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1, the earliest source of the word "information" in Chinese

No doubt, "etymology" is the best starting point for retrieval. Considering that we don't have a lot of reference books on hand, Google is the suboptimal choice for the starting point of the search.
The machine is not a person, I will not directly in the search box input "The word of information from where first" to ask it. First Use 4 key words "The first word of information from" to test the search. Turned 2 pages, the first 20 pages seem to have none.
An article, if written to the earliest source of information, is probably based on "etymology". Then use the "information first etymology" retrieval. OK, found in the top 10. "Information" is the first word from the southern Tang poet Furong "spring bosom of the enemy" in the "Dream Broken beauty shen information, head to wear a long road according to the tower." Then use "Furong Spring bosom old" to check the original poem in the "Whole Tang Poetry" 748 volumes.
Retrieval ended.

2, once saw a vision to show the picture of Jesus, there is a way to find it from the Internet?

Guess that this picture may have originated from foreign websites. But English is not good, do not know "visual temporary stay" in English how to say, only know that there will be a vision. To "visual temporary stay Vision" as the key words Google search "visual temporary Stay" English is persistence of vision, and then "Jesus persistence vision" as the key word, Google image search http://

According to others, there is a foreign business trip over, at night Idle, casually pick up a few local evening news to make a phone call, can the art school female students shout over. Unfortunately, I usually help the office colleagues find lost keys, this aspect of the search has not been tried, or will use it to do the 3rd example.


Boring extreme, in Google's search box to knock "asdf", it will certainly not for you to find a few MP3 to listen to or provide a few beautiful pictures to keep eye, it provides the first query result is To cite such an example is not nonsense, but to clarify such a basic fact: demand is the premise of retrieval.
Three years ago, I was surfing the internet in Internet cafes, next to a man of about 30, probably suburban farmers. Just sat down, asked me: "There is no light butt?" "I joked," Bathhouse. The second question he asks is, "Where can I see the ads?" "Almost made me laugh." In fact, most web users need more than this person to retrieve the search.
I worked in the school's electronic reading room for half a year. found that students on the Internet is mainly in NetEase, Sina chat, watch news, send and receive mail, play games, listen to music, watch movies, with little search engine. They occasionally asked me a few questions, such as how to use Word, how to attach an email to the attachment, why RealPlayer Light has no sound (reason: voice control selected mute; Why does the light have a sound without an image (cause: Running in Windows Safe mode). Only a few students asked questions about the search, I usually use Goole to find out. Of course, you can't say they don't have search requirements at all. Regular removal of the computer's remote dialing procedures, indicating that they have no way to find a free love site, with a period of time, many students on the same as a * people supplies site, explained in the information search, they are verbally transmitted peer.
An American library worker has written an article on how to develop the user's information literacy, titled "Real Arranges Don". For most users do not have too many search requirements, learn to use more than two keyword search, it should be considered into the network information search door.
If one day you open the search engine, really do not know what to search for when, just do me a favor, check this sentence say who said: Extreme boredom can be used to relieve boredom.

4. Does anyone know that Harry Potter has downloads on the Internet?

Where is the text of deconstruction downloaded?
Where to download the traditional version of the 25 history?
Where can I download the English version of the Unbearable Lightness of life?
Excuse me, where is the English version "on the road" download?
Where is the English version of The Catcher in the Rye?
Ask a book: "Charlotte ' s Web" written by E.b.white, which DX gives a link?
In the document search, you can try Lycos's Gold Bookstore (, if not found, you can use Google to search again. Free does not mean that there is no cost, read a book on the computer very tired eyes.
As for most English books, there is not much chance of free downloading, except for Gutenberg's Of course, things aren't always that absolute. Once in the forum posted on the English "Catcher in the Rye" Nowhere to download, someone gave such a Web site:
By the way, I am here to sell the original English book, 20 yuan per year (excluding postage)

5, urgent ask: Huadiao fish, how to translate base wai shrimp? Thank you!

