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A while ago, a friend of his personal website sent to me through QQ, he said now in Baidu search "Liu Yifei" three words, his station ranked in the top five, then did not look carefully, just curious to open to find this "Liu Yifei" is not the "Liu". Because he is more careless, after understanding, he is unintentionally inserted willow, not intentionally to do this typo, but think that the actress plays the Dragon Girl called "Liu Yifei", because this careless, incredibly also attracted a lot of traffic, many searchers may be careless wrong, perhaps it is really not remember the name of its people, Although Baidu will have such a hint: "You are looking for is not: Liu" ... As a result, I gradually found more cases of typo optimization.

Case 1: Yu

Yu sex video events in the Internet soon before the uproar, Youku so a day to bring the browsing volume of millions, search engine search "Yu" nature is also a few. But because "Yu" This word is an uncommon word, indeed in daily life is rare, very easy and "Jui" (Jue) to send a second noise confusion, there are more people simply search directly "Zhang Yu" so easy. But although "Chang" results are not much, Baidu search "Chang" after the tip: Tip: You can find in Baidu video Chang and search the correct word "Yu".

Here's a list of the three keyword search results:

(correct) Yu: Baidu search results 4,570,000, Google has 488,000 matches yu query results.

Zhang Yu: Baidu search results 203,000, Google has 307,000 Zhang Yu to meet the results of the query.

Chang: Baidu search results 85,400, Google has 43,300 Chang to meet the results of the query.

Case 2: Thunderbolt

    Thunderbolt as the country's first large download software, the Netizen has a strong download demand, "Thunder" Day search volume can be said to maintain a huge amount. The word thunder comes from the idiom: fast, describe the speed extremely quickly, cannot evade, uses to download the software the name to be appropriate however. However, the Thunderbolt is easily beaten into "thunder", the message is information, Tencent is the use of this "message" word. However, on this issue, the Thunder company also apparently noticed this point, whether in Baidu or Google search "Thunder", are ranked top, but the source code of its website does not contain a "message" word, which also explains the Thunder company in Search engine optimization strategy.
    More cases For example: will be on June 29 in the 07 NBA Draft Yi Jianlian (typo: PHA) and so on, do not enumerate here, in fact, as long as the seoer carefully observed, carefully found, There are many popular keywords in the typo optimization opportunities. Chinese culture is extensive and profound, and language is the most difficult and complex language in the world. The level of netizens is uneven, the situation of spelling is unavoidable. However, typos are not Orthodox after all. Although it is another kind of long tail:
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