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The author is also mixed station long circle, before also in the web site construction company stayed. Now I often see a few imitation stations of small ads, the price is low, many people think it is a liar, are not openly accepted, well, let me give you a secret, Imitation station business why so cheap! To everyone, Imitation station under the two groups:

First, a group represented by personal webmasters

We know that program apes generally do part-time business, what part-time it? That is imitation station. For the majority of programmers, the front end is not very proficient, and some may only understand a bit. Why art workers do not do imitation station business? Because Imitation station mainly to the other side of the template, some css style, some pictures, which is the foreground of these things are downloaded. However, after downloading the program have to set procedures ah, general engage in front-end design is not proficient in the program. Therefore, I do imitation station business owners, most of them are procedural apes.

Second, a group represented by professional website construction companies

Many people may not know, there are still special imitation station studio and imitation station company. This kind of company mainly relies on imitation station to win, some studios also do imitation station business. Most of them will be dependent on some intermediary platforms such as Pigweek Gateway, A5 transactions. This is based on the initiative to come home customers.

Imitation station Why so cheap?

We imitation station said the basic site of this template, the most used CMS estimates to count the number of dream weaving. Because dream weaving labels more easily. Look at the process of imitation of the station is how!

The first step is based on the website provided by the customer, and then look at the website to quote the price

The second step with the right to use the tools to each other's website template Pa Pa down. Speaking of the pedestal tool we may commonly used webzip, Offline Explorer. Used these two tools may know that these two tools are not very easy to use, this is actually someone else's template downloaded to the local, you need to modify a lot of things yourself. There is an old saying goes: "Work must be the first thing to sharpen their tools," have a good tool can do more with less, if you want to be efficient, you can try a5 web sniper. Can batch download, any template can be downloaded 2 minutes, you know!

The third step is to use mature cms sets of templates. After you download if you use the ordinary download software later, you can not batch replace some things, if the manual a little bit of trouble!

In fact, the cost of imitation of the station is basically spent time, which is set of labels take more time, and then is to stand someone else after the skin, you need to manually modify some of the path ah, what some style code! You do not need the template Spend a lot of time, and do not have to find a special artist to design. Simply put, is to copy his site over, the content is yours! So Imitation station cheaper, are the process of ape dry hard work!


Imitation of the object to do the station are generally some do not understand the program or completely understand the program, so generally earn cabbage price, large companies or companies are dead custom. Generally do not go to imitate someone else's station, there is some personal webmasters, looking at other people's stations better, just think of him to be Pa Pai down. Some people grilled down, the result will be a lot of garbled, so, or that sentence, work must first sharpen its interests, time is the biggest cost!

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