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There is a 442 rule in the electric business. That is, 40% of the success depends on the marketing object, 40% depends on the price or product, 20% depends on the marketing idea. The website manages with the electricity merchant from the same gate, the theory nature also similar. Only things can not be rigid, if the change is the information class site, you need to have some changes. That 40% depends on the website information of the delivery object, that is, the user, 40% depends on the content of the site, and 20% depends on the site's creativity. As long as you can grasp the 442 law, website marketing overall situation grasp, the direction of the site will certainly not be alone.

Find the goal of the site, marketing should be "targeted"

Want to sell things, the key is two steps, one is to find customers, the second is to sell goods. Therefore, in the marketing of the website, Target customers and marketing content. In comparison, in fact, what kind of promotion mode to use, has retreated to the second. The reason is simple, but the operation is not simple. In the specific operation of the site, how can we find the target customers, determine the sales content?

In fact, to find the target customer is a knack, looking for a customer is to find the future marketing direction of the site. What the Web site wants to do is to target the users who have it. For example, embarrassing is a joke of the website, targeted at the mainstream customers are 8090 generations of young people. Taobao do is sales, the mainstream group is like cheap goods women. So want to find the site's target customers, we must first think, their own site to provide services, what people want. Then look for the characteristics of this population, personalized services for the development of features. For example, embarrassing jokes, targeted at the customer is a younger generation, the characteristics of this generation is very strong, so the characteristics of the embarrassing is to be able to audit jokes by users. Thus, regardless of the success of the accident or the results of scientific analysis, have to say that the success of the Hundred is not accidental.

Selling goods is the second step of web marketing, the key to selling goods is the commodity itself, not the way of sales. This reason I am afraid after Baidu K station webmaster are deeply have experience, do not need to say more. The key is the quality of the goods, the second is the continuity of the provision of goods. So seoer must keep in mind two points: first, the quality of the site content to be high, the second is to do the site to insist. These are platitudes, no innovation, small series will not say more.

Subdivide customers and seize mainstream users

As long as the businessman, must be very clear a saying: 20% of customers to create 80% of the profit, which is the source of VIP customers. For those websites that are not directly profitable, the profits here can be broken down by the flow of the synthesis and so on. Sales are the last of the total, but different user individual profits are different. Therefore the user needs to subdivide the treatment, that key 20% is seoer needs the key grasping main user. But how should these 20% users be identified? These users often have two features, one is more browsing times, and the other is speaking a lot. This is the forum mode of the site's characteristics, analogy, placed in the marketing category site, is more browsing times and the total amount of purchase. These can be based on the nature of the site has a certain degree of mobility, but the change, the truth is still unchanged.

Finding 20% of the mainstream users, the site needs to specify a different policy for the user. Like the VIP system, the site for the 20% of the main users can also have a disguised "VIP system" to consolidate the loyalty of 20% of users. There are two ways to consolidate loyalty, one is to let, the other is to give a name. To the ordinary information type website, the benefit is very unrealistic. But the name is different, just as Baidu Bar can have the Lord, on behalf of the management stick, give 20% of the mainstream user some authority, is a good way to consolidate fidelity. And some marketing sites, to consolidate the loyalty of the method can focus on "let", such as VIP customer discounts, or VIP customers in advance snapping right.

Innovation in inconsiderable, victory over detail

442 the first two of the law, the previous two paragraphs have been mentioned, small series will not repeat. The last one, though only 20% of the 442 rules, is often the key to victory. The website wants to do well, to find the target, grasping the content, all is necessary. But only to do this, the site is just a "top grade", but far from the "boutique" degree. Web sites want to reach the boutique, you need to innovate. But innovation is not simple, it can be said, is the 442 rule of the hardest, so "innovation" can also have some skills. 1th, innovation can be inconsiderable. The general direction of the site is difficult to innovate because all kinds of services are thought of. But other people think, others may not be able to do. For example, the recently red Super timetable, didn't anyone do the timetable before? For example, the Senate educational system, is a typical official system. But these applications do not cute, not intimate, of course, the user's favor. So want to innovate, not necessarily to find a new direction, perhaps some traditional direction slightly reform, will glow a different life. The key to these innovations is the details. The super timetable is now a fledgling application, still in the early stages of development, but has been quite embryonic. And its one and important details, it can be connected with the academic system, do not manually enter the course information, but also in the application to find their own classmates. From here we are not difficult to see, a willing to work on the details of the application, success must not be accidental.

Summary: Although the law of 442 is the law of electricity, but after all the source from the same gate, and SEO Marketing has a similar. As long as seoer can make good use of, it will be able to see a broader sky. This article first A5 ( Beijing towel Wholesale, reproduced please indicate the source. Space is limited, say not seo one of the wonderful, but believe that Seoer will be able to from the 442 rule to find their own marketing model, successful entrepreneurship, to reach the pinnacle of success.

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