Select the appropriate cloud architecture as required by the enterprise

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Cloud computing is the hottest topic in recent years, coupled with smartphones and portable devices, we believe that cloud computing is the protagonist of another it revolution after PCs and networks.

A study by Forrester Research, a market organization, shows that the global cloud computing market will grow from $40.7 billion trillion in 2011 to $241 billion in 2020, with more and more companies adopting cloud computing solutions.

In this person "cloud" also "cloud" era, cloud computing has a lot of complex architecture, the use of matching, the enterprise how to choose the appropriate cloud computing portfolio, will become the industry's most concerned topic.

Cloud computing dramatically saves management costs

From a macro perspective, cloud computing is ubiquitous, and users can connect to the cloud system at any time, anywhere, and get the IT services they need. This kind of service is like the general electricity and water charge, the user does not need to erect the necessary IT infrastructure equipment, but the charge is to pay for the enterprise to save the expense of the basic equipment.

In addition, the larger the development of the enterprise, the more complex the management and maintenance of IT environment. According to statistics, the majority of enterprises put 70% of IT resources on weekdays management, only 30% for enterprise development, and cloud computing is precisely for this situation, for enterprises to significantly save IT equipment management costs, the resources back to other operational level.

Select the appropriate cloud architecture as required by the enterprise

Although cloud computing is simple and flexible to use, it is more necessary to take the position of an enterprise operator to determine what cloud architecture equipment to purchase from its own budget. Generally speaking, cloud computing can be divided into public cloud, private cloud and mixed cloud.

The public cloud by a single supplier, to a large number of users to provide services, this architecture for the IT budget is not high enterprise, low-cost access to the cloud services, in addition it has a high degree of flexibility, scalability, small and medium-sized enterprises have a great attraction. The drawback is that other companies can share resources on the same cloud system, security needs attention, but at present some service providers have professional certification, such as front-line Anley, they can also provide adequate security services.

The private cloud is the enterprise-specific cloud architecture, will be all the internal IT equipment virtualization, the advantage is that the enterprise customized system and infrastructure, has a high degree of flexibility, scalability, security and other advantages, however, the cost and management costs are high.

There is also a growing mix of clouds in which many of the front-line Anley customers use this architecture. It combines the public, private cloud characteristics, the use of a great deal of flexibility, such as the enterprise can put some of the conventional applications on the private cloud, while the hybrid cloud to cope with the short-term marketing season, or unexpected events to increase the use of IT resources, the enterprise needs to minimize the investment.

Unified standards to enhance enterprise confidence

It has been observed that the development of cloud computing is very similar to that of the early Internet and can be identified as the next generation's most popular it application technology. However, cloud computing still does not have a unified standard, most companies do not understand the technology, the industry needs to put more resources in the cloud system testing to enhance the confidence of enterprise users.

According to the front-line Anley statistics of the leading ICT service providers in Greater China, 1/3 of the companies that try Cloud-exclusive hosting services (CDH) can become their customers.

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