Search marketing revolves around influential and sensitive people

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SEM is search Engine marketing English initials, translated into search engine marketing. Sem sometimes refers to search Engine marketer, the person engaged in search engine marketing. SEM includes SEO and PPC two parts. SEO is search Engine optimization English initials, translated into SEO. As a profession, the United States began to form formally in 98, the domestic 2004 began to form formally. Seo sometimes refers to search Engine Optimizer, the search engine optimizer. The optimized site will not only improve rankings in Google and Baidu, but the rankings will affect any search engine in the world. PPC is pay per click in English initials, can be free translation for Pay-per-click advertising, typical representative is Google AdWords ads, as well as Baidu bid rankings.

With the search engine algorithms and service methods (professional pictures, video search engines appear), search engine search content is increasing, take Google, there are pictures, videos, blogs, information and so on, so for the search engine marketing activities, should also add content. In the past talked about search engine marketing, refers to is the auction name and SEO. Now, search engine marketing should add more content, for example:

1. SEO services, that is, search engine optimization, the current SEO services are mainly web seo. Help to do web search rankings before the ranking, to obtain natural rankings and traffic. Later, the same image seo, video seo also included in the category of SEO services. But video marketing should involve more new content. Search engines provide maps and navigation access, and you can also consider how to perform search engine optimization.

2. Bidding ranking advertising management: keyword screening, advertising group distribution, advertising word originality, bidding process optimization (rule-based, not rule-based), Advertising effectiveness analysis optimization (keywords, campaign,creative each link can be adjusted, For example, campaign groupings can be grouped by product, grouped by long/short term AD. Of course, the tracking of auction rankings, fraud-click detection and so on are designed more aspects.

3. Video marketing, the current professional video search engine appears, there are domestic such as, foreign Blinkx, and Google,baidu, etc. also began to make special video search, and has already launched a video AdWords ads, Baidu TV league, so how to do the video , how to make the search results ranked by the front, this is a relatively new area, of course, also involved in video file processing, playback and so on.

4. Community Marketing. With Facebook, MySpace's rise and prominence, the community has become the end of the 2007 year, and the corresponding community marketing should start, and professional corporate communities such as LinkedIn, the ning of interpersonal relationships and so on provide a more effective arena. When the search results page starts to show community content, we should start community marketing. Of course, search engines also began to do their own community, such as Baidu know, Google Tianya, do community ads, such as Google in MySpace, Microsoft's on Facebook.

5. News marketing. Baidu has news search, Google also has the information, then we should not let their businesses and everyone often meet in the news search results? I think it should be. This involves more offline event marketing and online news integration.

Search marketing revolves around impact. As a search marketer, we need to influence the actions of our customers or businesses to eventually drive sales, improve sales value or at least increase sales opportunities.

However, a growing number of cases have shown that buyers are not necessarily the most influential buyers. We have different titles for the people who influence the buyers, some are called "influential", "influential" or "early adopters", "geek" and so on.

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