohu will launch a new search products in July or August. As for Yahoo, the launch of a pure search site. Charles Zhang's answer is: "Let the industry waiting!" ”

In the past two years, Yahoo has bought 5 internationally renowned search providers, including Inktomi (Msn,amazon,ebay Search service provider), Overture, the world's largest search advertising business provider, Fast, Alta Vista, Kelkoo? The first big auction site in Europe? Yahoo China District president Zhou told reporters, "a search" determined in two or three years to become the Chinese market to become the best search portal, and is currently a pure search portal, do not go like Baidu's bid ranking profit model, the main purpose is to absorb a lot of popularity for Yahoo China paving. "

Multi-party Wrestling China search

Yahoo's strategy, its most want to surpass the opponent is Google, hoping to rely on the integration of Yst search technology to completely break Google's "search myth." It is understood that the Chinese market has now become a global search engine technology in the battlefield of fierce collision. Google investment in Baidu, Yahoo China offering "a search" magic weapon, professional search engine is generally Google, Baidu confrontation situation. The former with the leading technical resources, unique marketing concepts and achieved winning, so, although Google has not yet officially entered the Chinese market, although far away from the server often make Google stability problems, although Google's alleged invasion of privacy and seek hegemony of the voice of the Constant, But it still attracts legions of fans in China.

Yahoo investment "A search" by the industry is generally considered to be the fulcrum of Yahoo pry market changes, with Sohu to join the wrestling camp, this year's search war will also be increasingly warming.

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