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There are many friends in the Internet industry entrepreneurial journey, how to finance, operation, profit, there is a secret? 99% is nonsense, of course not. What are the areas or profit models that other people didn't think of and only you thought of? Absolutely not. Now nobody does it because it is not worth doing and cannot make money. What advertising implants, E-commerce, value-added services, and so on, is indeed the Internet profit model, said everyone knows that these ways there is no secret.

This reminds me of one of the things I've been doing for a while, a friend of mine started a business in a field I knew well, and got a round of angel investments. Before I could communicate with him, I couldn't think of anything worthwhile to invest in this field. He told me, in fact, there is no secret, is to do what users really need products to meet the practical needs of users. I looked at their beta products, and learned that they do so, intensive cultivation. Users face such products and services, they will feel cut into their own heart like. Do the user, this is the secret. When their project is tested, I recommend it to everyone.

Exchange with some investors, will always be asked "What resources, how many users, how to profit, how the explosion of growth", in fact, I think, this is also nonsense. In addition to individual very good projects, with a great background and a wealth of resources, many more projects are unlikely to answer investors ' questions very well. If there is real resources can be used, there is a background can rely on, there is a huge real active users, there is a profit model, that TM also find VC why, sell their own homes to sell cars to be cast in! So I think the initial entrepreneurs treat investors do not have to put the position too low, it is the need for each other to play the director, cooperation can be expected to succeed. I have heard of some of the entrepreneurs who have lived very well in the first place, when talking to investors, such as giving you so many shares, you love to vote, not interested in me to find other people.

Internet entrepreneurship, there is no secret. Say Happy Net bar, it's profit and promotion way of the place, the result is the profit is all forms of advertising implantation, the promotion of the way is basically word-of-mouth marketing. This is the above I said, do a good job of products, good User Service, what promotion ah, profit Ah, these problems are solved.

Entrepreneurship, is a variety of factors infinite superposition leads to a result of things, it is difficult to define what is called success. Perhaps some entrepreneurs will never come to the forefront of life, but he is also enough to feed the family, and even live a good life. The cause and life that deserve to be satisfied is also a kind of success. At present, the domestic Internet environment is not good, entrepreneurs are also subject to a lot of the obstacles should not, but we are still continue, the more frustrated and brave. Wish you all, and yourself! Interested in reprint, please specify the article from the Chinese website Design Network, thank you very much!

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