If it wasn't for the bumper, there was no need to ask what language it was translated into.
First of all, the online Chinese-English dictionary may not be able to find such a word. So choose Google as the starting point for the search.
Based on such a thinking: that is, Chinese keywords + English key search, you can find a word or sentence in English translation (yes, you can use the "three representatives three" to check the three representatives of English how to say). Shrimp has a small shrimp and large prawn two species, first to "Base Wai Shrimp shrimp" To do keywords with google search. OK, given the search results of less than 20, you can take a glance.
The Latin of the shrimp is Metapenaeus ensis, found in English greasy-back shrimp
and Greasyback shrimp, and gei Wai shrimp, the last one sounds like a restaurant menu translation, you can give up. In a college personal web page Sp9i.htm We also saw the classification, genus, species of shrimp in the base, the common name given here is sand pawn, guess that pawn may be misspelled, should be prawn.
We have found the Latin metapenaeus ensis of the shrimp in the base and two translations of English. In the end, the English translation is accurate, we can only choose more professional academic website to solve. With the Metapenaeus ensis common name, the first page found is the FAO Web page, w2333e04.htm, common name is Greasyback shrimp, the second Web page is a Taiwanese web page with gov, and greasyback shrimp, they are not academic authority. If it were not for an academic paper on excellence, the search of the base-wai shrimp would have been a very lucky sign. As for huadiao fish How to translate, interested friends can try.

6, small hotel to help translate the menu, "Cold pick ear" how to translate?

Choose Google as the starting point for the search, the reasons and ideas ibid.
If you are not sure "cold" is cold, you can use the "salad +of" to do keyword search, the search is ignored words, so the front plus a "+" force search.
Looking at the results of the query, we see that there are so many "salad":

Jellyfish Cold & dressed jelly fish
Do I like tossed salad? Do you like salad lettuce?
Salad: Salad, salad, lettuce, lettuce, kale, celery, onion and other vegetables and salad dressing or mayonnaise mixed with lettuce food, sometimes also add some ham, canned fish, fruit, potatoes and so on. It's called salad.
Cold shredded potato with garlic salad shredded potatoes
Cold Mixed Vegetables Salad Assorted
Cold stir shallot with bean-curd shallot mixed with tofu

Re-search with cold, narrow down the range:
Cold and dressed hot pickled mustard tuber with sauce
Cold Rice noodle Noodles
Salad vermicelli seasoned Potato noodle & vegetable Cold Platter
Cold dish squid with salad
Salad cucumber shredded cucumber
Have you ever done salad cucumber? Have you ever made cold-dressed cucumbers?
Cold preserved vegetable with salad dishes

This salad is not that salad, with salad seems wrong. Cucumber, such as emphasis on slicing or pat, so added a shredded, "cold assorted", "shallot mixed tofu" and so on more than two main raw materials, emphasis on mixing, so added a mixed,stir. If it is cold pick ear, it seems only highlight the "cool" and "seasoning" is enough, with cold and dressed.

In the Google search box type "pick the ear", tour given the search results, found that "pick the ears" is the Sichuan dialect, "Houttuynia cordata" more formal. Again with "Houttuynia cordata" search, you can find the "Houttuynia cordata" Latin:
Houuuynia cordate Thunb
Houttuynla cordata Thunb
Houtuynia cordata Thunb
Houttuymia cordata Thuunb
Houttuynia cordata Thund
Houttuynia cordata Thunb
There are also two Taiwanese websites, and the pig of Houttuynia cordata is thigh

The scientific name of these Houttuynia cordata is certainly only one right, browse more pages, we guess Houttuynia cordata Thunb may be correct. With "Houttuynia cordata Thunb Pig Thigh" search, found only 2 Web pages, the English name of Houttuynia cordata is Pig Thigh This statement we expressed doubt.

