Selina: Just want to get married and have a baby micro blog to see the Tour trailer

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Selina in last year's singing performance >>> click into Selina Weibo "no matter how optimistic, the lost will never come back."  "Selina, who was burned in the shooting, was strong at the discharge press conference, but she wrote the above on Weibo yesterday." After returning home on January 19, Selina a positive rehabilitation and returned to her 3-month-old microblog. Yesterday afternoon, she updated micro-blog, "Last Night (January 29) saw" Love for One "(s.h.e2010 years touring concert) tidbits, see not long ago, I found that no matter how optimistic, I lost no longer come back, can not help tears burst. "Fortunately Selina around with her fiance." Selina wrote a gently holding her to ask how the matter, she cried to answer, "originally is the happiest woman in the world!" A patted her back said: "You are still the happiest person!" and a very special person! Selina but cries, "I just want to be an ordinary person to marry and have a child!" Selina then made a public phone memo, because she kept her words in her cell phone, "You can still get married and have kids now!" Just for heaven's sake make your life more meaningful! One day you'll know! "Finally Selina in the mobile phone memo," The edge of Tears to tell himself: "I will strive to rehabilitation, ah, one day I want to be your happiest and most special bride." "Tai Yu
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