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Internet advertising is a step-by-step influence on people's living habits, guiding people's consumption behavior, even in the subversion of some of the ideas of the inherent concept. Advertising forms from the beginning to the portal ads, mailbox ads, and gradually developed into today's search engine advertising (SEM) as a general choice. As the search engine is the first choice of information in the Internet age, its unique status is decided in the Internet advertising subdivision, search engine marketing has the most extensive audience groups. In search engine advertising, a wide range of matching this unique marketing model is based on a single keyword to buy the form of advertising to play to a new height.

Extensive matching is Baidu search engine marketing three kinds of matching mode (accurate, phrase, extensive) one. Using a wide range of matches, when the user search term is highly correlated with the purchase keyword, even if the word is not submitted, the results may be presented. The search terms that may trigger the promotion result include: synonymous synonyms, related words, variant forms (such as: add space, reverse order, typos, etc.), completely contain the keyword phrase (word order can not be reversed). Therefore, a wide range of matching can help advertisers locate more potential customers, enhance brand awareness, save a lot of program design, material writing, system settings and other operating time. Then, in the application of a wide range of search engine marketing tool, what is worth the attention of advertisers? Especially for the effect of customers, not only to play a functional advantage to improve the conversion, but also to stabilize the cost of conversion. Through the actual case analysis, we will share a wide range of matching use and optimization of the 5-Step Marketing Secrets:

1. Which keywords are suitable for wide range?

A) character number of long words

Through a number of results of the experimental analysis of customers, the length of characters in 8 (equal to 4 text) above the keyword use of a wide range of matches, whether from the number of conversions or from the cost of a better. Take a game customers as an example, advertisers check the registration volume and registration costs, take different characters of the length of keywords for testing, test results are as follows:

L The number of registered words above average is concentrated in the character interval 8-16


L Registration cost The geographical average level of keywords are also concentrated in the number of characters interval 8-16


b) Word-cutting multiple keywords

The so-called "cut word" (also known as Chinese participle), refers to the sequence of a Chinese character into a separate word. The system will be based on the algorithm such as: string matching Word segmentation method, based on the understanding of Word segmentation and statistical segmentation method to buy a wide range of matching keyword scientific division. In a wide range of matching tests, we find that the more words are cut out, the more the relevance of the search term is. Take an example of an E-commerce customer, purchase the keyword "buy", set for a wide range of matches, its participle is only 1, through the small flow of experiments, its highly relevant search terms accounted for the overall coverage of 50%, and the same set to buy "Beijing Group purchase Information", the number of Word segmentation is 3, highly relevant search terms accounted for up to 82%.

c) Good effect keywords

For the effect-oriented customers, it is recommended to use accurate and phrase matching mode of good keywords for a wide range of matching uses preferred. In the real customer experiment, 62% of the customer is satisfied with the delivery effect, and all satisfied customers choose the effect of good keywords for a wide range of matching.

2. How to set up a broad programme?

Extensive management is difficult to ensure a wide range of matching delivery effect, intensive cultivation is particularly important for a wide range of applications. A good start is half the success, so the following settings suggest that you prefer:

A limited budget: it is recommended that advertisers independently set up a wide range of matching plans and budget allocations to control the wide range of consumption, and gradually cover a wide range of people.

b) Phrase first: It is recommended to first Test phrase matching, in order to learn from experience, to obtain efficient keywords and negative keywords, replication into a broad plan.

c) time limit: it is proposed that according to the advertising industry users in the period of the weak-Wang distribution to improve conversion efficiency.

d) Geographical limitation: it is suggested that the geographical advantages and disadvantages of advertising industry users should be limited to improve input-output.

3. How to make a bid?

(a) In order to further enhance the value of wide matching, advertisers often buy the same keyword in three matching modes at the same time, and differentiated bids, to ensure that when accurate search words are triggered to display accurate matching purchase keywords, and so on, to a relatively low price to obtain a wide range of matching search terms of advertising display, The proposed bids are:


4. How to adjust the broad programme after the line?

A wide range of matching is to achieve the advertisers short-term efficient access to traffic or conversion effects such as the marketing tool, and the real use of this function, to search engine marketing personnel, optimization is indeed a definitely. It is suggested that the following 2 aspects should be effectively implemented:

5. How do I add negative keywords?

When using a wide range of matches, search term reports (report-Custom Reports-search term reports) can be used to see which search terms trigger the promotion results. If you find unrelated search terms, and through Baidu statistics or other monitoring system to track these words can not bring transformation, then you can use the negative keyword, so that the search word contains these words do not trigger the promotion results, so that more accurate positioning potential customers, reduce conversion costs, improve ROI.

So, in addition to finding negative words in the search word reports that are widely matched on the line, other common methods of determining negative words are:

A the list of Baidu, such as: celebrities, hot events, hot anime

B Natural search results, such as: negative information

C Industry negative thesaurus, such as: Online bookstore customers, "Download", "online reading" for the industry negative words

D Professional Institutions recommended search lists, such as: competition products included

The above is our practice in the verification of a wide range of matching marketing five steps, I hope that more advertisers through this powerful function to obtain substantial benefits to achieve efficient, convenient, practical search engine marketing. Content source Baidu Marketing Blog

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