In order to be more accurate, with the "Houttuynia cordata Thunb" continue to retrieve, give the 1th page is plant profile for Houttuynia cordata _bin/plant_profile.cgi?symbol=hoco3
"Classification" gives the type of Houttuynia cordata, scientific name and Common name of the control column, not found its English common name. At the bottom of the page, I learned that this web page is the USDA's plant database, and should be more authoritative and academic, to retrieve this end.

Cold and dressed Zhaiergen, and they will be translated

7, foreign language books often see such a word, a picture is worth a thousand words. Foreigners say this is what the Chinese say. Some people translate it into "a picture of the word", "an image is better than words", and some even translated into "a picture 1000 bytes", want to know the Chinese origin of this sentence.

See a picture is worth a thousand words translated into a variety of Chinese, a bit holding a radish can not find the feeling of the pit son. I asked this question in the forum post, a netizen moved out of the "Zhouyi" in the "Shep, Zhuangzi, sage statue to do" to explain, this is no use, I want only its source.

COPY "A picture is worth a thousand words" to do keywords Google search all Chinese web pages, well, Google seems to be castrated to finish this task. Had to change AllTheWeb (

In the Search box copy "A picture is worth a thousand words", language selection Chinese (simp), click Exact phrase, the result is only 8 pages, it seems less, guess that the sentence may be wrong. "Picture +worth +thousand +words"
Search Chinese Simplified Web page, found in Simplified Chinese web page General "One picture is worth a thousand words"

[Crazy Short Message English]one picture is worth a thousand words. Believing
[30 Examples of English classic proverbs] One picture is worth a thousand words. A picture (or photograph) is better than 1000 words. As the Chinese say "believing". (Seeing is decoupled than hearing a hundred times.) (Note: Words are worth a thousands pictures.) is a very vivid article.
[Li Yang Studio] One picture is worth a thousand words. Believing。 )

Chrysler has an ad called "three to see", and then check Chinese (trad) and Japanese
[Visitor's book] a photograph wins 1000 words (a picture worth a thousand words)
[Nine song publishers] in the United States, it is often heard in the United States quoted by the Chinese language 諺:? * A picture are worth a thousand-words. ? * can be translated as "a map value thousand words." "So Americans often use pictures or paintings instead of words," he said.
Kobue のめっせーじ "A picture is worth a thousand words."
1 A picture is worth a thousand words. worth:"価 のある"
あめりかの Maxim I "A picture is worth a thousand words." (は one see にしかず)
A picture is worth a thousand words. "A kobue は ... まさる"
What If a picture were worth a thousand words? もしも a Kobue is と with じ ...
でも English でも words いますね?" にしかず は? A picture is worth a thousand words"(なぜ English では" thousand "になっているのでしょうか ...
"Is は a にしかず?" A picture is worth a thousand words"(なぜ English では" thousand "になっているのでしょうか ...

According to the above Chinese simplified traditional also has the Japanese webpage, the guessing "believing" likelihood is quite some. In the end is a picture or one picture, language choice "any language", with "exact phrase" search, "A picture" is 141,691 pages, "one picture" is 9,969 pages.

The remaining question is the source of the words in the English web.
Search all pages with "", "" "The picture is worth a thousand words" +chinese + (quote proverb) ". Ask a librarian in the UK we saw someone mention a similar question.

A picture is worth a thousand words?
One look is worth a thousand words be coined by Fred R. Barnard in Printers ' Ink, 8th December 1921, p.96. He changed it to one of the worth a thousand words in Printers ' Ink, 10th procures 1927, p.114 and called it ' a Chinese proverb That arranges would take it seriously.
Source:the Home Book of Proverbs, maxims and familiar phrases, 1948, edited by Burton Stevenson.

According to this solution, continue to narrow the search, using the "" "worth a Thousand Words" +chinese +barnard +printers "Search, OK, only 6 pages left

The history of a picture ' s worth is attached with pictures to see a more detailed description.

