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First of all, I am the Dog Entertainment Network webmaster, the website has now developed 1 years of time, is now a good number of people in business. The following is about my business strategy, I hope to help.

I think every webmaster to do the original purpose of the site is not simply to make a few money, the breadwinner. Since the choice of this line, we are all enterprising people, so I think most people are in order to make the site bigger, registered companies, to achieve their own ideals, reflect the value.

And that's a tricky question, money. Webmaster friends are most of the naked bottom of the conquer. Have no money, and the rich will not come to do this tired job. So the fund has become a hindrance to the development of the Web site is a great obstacle, so the webmaster will have to be a person alone, so that is a waste of time and energy consumption. In the end, it may be that everything is jifeidanda and the youth is wasted.

If there is a tens of thousands of yuan a good ah, or a monthly pay 10,000 also OK ah, not 10,000 thousands of dollars also can ah, so that someone will cooperate with me, or I directly find employees, so the development of the site will be very fast. Yes, I was just beginning to think so, but such words unless to work, the site must have gone, even if not, that one months do not say 10,000 is thousands of of the work also don't think.

Think about going to have to find a computer-related things, or do not have to work to make money, and then I think of is the fry or do Taobao. It is impossible to fry, not the money. Taobao also can, said to do, on Taobao to understand the popular merchandise after the family discussed a little money, and then began to do. In fact, this I really did not report what hope, is mainly or do the site, every day to land Amoy Wangwang regardless of him, if someone inquires the words to do, without the words will forget.

Shop also did not advertise, is in my station made a friendship link, and then apply for Taobao Guest, publicity my shop merchandise. This is a good result. A few pairs of shoes were sold in the first week. Also made more than 100 dollars. After a few months of process directly skip, the site continues to operate, shops do a lot of links, the effect is getting better.

In the 7th month, the monthly turnover has reached 2000, up to more than 3,500. This is the time to recruit employees, the process of looking for employees is ignored. There are 4 people who have done it with me now. 3 editors, one to do the market, I am the CEO, anything, hehe.

There's a lot more to it than that. It's much easier to go out and pull ads, as we can see from our successful advertising of Samsung and Logitech. As for the advertisement, I will tell you slowly.

The above is I use Taobao method to operate the website, perhaps we still have a better way, I this just make a reference. Hope to be of use to everyone.

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