Selina the first public condition, more than half of the body burns.

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Selina the loss of a year is expected to lose more than 20 million yuan (information picture) (1/6) Selina (Ningjia) last month, 22nd in Shanghai due to the filming of Hunan TV blasting drama accidentally caused three degrees of burns, 1 months after the incident, the first report of the case was published last night, which said that the total burn area was 54%. That is, more than half of the body is burned, more than the original understanding of the serious, three degree burns accounted for 41%, of which accounted for 36% of the two legs the most serious, burn area too large lead to shave hair on the scalp to transplant, has carried out 2 skin grafting operation.  It is reported that she saw two legs serious wound can not help but burst into tears, due to treatment for at least 1 years, estimated her downtime loss of more than 20 million yuan. Since Selina sent back from Shanghai to Taipei Linkou Chang Gung Hospital after treatment, as the father, the mother almost every day in micro-Bo announced her treatment of physical and psychological suffering and recovery, but the extent of her burns and degree has not been confirmed. Hua Institute said yesterday that in addition to three degrees burns accounted for 41%, the remaining 13% are light two degrees of burns, the main distribution of the major body and limbs, the treatment of nearly January, she has been several times the size of the debridement surgery and 2 skin grafting operation.  Hua until yesterday only announced illness, may fear not to pass the crisis before the Selina to let fans know, but also may be prepared to and Hunan satellite TV in detail, the amount of compensation fear more than billion. Morphine can't restrain the change of dressing. Because the area of Selina Burns is too large, the doctor decided to use scalp to skin grafting, so will her hair shaved, daily change of pain even painkillers morphine can not restrain, but said very painful, fortunately she finally survived. Because China research staff in the past January to the hospital shift to take care of her, she was 1 weeks ago, please let her father record her thanks voice sent to her colleagues, it is reported that her voice is still insufficient, she said: "I know you have come to the hospital, you have to work hard!" I'll cheer! [Page] Hebe (left) Hong Kong to sing, bless Selina (right) early recovery. (data) (2/6) Hunan TV set up a compensation group and make her film "I Have a date with spring" Hunan TV, with the China research record has set up a project compensation group for detailed discussions, the two sides will soon launch the 1th face-to-face talks, but to Selina last year about 30 million yuan of annual income to see,  Hunan TV is afraid to pay quite a surprising amount of compensation. Although Selina in the absence of S.H.E will be filmed 6 ads and the end of the concert, but the Chinese research record will be equally divided into Selina, and fiance Zhang Chengzhong after the incident also stressed next year must be Selina marry the door, also hope that in April next year to do the wedding.  [Page] Selina Dad appeared to visit her daughter (3/6) [page] fiance Zhang Chengzhong appeared to visit Selina (4/6) [page] Selina mother pot soup to her daughter (5/6) [page] Ella and Hebe praise Selina Strong Like "heroine" (6/6)
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