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team introduction:

We are a small start-up team from Hangzhou with 2 core members:

Zhang Lei: Focused on information security technology, has led a number of banks / securities in the Venus Http:// "> industry website security testing and invasion forensics analysis project for the four Bank provides security technical support.
Zhang Keshun: good at Java development, practice a number of ERP platform construction projects, good at quickly solving the difficult problems facing the development process.

Introduction of works:

SecOn is a cloud-based website security platform built on smart DNS resolution technology, cache nodes, load balancing, cloud Web protection and other technologies to help small and medium-sized websites to protect hackers and malicious attacks so that it can be in the absence of hardware Investment, without human maintenance, the site quickly enhance the security, but also improve access speed.

Small web site owners in the face of hacker attacks can be on demand lease SecOn security features, making the site within 10 minutes to quickly be protected. After using SecOn's cloud protection, users only need to concentrate on their own business and hand over their website security protection to the SecOn cloud for unified control. SecOn will focus on cloud security protection. With continuous R & D and technical input, SecOn will focus on combating malicious attacks, provide security for users' Internet services, and complement each other with users to achieve win-win cooperation.

SecOn-processing mechanism flow chart

SecOn-protection model diagram

SecOn-protection model diagram

SecOn renderings - attack blocking effect

SecOn renderings - Site added protection

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