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SEO is a means of network marketing, is a kind of enterprise information strategy, for SEO can not play a decisive role for the network marketing, SEO is the auxiliary role, as a network marketing personnel must have a correct understanding, SEO pay attention to the combination of thinking and technology. The role is limited, we as an advocate of SEO must slowly control, now the community has a lot of black hat and Internet crooks make SEO in a certain degree of the negative impact, which for them may be to make them a lot of profits. But in the service at the same time make the company lost confidence in SEO, then seo don't talk about what the development of the market. So for the development of SEO is harmful and not benefit. For SEO, the relevant problem of search engine is a very sharp problem, for SEO and bidding is a pair of contradictions, a large layer of their formation in a very large competition, but in fact, at present, in fact, can be a very good solution, any one bidding is a degree, it must take care of the customer's search experience, So in some bidding although always occupy the position of the first page, but after bidding the page or to provide a lot of development space for SEO, and seo people at this time to do is not to use SEO to launch a search engine again and again attack, But through SEO and search engine mutual cooperation for our customers and Chinese netizens to bring a good search experience and market value, this is the development of SEO way.

SEO is to take a series of strategies to the site in the free search engine search results of the top. This collection is called "Organic list" or "Natural list". In fact, you can lead the site to be included in the way, so as to improve the ranking of the site-the method is to cast the search engine good.

All you need to do is optimize your site and the search engine will pay more attention to it accordingly. This way, when people search for your product or service, your site will be ranked at the top of the search results. Here are some key SEO strategies:

1 Select the hottest keywords in the market you are targeting. For any search marketing competition, this is the first step.

2 Insert the keyword into the appropriate location in the page and code. The site has a lot of hot areas, search engine spiders will periodically crawl from the keyword. The practice is to put the keywords in the headlines, subheadings and text. In the code, insert the link text (anchor text), alternate text (alt text), title tag, Imgage label, and META tag. But it's enough, like the stereotype of a keyword in a meta tag.

3 Select keywords related to the content. A website that buys shoes, if you write a key word such as "hundred percent guarantee to lose weight to succeed", the search engine will ignore you. Keywords to truly reflect the site is what to do to play the best results.

4 Keep the update, let the spider constantly patronize your website. Spiders crawl content The more new, the more relevant, your site rankings are more likely to rely on the front. The content on the website should be kept up to date, whether it is a change or upgrade of the business or product. News messages or announcements should also be posted to the Web site for archiving. There are blogs and forums, daily updates, discussions can attract people to keep a return visit, the site to maintain updates also help.

5) Adjust the keyword density. Make sure that the keywords you integrate into your Web pages are as natural as possible. If the text on the site is a messy keyword, it is difficult to attract visitors. Baifi is about the same density.

6 links with reputable and relevant websites. Natural, relevant external links are search engine gold. Focus your strategy on requesting one-way links to sites that have high natural rankings in search engines. In addition, create some "link bait"-a link to a return visit in high quality content. Publishing free articles and newsletters is also a good way to get high-quality external links. More information can continue to focus on an article by senior Internet hatching expert xiangru.

7 Use site maps to improve the rankings of sites in Google,yahoo and Windows Live search. Site maps are used to help spiders across all pages of the site. With this site Map format agreement, the three-bit search giant gives a lot of hints that you can easily index your site.

SEO should occupy the core position in your network marketing strategy. This is the cheapest and most effective way. In fact, most of the optimizations for natural search engines are free. But it could be a bit slow. Even if you do, you may have to wait a while for the results of the search rankings to be displayed. Here are some ways to capture your target traffic faster.

Pay-per-click Ads

1 The effect of paid-click ads is immediate. Even if your site has not been included in the search engine can also bring traffic.

2) simply pay by effect. No matter how many times your ad shows up, you only have to pay if someone points the link. By carefully observing the results, you can determine whether the conversion rate is ideal and decide whether the ad is worth continuing.

3 This is a great tool! With paid-click ads, you can make a few commercials at once and know which one works best. Test the keyword in this way, and then choose the best effect on the site, thereby improving the ranking of natural search.

In fact, you can test everything with pay-per-click ads. From product variety and price to advertising headlines and advertising speeches. For more information on paid click Ads Please continue to pay attention to Roy Net, in later articles, we will continue to sum up to share with you.

With Pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimization, your target market will definitely find you. There's no strategy like search marketing that makes you so comfortable. You can significantly improve the search engine rankings, guide the quality of the site, the expected flow, and often a penny does not spend. Most of the technologies mentioned here are very basic, and some technologies are constantly being updated or eliminated. The last year's skills may no longer work this year. On the other hand, if you find a new search marketing technique, you can get ahead of your competitors. So understand these basics while trying out new skills or strategies. Through continuous search marketing, you can be in the target market where you most need to appear, that is, the most front and center of the search results. The above article original author IMC's Ceo:derek Gehl, Roy Net arranges and edits, Roy Net provides one-stop network marketing plan and the Electronic Commerce Navigation service for the enterprise, helps the enterprise to win the broader market, provides the entire incubation support for the Internet undertaking.

Did you get in touch with the visitor when you were browsing? If not, then you undoubtedly lose the potential customers. Roy Network statistics show that the average number of small and medium-sized website visitors will not be more than 50 people per day, but precisely the 50, 80% are potential customers, and 20% are the industry. The current SME Web site is generally short of web monitoring and visitor instant messaging systems. It is recommended to use the original "Integrated Network Marketing Solution" by Roy Net. In order to enhance the satisfaction of visitors at the same time, to retain potential customers, not as in the past, because to wait for customers to call and lose a lot of valuable business opportunities!

Whether Google, Baidu or Yahoo search engine is to encourage the original article, so that everyone will think your station has real content, very authoritative, but where the webmaster to find so many original articles or close to the original article it. Garbage station webmaster can not be a comprehensive site content original and rely on collection to update the site. How to increase the originality of their own site, I have a few ideas for webmasters to think, the collection of Friends is also very useful:

1 when adding content, first use Baidu or Google search for the title, to see if there is a full match with their own search results, there will be changes to the title. The beginning and end of the content of the article are slightly changed. An original article came out. Why to change the content, because the search engine after the description is often the beginning and end of the article.

2 use translation tools. Very simple, update the Chinese station in the English station to find content, English station is the opposite. Translation with a translation tool and a little modification becomes an absolutely original content. Do not modify the garbage station.

3 through several articles similar to the hybrid. Summary of the Internet incubation expert Xiangru View, a website should maintain more than 30% original content, and then add constant updates to have access to the virtuous circle of the site!

For the network marketing, the various skills are many, for the current network marketing a skill SEO is hot, for SEO this is a good thing, but this is not very good for the development of network marketing. This will make the enterprise and the outside world that SEO in the network marketing is omnipotent. This caused the speed of the development of SEO too fast to make SEO and search engine relationship will be more and more bad, and there are many problems can not be a good solution. Therefore, the development of SEO has to slow waste.

Search engine optimization is not only a technical work, but also a closely related to the characteristics of the enterprise, the need to constantly analyze and seek external cooperation work. Practice has proved that the search engine optimization can not only make the site on the search engine has a good performance, but also to make the whole site look easy and crisp, efficient and concise page, the target customers can be straight to the theme, the site played a communication between the enterprise and the best customer results.

Some xiangru suggestions in the process of search engine optimization:

1 Avoid using too many pictures and animations

2 use static and dynamic combination of Web pages

3 with good keywords, keyword analysis is particularly important

4 pay attention to the quantity and quality of the external website links

5 The use of "site map" for search engines to provide convenient access to the site

The advantages of search engine marketing (SEM):

1 Search engine user groups are growing, the quality of search engine users continue to improve, there is the consumption potential of users over 25 years old, the proportion of search engine users gradually increased, as the media advertising value can not be underestimated. Many companies have made amazing returns through search engines.

2 Average sales opportunity cost is lowest, search engine marketing is the most cost-effective.

3 The most effective carrier, people become more and more lazy, not willing to remember the site, but through search engines to find. 80% of the information is found through search engines.

4 The most accurate marketing means, the advertising industry has the saying that "no matter how hard you try, your 50% of the advertising spending may be playing bailer", but you have to invest in, search engine marketing by pulling rather than pushing the way to attract target customers, so that every part of your investment is rewarded. There are two ways to get a good location, one for paying, and the other for getting good natural rankings. "Roy Net editing and finishing"

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