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In the previous period of time Baidu announced strategic investment glutinous Rice Regiment, so far, Baidu has completed a larger deal, from PPS, 91 Unlimited to today's glutinous Rice Regiment, Baidu's strategic layout is also gradually improved and clear. According to the author's own experience, that is, Baidu is trying to move its desktop edge to the mobile port gradually, and with the help of the more fiery video, mobile application download platform and electric business as a foothold.

Yes, Baidu is now into a development of the normal track, is no longer simply rely on the bid to promote their own retirement, because it itself also know that relying on the risk of bidding this very high model for their long-term development is not good. But as a network recruitment practitioners, feel their own field compared to video, electricity and other fiery plate like the market value, if caught this basis, it will also bring great help to the development of enterprises. Moreover, Baidu has also tried the water before the hundred Bo.

The industry has a lot to say about Mr Pak's failure. Some friends say that there is a problem with the operation of the company, not rooted in user needs, also some friends said that hundred Bo too singled out and simple, does not have the value of existence, but to the employment of talent site long feel, the failure of hundred Bo is reasonable, and are Baidu's own trouble, if Baidu's operators really think about the words, Then Bobbie will not fail.

100 business strategy and development direction? Previously thought that Baidu is a similar to Zhaopin, worry talent station, according to the local area of the different to open the corresponding business, but later found that Baidu's approach is to create a job search for jobs, this is simple nonsense, why? I think Baidu's search is really an advantage, but imagine how many people will be online search jobs, furthermore, the position of resources simply presented may not have technical difficulties, but the overlap of the business is a negative impact, Baidu eating in the bowl of the idea and practice in the pot to determine the future of the Hundred.

200 Bo to hear the words? The surface is Baidu's investment of 100 million yuan, but in fact, the control side is always the capital side, CTO, CEO decision and stay can not be separated from the board of directors interference, including later Han Xiaoming as the head of the chief, CEO of the Post long idle, We can see that Baidu from the beginning has not been able to master the final ruling position, this situation will seriously hinder Baidu's strategic control and the introduction of resources in the hundred, imagine Baidu 100 million of product delivery and cash support, the hundred Bo want not to succeed, but finally failed, this must be thought.

3 is anxious for profit. Now do not know that there are a few friends remember the first page of the interface, it can be said that the interface and a lot of small and medium-sized website made the same mistake, that is hung full of ads, hoping to follow their own strong flow to cash, but this idea too early, too, think of others to your site for what, not or find a job? Your site is full of ads to make others believe your strength and professionalism, when Baidu realized this. In September 2011, when the revision of the homepage of the ads have been removed down, began to emphasize "pay by effect" that is, recruitment search, try to cooperate with the website business. This model is actually more ideal, but then there are changes in personnel, otherwise, may be able to find their own real direction.

400 degrees of their own a series of questions do not want to understand, the first is to control or even monopolize the Web page traffic entrance, whether it means that you can enter the traffic port for entrepreneurship? Secondly, apart from using large search to provide traffic to each new field, how is the reverse, or how is the new domain integrated? Finally, into the hottest field, What if there is an inflection point in the industry? Baidu is an internet company, but more precisely a search company, Baidu's entire operating model is too large, to deal with the efficiency of things are limited, if some fundamental problems do not think clearly so for future development hidden danger is huge. Article link: Zhenjiang 0511 recruitment network, reprint please give the link address of the article, thank you.

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