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Search engine marketing short for: SEM, is: Search Engine marketing abbreviation. How to do a good job search engine marketing? Whether it is a company, a team, or a person, the most basic: the need to have the search engine marketing ideas and ideas. No good ideas, no ideas, no good things to start and end.

As far as job is concerned, there must be at least a penetration of search engine marketing (SEM), interactive media ideas and mentality, every detail of the operation should be considered: friendly, functional, visual, media and interaction. Media Interactive website In Need: security, promotion, flow, sales, service at the same time, Web sites, Web pages also need to have: friendly and popular, the content of concern, needs, friendly features, good layout vision, user experience, not a single publicity, traffic, sales, but the collection of many advantages, multi-function, Many services in one to win the attention of a wide range of users and interaction.

Search Engine Optimization Marketing is an economical and efficient way at present. Search engine optimization is not for a single Web page content to optimize, to get a keyword ranking, but to adjust, planning a site: architecture, interactive, column, key page, etc. in order to achieve:

1. Database, server efficient response, stable operation

Even if there is a good ranking, the database side, the server side can not provide: efficient response and service, security, virus intrusion without corresponding solutions, is futile.

2. Web site navigation to the end page, can be back to related pages and home

There is no more content, no good navigation or interaction, users and search engines will be difficult to find.

3. Column assembly with self-ringing hotspot

A column to the relevant information are collected together, not only netizens like, search engines will also like.

4. Let the whole website move

For example, buy Mercedes-Benz netizens, perhaps want to look at BMW's related information, so provide a related navigation, is to give netizens an "active" access to the opportunity.

5. Content not only to be friendly to netizens, but also need to search engine friendly

When a Web page appears in front of "browsing" users, where the most attractive, then his vision will be preferred there, perhaps he went to another page. When a netizen sees an article before the big and thick text, he will naturally know: this is the essence of content and overview. These are not just for visitors to do well, search engines to do well.

6. Don't give up every visiting friend

More assurance: Each access request can output the correct browser-side results. It contains such as: 404 request, move or change the data, the page plate dislocation display.

7. New Open column and website development, Internet, search engine

With the development of social progress and information, every day there will be a large number of search 17891.html "> popularity, access to a higher number of keywords and Web pages generated." which contains the new keywords, for search popularity, add columns should be: with the necessary functions, to view the Internet information needs. Predatory search traffic, to obtain the relevant marketing objectives of users. When you find a search for a keyword that is high in popularity, you should focus on the appropriate column or page.

With all the big Web sites, traffic is very high (traffic is also ranked an element in the algorithm), search engine optimization is also doing a good job, some small site optimization strategy here is just the basis for optimization, so said: more work to deploy, or to implement SEO elements together.

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