For the first time in 1921, Barnard was "one-look-is worth A thousand Words", said the Japanese philosopher, who used the second time in 1927 to "one of the picture is worth Ten the thousand", The character next to the advertisement is "the painting means to be able to speak", which is a Chinese proverb.

After reading this proverb textual article, we return to AllTheWeb, "believing + idiom" search, learned from the "Han book Chi Biography."

It should be said that a picture is worth a thousand words originated from "believing", it is estimated that the Japanese idiom, Barnard began to say from the Japanese philosopher, it is not surprising. Due to the change of language, the "believing" of Chinese and the English "A picture is worth a thousand words" have parted ways and cannot be translated into each other. "Believing" translated into English is "seeing are decoupled than hearing a hundred times", "a pictures is worth a thousand words" translated into Chinese is "an image is better than words", there is a " The Chinese say ".

8, remember "Glory and Dream" There is a mention of John Lennon's words: "We are more popular than Jesus", want to know the original source of this sentence.

Take off the business version of the 1932-1972 American Record: Glory and Dream (fourth book), in the book appended to the index, Lennon, well, No. Again check Beatles, in the incision page 954,1000,1100,1102,1112 find this sentence, half a day did not find, rely on, originally in 1103 pages:

"We are now more popular than Jesus," said Lennon of the Beatles. ”

In Google, "Lennon Jesus than" To do keywords, search all sites. It is easy to retrieve the March 4, 1966 John Lennon accepted London "Evening Standard" reporter Maureen Cleave interview said "We" more popular than the Jesus now "

"Christianity'll go. It'll vanish and shrink. I Needn ' t argue with that; I ' M right and I'll be proved right. We ' re more popular than Jesus now; I don ' t know abound'll go first-rock ' n ' Roll or Christianity. Jesus is all right but his disciples were thick and ordinary. It ' s them twisting it that ruins it for me.

Datebook, a July article in the American Journal of Youth, quotes Lennon.
We can see the cover of "Datebook" on the Web page and hear some of the recordings that Lennon defended. It's time to end the search. But when we returned to Google's search results, we found the quote "The Beatles are bigger than Jesus", is this Lennon's exact words? We found the following in The Beatles Chronicle chronology provided by the Web,11302,607848,00.html:

Procures 4, 1966
The London Evening Standard publishes a interview with John Lennon in abound and he claims the Beatles are "bigger than Jesus".

For the sake of accuracy, we need to find the original text of the interview. Lennon Jesus London Evening Standard Cleave. We found the full text of the interview in the Web No "bigger than Jesus" was found.

So where does "bigger than Jesus" come from? To "Lennon bigger than Jesus" as the key word, and then retrieve. Still cannot confirm "bigger than Jesus" from Lennon's mouth, probably is the erroneous assertion. Let it be, that's it.

Finally in Google type "BEATLES", a total of about 2,160,000 query results, and then try "JESUS" try, and and, a total of about 13,300,000 query results.

(9) Aquinas (Thomas Qquinas) Once wondered whether a woman who had lost her virginity could revert to her original virginity (Quaestio Quodlibetalis, 5.2.3). Aquinas's answer is clear: God may forgive her, regain her virginity and grace, and sometimes miracles, and God will give her physical integrity again. But even God cannot make things that never happened, because violating the laws of time is contrary to God's nature. Nor can God violate this principle of logic: This principle holds that "p has occurred" and "p does not happen" cannot be simultaneously established. (meaning) eco and so on; Corini Wang Yugen translation Sanlian April 1997 1th Edition, 34th page)

I would like to know what his writings Aquinas this treatise? What's the original? You can have English.

Probably this May this year, with friends at the dinner table to discuss the problem, the result is that the next person stare straight at us. Then I wanted to check out the original version of Aquinas's argument. According to the Quaestio Quodlibetalis in parentheses behind the translation, 5.2.3 guessed that it might be the Latin of the original Aquinas. To "Quaestio Quodlibetalis" to do the keyword in google query, found a few pages, a mess of several kinds of text. Figure easy to "Thomas Aquinas virginity Miracle God" as a keyword in google query, from the network version of the Theological Encyclopedia found the relevant exposition:

Yesterday again to do this problem, found that the last search was mistaken.

