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Refer to search engine optimization I think the vast number of webmaster friends are not unfamiliar with it, everyone in the forum will often see such a post: Ask how to do search engine optimization, when we see this title when everyone inside the brain must have a certain mentality. Station optimization, intranet construction, website structure, keyword analysis, keyword layout, external connections and so on, but how to do the best?

This is the vast majority of stationmaster most headaches, everybody says content is king, outside even for emperor, this is very correct. Below I will simply talk about how I do search engine optimization. Doing SEO is like playing a game, you want to play the game well, then you must first understand the rules of the game. Do SEO must first understand the principles of search engines. Do not know SEO please Baidu, if you do not know, please Baidu Ten.

When we understand the rules of the game must adhere to the rules of the game, the game used illegal plug-in is to be sealed, SEO in the use of cheating is also to be K. So we must firmly remember the rules of the game, not covet the interests of the moment to destroy the interests of life. Everything has to be done in a gradual manner before it can be built. Site in the construction of the site should be the structure of a reasonable planning, when our website officially on the line to maintain a regular update, in the update must do a good job of internal connection construction.

When everything is running normally, we have to do the external connection construction of the website, Friendship Connection, forum signature, blog, soft wen, etc. of course these are required webmaster to complete their own. This is not enough, the highest level of foreign-linked construction is the user to help you build, which requires us in the content of the bitter effort. When it comes to the end, the content is the most important. How can you let users build the company for you? We can do this to guide the user.

One, the content should be rich enough, have certain attraction.

Second, in the content page can be set such text: If you think this article is good, please share it to your friends. You can send this article to your blog and share it with your friends! In short, it is to guide users to help you advertise. (If this is done well, you get a lot of external connections)

Third, set up with the user-related voting, discussion. When necessary, you can write an article contrary to the views of the people (for the forum)

Do a good job of the above several daily tens of thousands of IP will not be difficult. The first time I write a summary, write site experience, said the wrong place you can discuss.

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