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"E-commerce today is not a model innovation, but a lifestyle change," Ma said at the 2012 CCTV annual character awards. "Wang said:" The retailer if the line under the combination, will certainly do very well, and take out 1个亿来 and Ma Yun Gambling 2020 market share, the history of the million-dollar gamble.

However, winning is not important, we are only the audience, but the tyrants view is the same, that is, internet shopping has become a business must pay attention to the marketing channels, but the traditional enterprises how to tap the existing advantages, how to carry out business, how to operate the platform, how to seize the Internet opportunity?

How to dig deep into the existing advantages of traditional industries

Although, online shopping has become a habit, but some specific industries, such as clothing, the online look beautiful, their own wear is not necessarily good-looking, the same clothing, the appearance of the same, but the quality level is not neat, Taobao claims over hundreds of millions of sellers, but mostly concentrated in small and medium sellers, their product control, service, After-sale, Delivery and so on have no specific advantages, these are bound to lead to online shopping experience slowly become worse.

and offline enterprises, especially the retail industry, can better use the offline shop, see, touch the advantage, through unconditional refund, XX days and other services to attract users, and can be under the line to see goods, online orders, physical shop selection, a shopping, life-long quality assurance, although this O2O model for the popular brand stores, and small and medium sellers can at least serve some customers, through the recommendation of some customers, Word-of-mouth can also benign development, and effective control, supervision sellers have been producing quality assurance products. And businesses can continue to produce new products, through the way to increase user stickiness, and effectively reduce inventory.

How to develop marketing channel and improve marketing effect of traditional electric business

The rapid development of the Internet, eventually brought about by the traditional enterprises and the competition between the electric business intensifies, and this competition will be benign. More electric business enterprises, hope that not to improve marketing costs at the same time improve marketing results, to obtain a higher conversion rate and brand marketing effect, to cover the cost of pressure. and traditional enterprises, especially the retail industry, they want to enter the Internet power industry to expand marketing channels, and through network marketing to improve competitiveness. The competition between the two sides will eventually affect the development of the network marketing market. In the past, a single fragmented low-end network marketing will no longer be favored, and a one-stop system of network marketing will become the electric business and traditional enterprises new darling.

Search Network ( as the domestic first one-stop system network marketing Platform Web site, is becoming a favorite between the electric business and traditional enterprises scramble. What makes the web search so attractive. That is to search the net original release engine system, through the search network release engine, whether it is the electronic business site or traditional businesses, can be promoted by its product information and marketing content of a key to 12,000 sites. Including Alibaba, Hui Cong such a large business-to-business web site, and included a variety of industries in the industry website, marketing platform. Perfect solution to the past network marketing, asymmetric information, the promotion of difficult to reach the target user problems.

Electric and traditional enterprises do not know how to do network marketing? To release the engine as the core, independent construction station, search pass, instant business opportunities, market opportunities and other auxiliary. Help enterprises to establish a Web site to solve technical problems, search the network is through their own efforts, so that the electric and traditional enterprises can achieve the maximum effect of network marketing and cost minimization, promote the healthy and orderly development of domestic network marketing.

Electric business is a trend, is a way of life, in this, search the net always play the role of serving the small and medium-sized enterprises, to provide the best quality service for enterprise development, and further.

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