Google searches for "quaestio Quodlibetalis", with about 21 query results. Some Web pages can not understand what language, let a person a little dizzy. However, it is possible to make a preliminary judgement without the original text of Quaestio Quodlibetalis. In a History of philosophy page Hwp215.htm, we can make a big mention of the 13th century theological debate except Lectiones (a bit like the lecture hall), as well as the Quaestio Disputata and Quaestio quodlibetalis two forms, the former intended for the topic, As in the classroom, the second is similar to the affirmative, the latter is free to play, akin to the obsessive-like paradox. The unexpected harvest is undoubtedly an incentive for searchers. Happily, in the few query results, we found the English "interpretation and over interpretation" of the full text of the PDF (a Chinese version of a friend can download a comparison of reading). Http://

Click the text Selection tool for Adobe Acrobat to take this copy of the Eco down:
in a quaestio quodlibetalis, Thomas Aquinas (5.2.3) wonders whether " Utrum Deus possit virginem reparare "-in other words, whether a woman who super-delegates lost EHR virginity can is returned to EHR original UN defiled condition. Thomas ' s answer is clear. God may forgive and thus return the Virgin to a state of grace and could, by performing a miracle, give EHR back EHR bodily. But Evan God Cant incorporated what super-delegates, been have to been because such of a violation of the laws of Y nature. God cant violate the logical principle whereby "p super-delegates occurred" and "p super-delegates not occurred" would appear to is in contradiction. Alea iacta est.

Unlike the Chinese version, 5.2.3 is followed by "Aquinas's name," according to the Quaestio Quodlibetalis in front of the indefinite article A, can be judged Quaestio Quodlibetalis is not Aquinas works formerly known. Do not understand "Utrum Deus possit virginem reparare" is what language, quotes in google search this phrase, only 2 query results, are not Aquinas original. Remove quotes and search for a Aquinas book page
Quodlibet V's Quaestio 2 has "Primo utrum Deus possit virginem corruptam reparare", which looks like a question-and-answer form. Return to the previous level address, the language of choice "rice word flag", learned that this is a specialized research Aquinas website, Aquinas all works are Latin. Choose Complete Works in the site index, click Quodlibet V in Quaestiones de Quolibet, oh, that's the webpage we just saw.
A preliminary guess Eco's words may come from Quaestiones de Quolibet, but the Latin of Aicoga quotes is not exactly the same as the original in this book, and 5.2.3 chapters do not exactly match. We choose only 2 keywords from Eco's Latin, search for "Virginem reparare" In this site, with 3 pages, in addition to Quaestiones de Quolibet, "Compendium Theologiae "and" Scriptum Super Sententiis "Two works of the Web page does not look like.

Looking at Latin, it's a little bit big. We can only say that Eco's Aquinas could have come from "Quaestiones de Quolibet."

Derrida has written a translation of the article called "The Tower of Babel", God has changed the human language, so translation is contrary to God's will. Finally, we would like to talk about the Chinese translation of Eco's passage.

(1) in a quaestio Quodlibetalis, Thomas Aquinas (5.2.3) wonders whether ' Utrum Deus possit virginem reparare '-in other words, Whether a woman who super-delegates lost EHR virginity can be returned to EHR original.

Aquinas (Thomas Qquinas) Once wondered whether a woman who had lost her virginity could revert to her original virginity (Quaestio Quodlibetalis, 5.2.3).

"Wander" translated into "want to know", it appears that theologians are too curious about it. Should this be so: there is a paradox problem, let Aquinas feel puzzled, whether Utrum Deus possit virginem reparare? It means that a woman who has lost her virginity can revert to her original Wei Shi state.

