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Last Saturday in A5 with you share the "2013 Search engine optimization of the new degenerate" on the content of the site, mainly for the recent search engine adjustment, so that webmaster can find their location, their own products for the user group content knowledge, today to share with you. 2013 Search engine Optimization New degenerate "link chapter.

A long time ago to do optimization know that there is such a word in the SEO circle "content for the king, outside the chain for the emperor" This phrase, has been the ultimate goal of Seoer, but the search engine optimization in the first few years, in the end how many people really do these two points. The combination of content and link is inseparable, this section mainly say link. Analysis of the hyper-chain technology is Baidu search engine CEO Robin Li, the founder of Baidu's early special technology. is through the link analysis to decide your website receives the user as well as other website's welcome degree, this process is quite complex, the stationmaster do not think completely knows the search engine link analysis technology, if you can understand, that is not to hit Mr. Li's rice bowl.

Links are mainly divided into: internal links, external links. Internal links are divided into: the whole station frame links, internal anchor text links, external links are divided into: links, external plain text links, external anchor text links. Today we mainly explain the external links.

We often do in the process of optimization to try to know which links are most useful, many webmaster friends look as "external anchor text" link. Because the "external anchor text" link is through the keyword plus hyperlink, point to your site, so as to improve your site to change the keyword ranking. There are also some webmaster, including "links" "Copyright link" "Hidden link" in most of the through, URL hyperlinks and plain text links. Plain text link meaning is a URL, no click behavior, static plain text, this connection is to improve the weight of your whole station.

It seems that the general principle has come out, very simple, so do it. Here, you are wrong, can not blindly go to the pursuit of anchor text or the pursuit of pure text links, have to speak methods and thinking. Where is the core of SEO? If let me answer, neither content, nor link, more is not the so-called big God Black hat seo technology, but is the SEO thinking. If you start SEO thinking is wrong, as if you have not built the foundation of the house, directly base bricks, so that looks good, but a little push or a small earthquake, your house collapsed, the house collapsed will cause what kind of consequences, what you have done before to give negative. So in the framework of external links must pay attention to the good way, step by step, do not think of the sudden increase of thousands of, or even tens of thousands of of the link. No value, is a spam link, will only increase the speed of your site to extinction.

We review the Baidu search engine recently came out of several algorithms to declare "chain cheat" "Green Luo 1.0" "Green Luo 2.0" and so on these algorithms are all around the connection. Because Baidu has such a link algorithm mechanism, so some people want to do everything through various means to increase external links. There are black chain, mass, purchase, soft text and other forms, so as to obtain a large number of external links, but these links to the bottom is valuable. Baidu's algorithm is to not let you through the abnormal way to get links, you need to combine the content of your site and links to obtain the user's trust. Your website link is very good, but the content is very rubbish, this will cause misleading, you do link at the same time, whether have thought that my website provides content whether conforms to the user embodiment degree.

The significance of the link is to recommend, not in exchange for material and other ways to get, have you ever seen Tencent hair outside the chain? Have you seen the admin 5 outgoing chain? Have you ever seen a chain of Chinaz hair? Have you ever seen an embarrassing story? None of these, then why they rank so well, Tencent needless to say, is one of the Internet, then the remaining few high-quality sites is why the rankings so good, traffic so high, think carefully.

Baidu algorithm update the so-called will be SEO return to the essence, rather than blindly do not have nothing to do k your site, or to increase the price of users, another perspective, search engine industry competition so fierce he so rampant, what kind of consequences. Only to improve the quality of search results, the return of users, the user is king, we do the site is to provide users with services, search engines are also. As a result of some of the webmaster before through improper means or is not playing well on a large number of additional links, resulting in Baidu every update has a group of websites down, all scold Dad, criticisms, scold Bd. If your previous content to do well, the link above according to search engine related guidelines, do not blindly go to the pursuit of quantity, and do not care about the quality, will not create a site is down the right result. I think your website will not be too bad for all the energy to be transferred to users and content. Friendship Links This needless to say, the link with the recommended significance is a valuable link, to search under this kind of articles a lot of their own analysis, see more, think, will be at a glance.

Finally, the conclusion: Search engine optimization, return to the essence. Or that sentence, do not optimize for optimization, also do not for external links, and blindly manufacturing links. When you do something think of the user, if you are a user, the site does this behavior, you are willing to become its loyal fans. This question is worth thinking about, so let's talk about the "Internal connection" section for the next class. Above only for my opinion, for reference only. This article by the Academic Hall ( original offer, A5 starting, reprint please specify, thank you!

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