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"Can more cases will be more attractive," in the Affirmation of my blog topic topics unique perspective and depth of thinking at the same time, a blogger in my blog message so gently suggested.


It's better to speak the truth than to say it well.

Easier! The blogger's message bare the sore spot I couldn't face-every time I wrote a blog, I was to choose a more persuasive case to worry about, but not find, more often only with Matt Cutts highly recommended "can crush it" video marketing, Claude Hopkins "Heineken Beer", Zac Personal brand building and so on several well-known classic case, oneself all feel poor.

At the beginning of this blog post, there may be some new ideas, let a person remember deeply; but this article, there is no strong practical case, it is inevitable to leave the "mountain bamboo shoots, lap skin thick belly hollow" unrealistic impression, over time, readers are tired, no wonder finally my blog promotion line not far (of course, Another important reason why my blog is experiencing such a traffic embarrassment is the lack of promotion.

Previously, some netizens pointed out that I was not enough, and I always "thought more important than the method", "hands-on ability is not your own strength" as an excuse to stall, but if in the same homogeneous low-level competition, your deep thinking has not been able to through your practice to make your blog stand out, why let others believe your so-called " Profound "train of thought?"

But this time the Bo friends of the goodwill message touched me, but also really hit the key-the idea of a unique, profound insight is indeed my strength, but as the opposite side of the coin, the ability to do poorly has always been my shortcomings. Word, is puny, lack of executive power, not in the day-to-day work of their own theory, through their unremitting efforts to overcome various difficulties, and finally get a convincing blog operation results.

And the "consistent ability to do poorly" is not a compelling final reason, because the website operation, Network Marketing is a "rely on the results of the practice of speaking" job. "Always poor ability to do" is just my heart impetuous, the excuse of a big mess--think that as long as the continuous "replication of their own success", "enlarge their own advantages", bypassing their own weaknesses, by virtue of their own several so-called insightful blog posts, really "become experts in the field", will not need the day-to-day work of those trivial , boring website Operation promotion practice. I am increasingly lack of the first to enter the network marketing industry, the kind of hungry learning, can not wait to learn the knowledge of the practice of the study of the spirit and passion.

No wonder I often feel that I have no hands-on success stories, but helpless, powerless, can only repeat those famous cases to disguise my lack of expertise in the pale.


Mo Yan is the perfect combination of self breaking and sticking to self (network picture)

This illustrates the "self-persistence"-"constantly replicating your successes, will own superiority, the characteristic makes own characteristic style, then made the brand" the idea is good, but in "unceasingly copies own success" at the same time, still cannot prison, is not able to stand on, only the experience theory, oneself will confine oneself's thought. Must adhere to their own successful experience at the same time, continue to learn the strengths of others, constantly break the ego, improve themselves, truly "do the best of their own", can go farther, "become experts in this field."

Indeed, at any time, everyone, every website (blog) is imperfect, there are a variety of defects and challenges, and the real success is in every day of the struggle, see success, Harvest self-confidence, but also see their own shortcomings, not satisfied with the existing achievements, in adhering to the self advantage, and constantly self breakthrough, Can truly become the "one step ahead" industry leader.

Just imagine, when Baidu Brand initially established, Li's overall lack of content in China's internet situation, immediately began to stick, know, encyclopedia a series of content system construction-according to common sense, at that time in the second generation of search engine of the golden period, and Baidu does the content is indeed "do not work", nor Baidu Forte; "Keep copying your own success" and make the best of your strengths. But it turns out that if Baidu did not have such a "do not do" content system construction, Baidu brand will never be so solid and thick, Baidu kingdom would never be like today's heyday.

Of course, such self-improvement, self transcendence is indeed a very painful thing. In the 80 's, the famous men's badminton champion Han Jian with technical comprehensive, experienced, competitive style of the world famous badminton-but he has a fatal "Achilles heel"-physical deficiency, but he is usually the most afraid of monotonous physical training, "in addition to long-distance running, or long-distance running."

But as the age gradually increases, Han Jian deficiency of physical strength in the field constantly highlighted. So he had to strengthen his physical training-"in addition to long-distance running, or long-distance running". He just so survived, finally he finally succeeded, became the men's badminton NO1.

"What you fear most is often the challenge you must overcome, and only if you overcome the challenges you have to overcome, you are likely to be truly successful," Han Jian said afterwards.

For me, the beginning of the New Year Bo friends remind very timely, I must from now on, adjust the mentality, pay attention to "I must overcome the challenge" ("I am the most afraid of things"), constantly in the day-to-day work to overcome the "anyway I do not good" fear mood, the idea of their own theory constantly put into practice, From practice to verify their own thinking theory-"adhere to the ego" at the same time, constantly "beyond the ego", through their own efforts to obtain a series of convincing grassroots combat cases, "become experts in the field" can become a reality.

And for other friends, you also have your own "challenges I must Overcome" ("What I fear most")--the need to constantly strengthen the theoretical learning summary and writing ability to exercise, and my negative example is enough to give you confidence-good site content is not written out, do not blindly false original, as long as the intention to focus , with the simplest words will be your practical experience summed up, adhere to a period of time, your writing ability and website operation, network marketing theory level will certainly greatly improve.

"Good," and once again thank those friends who have made the pertinent comments to me. I also hope that we can face and overcome their own "I must overcome the challenges" ("I am the most afraid of things"), to their own mind the desired success (this article by Gouyn12 original starting, copyright, Wenzing, reprint, please indicate the origin of the article in the form of links http:// and this statement, thank you.

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