(2) Thomas ' s answer is clear. God may forgive and thus return the Virgin to a state of grace and could, by performing a miracle, give EHR back EHR bodily.

Aquinas's answer is clear: God may forgive her, regain her virginity and grace, and sometimes miracles, and God will give her physical integrity again.
The language translation of Babel is contrary to the will of God.

It is said that a redologists mouth is "snow celery" "celery", but Eco with Thomas is not to close with the great theologians, mentioned Aquinas that, can only be Aquinas that, Thomas or Saint-Thomas Aquina, St. Thomas, the history of philosophy is also the Thomas Doctrine. Therefore, it is inaccurate to change the translation to "Aquinas". "Grace" translated into "elegant and mellow temperament" improper, it appears that God's work is too fine, grace refers to the state of favor. "Sometimes miracles even happen" translates into God being too passive, translating God's miracles into a better physical integrity.

(3) But evan God Cant incorporated what super-delegates been not to have been, because such a violation of the laws of ery Nature. God cant violate the logical principle whereby "p super-delegates occurred" and "p super-delegates not occurred" would appear to is in contradiction.

But even God cannot make things that never happened, because violating the laws of time is contrary to God's nature. Nor can God violate this principle of logic: This principle holds that "p has occurred" and "p does not happen" cannot be simultaneously established.

I don't know why I didn't say, "Even God can't make things happen"? Thomas's theology of the sister-in-law to become a virgin in this section is also "for God cant made that abound are done not to have been done." Also hope insight to guide Pleaes.

(4) Alea iacta est.

In the last sentence, the text is missing translation. Tianya Forum Netizen Water Wood Jonathan and Bluesea said, according to contextual, should be translated into the "roll out of the dice, can only have a result" or "this is a fact."

To say something else:

(1) wrote a total of 9 search examples, it feels more and more like holding a Google Shini, this may be because of the discussion about the topic of the book. In fact, the search itself has a little bit of the rensili of the Bookworm. In spite of this, I would like to be able to follow the search examples more diverse, the article is written more brief, introduction search engine and catalog more.

(2) For a long time, has been trying to write a "Google Sunflower Book", and now did not pen. In addition to work more busy, the main reason is in the network information search, I am also in the introductory stage. In order to let netizens early see Sunflower Book beta version, I intend to write 2 "about Google, you need (do not need) know", is a preparation.

(3) In search, I learned a lot from "search engine 9238". If you can discuss the discussion on a regular basis, it is undoubtedly an excellent inspiration and improvement for the netizens who love searching. Advertising Sina Search Forum: Http://

10, can find the Huangmei "woman and novel" series of articles, the impression is published in the late 80 "reading" magazine.

Google query "Huangmei woman and novel", only 3 pages. 2 of these pages are "simple" personal bookshelf, the one with may be reading magazine, click "Snapshot", learned that this is the magazine 1988 1th, although contains "Huang", "Woman and novel" 2 keywords, but "Huang" The word is in someone else's article appeared in the back of the "Woman and the novel" "Four" is like the article, and only a beginning. If we don't know more about Google search, or if we haven't heard about the 20-year book in the Web, the search may end here. Oh, specify the domain with advanced syntax "The and the novel"? No need to be superfluous, it is used to narrow down the scope of the search. Use "Huang" and "Woman and novel" to Temptation is still OK.

