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Today, traditional retailing is facing huge challenges, and apparel brands are even paying for the extensive growth of the past few years, and the pain of high inventories has not stopped. But gifted Uniqlo is an exception, its offline shop and everyone different, rapid expansion, online development is a rapid progress, in this O2O wave sweeping the world, Uniqlo has come to the front of this is no doubt, then Uniqlo is how to carry out O2O mode operation?

Talk about Uniqlo, in addition to its stores in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities in a number of major shopping malls exist, another eye-catching feature is the World Uniqlock Marketing campaign-excellent Uniqlo will be beautiful, music, dance and their own clothing, through the online app form to display, so that consumers from the " I hate to watch ads "become" addicted to the point. The above mentioned line store wide shop, online fun marketing mode is only a part of Uniqlo O2O mode, the quality of the network will be detailed information for the broad masses of readers for reference.

Online with interactive as the main line to launch marketing

Uniqlo has been exploring online marketing strategies since 2008 and has achieved good results in several marketing events.

With the clock, the calendar detonated download, enhance online promotion: 2008, Uniqlo launched Uniqlock on the blog, this is a beauty, music, dance and Uniqlo when the season's flagship costumes combined with the clock, This clock follows the interesting interest principle of the network-integrated marketing 4I principle: The clock has numbers showing the current time, and every 5 seconds it goes into a random movie, the characters are dancing, or going upstairs, and of course, these characters are wearing Uniqlo costumes. The clock can be installed as a plug-in download to the blog site, the direct establishment of the audience and the link between the brand, this way also let the audience "love" to see ads. As of March 2014, uniqlock A total of 8 editions, in more than 200 countries in the world has more than 200 million visitors, 500,000 people around the download volume.

2009, Uniqlo launched calendar Uniqlo calendars, the calendar will be different seasons of image, music and Uniqlo clothing portrait of three parts, can be placed on the blog page to appreciate, consumers can according to the calendar month to understand the clothing and accessories sold in Uniqlo.

2012, Uniqlo alarm clock Uniqlo WAKE up in the form of app online, on-line about 4 weeks, the download broke through 500,000 times, this can bring convenience to consumers, download countries and regions reach 196, the range is far more than Uniqlo entity stores covered areas.

To the clock, calendar and other ways to promote, Uniqlo created a concept of marketing, Uniqlo brand to the consumer mind and "encroached" a step, at the same time, this marketing method has also played a role in promoting Uniqlo's own products.

Try SNS, triggering network queue: Uniqlo launched a social games based on SNS, consumers in this game can choose their favorite cartoon image, to participate in the line of brand promotion, queuing process may also encounter their SNS friends, each other's winning information will push each other, thereby enhancing interactivity. The basic prize in line is the discount coupon for the brand, and consumers can take coupons to the brand's stores to spend.

Uniqlo in 2010 first put the queue game on Facebook and Twitter, users can use the accounts of the two sites on the website of Uniqlo, queuing to receive coupons, according to statistics, the event attracted 60,000 people to participate in the 2011, gifted Uniqlo with queuing game into the mainland China, Partner is red at that time SNS platform Renren, on the one hand, because everyone is open API, there are many applications can operate, on the other hand, because everyone and Facebook close, and the previous Uniqlo has accumulated the corresponding experience.

This kind of queuing lottery activity, if simply opened online under the physical store, for already numb users, not too much influence, and its ingenious and SNS combination, enhance user interaction on the network, innovative way more driven, and let users get coupons way, you can promote offline entity store sales.

Uniqlo's queuing game, launched on Renren, is a very successful promotion. According to the quality of the network, at the end of the game, a total of 1.33 million people involved in the queue, which directly led to Uniqlo offline entity shop successfully completed the sales target. Uniqlo also received a small portion of the online benefits-the activity during the Uniqlo website UV more than 100,000 a day, compared to the activity before the surge of 5 times times.

Introduction of app, location services for easy access to offline drainage: In 2013, Uniqlo launched its official mobile apps Uniqlo app, where users can find information about their nearest stores, contact details, business hours and sales range. The user can also find the route to the shop through the navigation tool, this application will push the promotion information to the consumer in time. Shopping link is with the sky cat to get through, consumers can directly on the phone to complete one-stop shopping.

Offline to strengthen the physical store laying, to promote the app

As stated at the beginning of this article, Uniqlo is visible in major shopping malls in many cities in mainland China, product network learned that, as of August 31, 2013, Uniqlo in mainland China's entity shop for 225 (Uniqlo official website information), and Uniqlo plan is to strive to open 80-100 new stores every year. Uniqlo stores are mostly open in the city's bustling areas, on the one hand can increase the role of brand promotion, on the other hand, the department store more large passenger flow, to improve sales have a great help.

In addition to the online launch of a variety of activities to attract traffic, excellent Uniqlo has been actively exploring how to improve the offline entity shop experience. The New York Uniqlo flagship store is the first clothing retailer in the United States to introduce a Starbucks coffee shop in the store. In addition, in order to increase the user's stay time, Uniqlo also placed tables and chairs, sofas and ipads in the store, which can also attract consumers to browse and shop online and increase sales.

In addition, Uniqlo offline entity store is a good part of its online to undertake and guide. Uniqlo is actively recommending its own app to offline users in the form of promotions or promotions, and even using an interesting form of in-store broadcasts to remind consumers that they can enjoy discounts if they use app scans to develop two-dimensional codes for their products. Of course, in order to achieve the effect of promotion, excellent Uniqlo to the staff in the shop for large-scale training.

Online fusion, anti-conventional O2O mode won the hearts of users

Uniqlo hits consumers ' points of interest by using the hottest platform on the line. Detonating marketing, the promotion of brand awareness at the same time, for the line to bring traffic, improve sales, in addition, Uniqlo will also through large data to see where the potential users, so as to decide where the physical store to open to; offline entity stores through discount and other "Temptation" To promote its online app and other tools, the implementation line for the line guide. With a lot of strengthening the line on the part of the construction, reduce the line under the section of the enterprise, excellent Uniqlo on the line of the laying of the foot of the shop is not stopped, but in the accelerated, this unconventional play, but let Uniqlo became the current clothing retailer O2O model more mature enterprises.

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