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has long been looking forward to the release of Millet mobile phone 4, see the release of Millet 4 after feeling a sense of sadness, why see Millet 3 of the Conference on the feeling of Millet 3 is the product of the combination of millet and Nokia, and saw the first feeling of millet 4, is millet and Apple 5s fit? I think there should be a few views like mine.

But after all, is a cost-effective products, in some respects still have his advantages. As a Chinese millet want to do the world's millet still need some time, I think after the Millet 5, 6 will not let us disappointed, millet as an internet company to do mobile phones, in this short span of years to create the industry are shocked by the industry, there are many worthy of our learning places, we look at these "rebels" How to marketing Millet 4!

One, alongside the tree

has been "hardware top Configuration" and "Run the division King" is known for the Millet mobile phone, in this conference is no exception, moved out of the "Qualcomm, Foxconn, Sharp, Ying-da" Four of the industry's eldest brother, for their own product momentum! In this era of buyer's market, who has mastered the client who has the initiative, Look at a large number of rice noodles and millet mobile phone users, the four industry bosses have to be like millet company cast an olive branch. Lei Opera said that millet and 500 suppliers have established a true gold and silver battle friendship. The rising sales, the common interest will make the supply chain of millet more and more stable.

Second, to raise the number

China likes that number to speak, foreigners like to tell stories. Look at China's news network, the second quarter of this year, China's economic growth reached 7.4%, to reach the expected level of 7.3%. Millet mobile Phone 4 also will not forget, the beginning is 40 craft process, 193 close process. Forging and forming process more than 10 hours, 58 machine tools Milling Cutter, 8-Step CNC machining, 5-inch high color saturation sharp screen/jdi screen: 1920*1080,NTSC gamut value of up to 84%, than the iphone 5s high 17%,2.63mm ultra narrow screen.

In the first engineering machine test process, the use of stainless steel frame plus the box, the fuselage weighs 159 grams, which makes him feel "a bit heavy", in order to reduce the weight of 10 grams, the frame structure changed to aluminum magnesium alloy, the final fuselage weight of only 149 grams, only this one will enable the entire project team several months of work over again, Delay the project for two months. "It is because of this lei pursuit of extreme spirit, so that millet products in four years to complete the millet company's adult ritual." ”

Third, "Chairman Mao" strategy "to mobilize the masses"

For example, "unfamiliar number marking and identification" scam phone, sales call marking. This is the internet thinking of Millet: "is the mass line to solve the problem, is to mobilize the masses, rely on the masses, from the masses to come to the masses, to launch a massive people's war, so that these swindlers phone submerged in the vast sea of peoples."

A good marketer must be an orator to see the current U.S. presidential election, and one of the founders of the New China "Chairman Mao" are great speakers, Lei is no exception, has been a "programmer" honorific Lei also learn "Chairman Mao" to launch a mass strategy to combat fraud, marketing phone strategy, however, I think "rebels" Not only the Chinese market, but the global market.

Four, "A piece of Steel art tour" marketing Millet mobile phone 4 production process

Austenitic 304 stainless Steel, let a lot of people in the industry in their own products used, at that time Lei wrote to his microblog inside, there are a lot of netizens are scolding him, in fact, we just do not know the austenitic 304 stainless steel in many families in use, but lei his marketing to the extreme! through "a piece of steel plate art trip" Let ordinary austenitic 304 stainless steel return to youth!

V. Video Marketing

Look at all kinds of video sites have millet mobile phone 4 of the release of video and related evaluation. See the Millet mobile phone 4 video is like an Oscar award for the film works, I think, lei in the film when the use of photographic equipment and staff no less than a micro-film input. However, the user's feeling is invisible, so that users feel that millet is really in the heart to do the phone.

I think that the success of millet, and his meticulous mobile phone and MIUI system and his marketing approach has a close relationship, and now many manufacturers are imitating the sale of millet, I feel the effect is not very good, I think, they this is to imitate the shape of millet, and did not imitate the soul of millet! Traditional industry Transfer Network marketing mode, is not simply into that simple, need more network marketing talent to join, plainly they are missing is the Internet gene! And Lei's Millet team will be these resources cleverly integrated together, this is the reason why the Millet team success.

This article by Weifang Zhong Mai Information Technology Co., Ltd. Li June's original release reprint please specify the source! Thank you! Cherish others ' work, is to respect their own!

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