In fact, if we go back and return to the Query results page, click on the URL to enter the page
Browse through again, is able to find the Huangmei "" women and novels The full text of the four, then why the page snapshot only the beginning of the article? This is related to the crawling ability of Google Scouts, larger pages, Google's spider can crawl the beginning of the 110K text content, beyond this range, is invisible, is not able to crawl, index and search. "Women and the novel" Four of the article, Google only grabbed the title and the beginning of the article, the end of the author "Huang" and this issue in the last catalogue of "women and Fiction", "Huang" is not able to crawl and index, in the query results, Google to the text size of the page callout 101K. We started so we can find this page, but also these 2 keywords happened met a piece. If there is no Shuxiang "Gedwin" in the eighth issue of "reading" published in the "Mary's Fate", "Huang Mei Woman and the novel" as the key word, Google is not to search the Huang Huang's article. 20 Reading magazine, Google can search, but the first one-third or so per issue. Now has found "four", Web site in the vol-106 must be the total period, you can directly increase or reduce the number of periods to find other articles, you can find the general directory. Return to the previous level address parent Directory, and we know that this is the personal page of Weidong Luo, which was studied at the University of California, Berkeley, Click Contents, oh, found the "book" The Total list of magazines, this page is long enough, look at the halo, with IE "edit"-"find" (on the current page) or directly CTRL, can not find? Well, that's because there are spaces in the author's name, so check it with "women and fiction." The 6th issue (total 99th), 87 8th (Total 101th), 87 10th (total 103th), 88 1th (total 106th period) were found in 87. Return to, according to the total number of times to find the "woman and novel" four articles. If you need to check the 1979-98 "reading" magazine articles, the collection of this web site, by the way to save the contents as a text file, the next time you do not need to find GOOGLe.

Search expert Gary Price says search engine AllTheWeb's spider crawl ability is particularly strong, "unlike Google and AltaVista, this search engine does not have a limit on the" Amount of content crawled on a Web page. "We can test it." In the query "Huang Mei woman and novel", found 2 pages, are all Berkeley, "book" Magazine Total 99th, 106, Mark text size is 125KB, In fact, the text content of these two pages is 290K and 266K.

The final conclusion is: Google's spider can climb up to 110K of text, AllTheWeb this aspect of the ability a little bit stronger, expert price Wang Po sell melon-type so-called priceless tips also have unreliable nonsense.

Gary Price's website

Web Search engines faqs:questions, Answers, and Issues by Gary Price

In this example writing process, see Dimi Post "How to inquire Online" reading "20 years of article?"

11, there are many names of songs, there is a call "Yongda", there is also called "Albert", another song appeared a lot of people's names, there is a call "Sakong Minhui"; a resident of Guangzhou, a rock singer, there is a song to sing the phrase: "Help me review, do this problem." A famous almost replaces the original singing version of the song, which mentioned a number of mussels and other seafood. There is a song about "socks"; a song mentions fried dough sticks.

A retired American woman from the library Marylaine block, wrote the "My rules of the information", summed up from a multi-year accumulation of gold rules, what "where to find", "Ask melon melon, ask beans", "find more to find", Sounds a bit like chegulu nonsense, but this article is still very enlightening to the information searcher. 5th of these is the information is meaningless loop queried by Human FDI. Information is meaningful only if it is related to a person's intellectual activity and is questioned. Not all questions are related to intellectual activity, and there are obvious examples, such as some so-called "quiz questions". "The 1915 Wrigley sent 4 pieces of chewing gum to everyone on the phone," and what's the point of that data?

The Penguin Dictionary of Information technology makes a narrow and broad distinction between information. In its most precise sense, information is based on the level between the raw data (also known as data) and knowledge, which is converted into information when it is included in a certain scope and is associated with a particular problem and decision. Based on this, information can be defined as ' the fact of attachment to a certain meaning '.

Google search "fried dough sticks Lyrics", found a few:

Yong "Tower"
The lotus in the water its leaves are broken/the moon in the reflection is negotiating with the streetlights/talking about who is cooking the fire tomorrow morning/saying that tomorrow morning is eating fried dough sticks cookies

Palace Bao Chicken: Taujigi/doll Composer: Taujigi
Go to the fields at five O ' early in the morning. Happiness is the rule of the day/I love this simple feeling of joy like a plate of hot and spicy palace bao

His words: Cai Blue Chin
For ping often familiar words have become a mess of how to be good/tomorrow will not escape the teacher's roast cake and oil

