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First we will take the case: Stainless steel with this site to do a specific example of operation

First, user Analysis chapter

In doing a website, the first to observe and statistics users need to do a good site for users useful site, first of all to understand the industry or this keyword user needs, what the user clicks, we must achieve additional value of the promotion, when you seize the needs of users, Then give him added value so you grab the user traffic and do "pop cool".

1, statistical industry keywords and related long tail words, analysis keywords users click Search trend

According to the case: Stainless steel belt

First of all, we based on the search engine to give us some of the conditions of Baidu under the stainless steel Drop-down entry will appear


This shows that our users for this product 301 of the material demand is the largest this week, so we know the user's first demand, and then return to look at the relevant search


For example, the third, and the last one must be a black cat or brush out, which we don't have to pay attention to, and then some of the middle is not particularly relevant.

Through this we have to know some of the needs of users.

Then we look at Baidu Index query


Here are some related words, we found that precision stainless steel belt is more consistent with user search trends.

Again, we look at the search area


Shenzhen, moving over, too far, Linfen, Jilin, Changchun, the number of places to search is the largest, then our users may be in these areas long. We understand the product according to their own analysis is correct, such as the production of the most of the remaining must be the customer.

2, give the user's needs and add additional value

OK through the above four statistics collection we know that the stainless steel belt user needs and search trend.

301 Stainless steel belt, 316l stainless steel belt, 201 stainless steel belt, nickel-plated stainless steel strip, precision stainless steel belt These are the words of stainless steel with the user search volume is larger, then they are the user needs of things.

Finally, no word, they will have their own unique user search trends and long tail keywords. So we are based on this four we will find more long tail keyword, region + keyword is also a good long tail choice, if we say that all of our content is based on the user's search requirements, then there is no garbage or do not want to close the content

We are based on the main keywords of the user needs of the material word or product classification of the word, and then the product classification of the user search needs, is the long tail of keywords, such as: 301 Stainless steel Belt is a long tail of stainless steel with the word then 301 the word of the long tail is what?


According to the analysis will appear: Sus301\301eh, special hard, price, tape, import, Suzhou and so on different long tail words, then each long tail word will have his own long tail word. We put the long tail word of the website main word long tail words as each article to do, then our article is not in line with the user search needs, is not closely related to our site, users will not see it.

Added value: For example, from the base: Server faster than others, others do not provide prices you provide prices, others do not publish the parameters of your announcement in short there is a principle, others do not have I have, others have I have.

3, Site management

The source code of the site before processing some of you can go to the reference under the 12th time website Second home diary

Second, station optimization set

1, Web site framework design and analysis

2, the website path unification and the URL optimization

From the search engine point of view: the path of unity will not scatter weight, from the user point of view, clear and more formal

3, the site template text processing

Each page will have a duplicate section or text, then called boilerplate text, if our article is only 100 words in total, and our repeated boilerplate text on dozens of words, then the repetition rate is too high. General boilerplate text includes: bottom text, navigation, the left side of the enterprise station or the right side of the repeat section this is more serious.

4, according to user analysis site layout design

Consider your user class, as well as browsing habits to do site layout, do not according to their own habits or aesthetic to deal with the site, because the site is not what we see, is for users to see, we are selling products, users are buying products.

5, the site based on the long tail keyword fuss layout

Refer to the last item in the first step.

Third, data processing article

Because Liaocheng Network company contact most of the enterprise station, so we take the enterprise site to give examples, in fact, the enterprise site does not have much too much news to write, so good treatment.

1, see the site URL is not included

2, site:+ Web site to see if there is a natural collection of results with snapshots, if there is a description of our URL is included

Not included in the processing.

Take a look at this not included in the title of the page or the content of the search engine to appear in large numbers, this is quite simple is to copy the title to Baidu inside to see if the result is too much red, if too much, under normal circumstances Baidu is difficult to repeat the collection of this time we can make some adjustments for this page.

1, the title for a writing to write, and then the content of the next edit or false original.

2, or directly with robotos.txt screen off this URL link, in case the search engine will think that our site spam too much.

3, in the station in the news or products, or other URLs in the site when it is best to give him a login on the home page to allow spiders to crawl faster to our new content. If a long time does not include, and we write the quality of the article is very good, but the search engine contains the title does not repeat, then we can try to this within the weight of the high site to do the outside chain, convenient spiders can crawl to our heart URL faster.

Four, the website is reformed

If the third step is still not the way, then we should consider the reasons for our website framework, that our website framework is not suitable for SEO, and not convenient search engine spiders crawling. To consider the revision or adjustment of the Web site large frame.

First of all, the old domain name revision is OK, and do not change the key words. Time to grasp, the shorter the better, a one-time frame modified, the equivalent of a new do, so if the framework to adjust well, probably in 2-4 weeks will be back to our site, then the new do OK.

Second, the new domain name is best not to do the revision, because our new Web site does not have any weight value, if frequent changes, search engine will think that our site is unreliable, and the value of our trust will be very poor, want to re-indexed words will be very difficult.

Summary: User demand is our pursuit, user search trend is our lifeblood, the user's flow is our wealth, additional value and in line with the user is our success, from the details to do, the pursuit of perfection, there is no best, only better is a principle of SEO. This article by: Liaocheng website Construction original share reprint please mark original source

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