Meat cake Meal Mixture: Zhou Hen/composer: yellow Rhythm Ling/Blue Heart Mae
I know you eat mixture food and seaweed in Wednesday to get up early to buy/ask you to add meat (or) or oil to look at my face you say you love meat cake mixture

Share lyrics: Cheng Hua Juan
Sharing is painful/can see the beauty of the heart/share the time to share the cold roast cake oil

Most of the lyrics can be solved by search engines, search engines are not found, you can consider the guide to the category of the lyrics to search the site. Search Chinese lyrics with keywords (singer, song name, a sentence lyrics, album name, etc.) plus "lyrics" can be found in general, if the results of a more search, you can again consider the increase or decrease in the keyword search scope. Search English lyrics, use key words +lyrics, such as looking for the 60 's rock singer Janis Joplin Cheap Thrills album lyrics, "Cheap thrills lyrics", looking for the Beatles "Yellow Submarine", submarines for a while, " Beatles Yellow Lyrics ".

A small examination of pop songs
My Rules of information
My Seven search criteria

12, want to listen to the folk music "sea sailing by the helmsman", do not know whether the Internet can be found.

In the Google search box type "sea sailing by the helmsman of folk music", a total of 23 query results.
Found a "very fever net-vinyl record", can not open the Web page, try "Web snapshots", rely on, and not.

Re-search with the "Sea Voyage by Helmsman MP3 (RM, audition, playback, download)".
with "MP3" search, in the "Ideal song Revolutionary Music Space" found "sea navigation by the helmsman" (historical recording) songs and music MP3
Use "rm" search, in "Chengde Educated Youth Net" ( found is the song with reregistering MEDIA player play, do not know what format music files.
When you use the "audition" search, most of the searches are ringtones.
With the "download" search, accidentally found the song notation

Have not found the folk music "sea sailing by the helmsman", the only Folk music Web page is
Return to the first level URL try, No. not yet.

Looking at the Web site of the 666, a little puzzled. Remembered the mysterious figure in Revelation. Of course not to go over the Bible, to find "sea sailing by the helmsman" by God's revelation is too funny. I have little knowledge of computer and network, Sina Search Forum posted a post, asked what the colon 666 means, Winbyte said is the port number, or a bit do not understand why the port number set to 666,google check "port number 666", the result of the 1th search results is " Computer Port detailed ", read for a long time is still confusedly. See the port redirection section, inspired, if not directed ...? Then get rid of 666.
Http:// still can't open it.
The Http:// homepage is open.
In the "Radio transmission"-"Black glue file" to find "sea navigation by the Helmsman" Web page, unfortunately, "online audition" there is no link to music files.

Open the dance drama "The Song of Yimeng"
No, remove 666 and try again,, you can listen. The same way to listen to a few other, can be. Speculation that the site may have "sea sailing by the helmsman" music files, so no link may be in the Web page when the leak.
If you guessed the "sea sailing by the helmsman" music file name, still have to hear. Look at other music files "Chairman Mao works like the Sun" (xiangtaiyang.asf), "Kramai song" (kelamayi.asf), "Symphonic Music" "Sha Jia Bang" of the "Wisdom Dou" (zhidou.asf), "My Heart song to the PLA" (WOXINZHONG-1.RM), "Xinjiang Good" (XINJIANGHAO.ASF), dance drama "Red Detachment" selections (HONGSHENIANGZIJUN.ASF), "Ten Sisters Target" (shijiemei-1.rm) ...
Guess if the format ASF, the filename may be dahai.asf, daihaihang.asf, dahaihangxing.asf, kaoduoshou.asf ...
If the format is RM, the filename may be dahai-1.rm, daihang-1.rm, daihaihangxing-1.rm, kaoduoshou-1.rm ...

For a while, we found the folk music ensemble of the Central Radio ensemble folk Music Orchestra, "sea sailing by the helmsman"

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