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Passed a period of study. Zhang Zhang, Wuhan seo has taken off the high hat seo novice. Although I have not yet entered the ranks of veteran, but I will strengthen the implementation of the building, and constantly improve their own level, strive for an early become a master seo community. I personally also just changed from the rookie stage, where I want to share with my seo novice my personal experience, hoping to help you novice.

1. Why do seo

Seo's Chinese means "search engine optimization." In simple terms is the optimization of their website to improve the ranking of natural search results, in order to get the site traffic technology and processes. From the seo point of view website traffic to get our purpose, ranking only for our better access to traffic only. The ultimate goal is then to complete a conversion from traffic to profit.

2. Understand the search engine

After understanding why you should do seo, you know the importance of search engines. Since we know the importance, we must understand the basic working principle of search engines. The purpose of the search engine is to allow users to have a better experience, so we do the seo from the user, based on the user experience to meet the search engine. Before we learn seo must understand some of the characteristics of search engines, how to do more by the search engine favorite, what to do is not tolerated by search engines, what problems are currently the search engine can not solve. In my opinion search engine is really powerful, it is far smarter than we can think of. For example, many seo community lazy laziness like to use the "pseudo-original", do not think search engine does not recognize, it will remove the article inside some of the unimportant tone of the word, and then match, change paragraph, with the extract of multiple articles The contents of the patchwork together, these are all unable to escape the search engine's eye.

3. Competitor research

Many novices think we know nothing, why we need to study competitors first, and what is the use of researching? It is not advisable, as the saying goes: "Know your enemy, win all the battle." Only through competition After the analysis of the opponent, we can make a lot of correct judgments, the first step in the selection of keywords SEO this link we can make a better decision. Seo this line more often depends on your competitors, through the analysis of competitors, we can plan our workload, but also can understand the value of the keywords we choose.

Website optimization

Website optimization seems to be a complicated matter, in fact, otherwise only need to do two things, one is the internal optimization of the site, the second is outside the optimization. Internal optimization needs optimization is the site structure optimization and page html code. Off-site optimization is the need for better external link building. Often referred to the site structure is the three elements: html connection, tree, flat. All requests are html version. Because the current search engine does not yet have the ability to capture images and videos. Tree and flat said that the physical structure of the site, the tree structure is clear and convenient spider crawling, flattening is further convenient spiders crawling, often a few low-weight websites, spiders are reluctant to crawl too deep place. Optimize the site structure at the same time, modify, reduce html code, to achieve further optimization.

5. External link building

Speaking of external links, I have to mention hypertext links, is the Internet's fundamental. In general we browse the web is in a variety of links clicks. Some people think that we do their own content seo, in line with the customer experience, what do you need external link support? In fact, these two points are not contradictory, do an external link is nothing more than two points, one is to improve their own site weight Second, always clear the theme of the site. Increasing the weight of your site is to get more users to know us, and the purpose of defining topics is to let users know us and understand what our site is doing.

6.seo cheating and punishment

In the seo sector we usually seo divided into white hat seo and black hat seo, the so-called white hat seo is through a normal method to make a consistent site to meet user needs. Black Hat is to improve the rankings and traffic and deliberately used some of the means not recognized by search engines. For those of us who are currently in a novice stage, I personally think that getting down to a white hat is a good thing for Black Hat and we only know it as a kind of knowledge. Without compromising the bottom line of morality and law, Black Hat made a lot of contribution to our seo. Black hat friends also do not because of the corresponding punishment, there is some verbal abuse, since you have chosen the black hat this method will bear the corresponding consequences. After all, the road itself came out.

7.seo principle

Often seo learning seo in the early days still remember the principle of seo, once reached a certain level, but forget the principle of our seo is, simply to seo to seo. We should always remember that the goal of search engines is to satisfy the search users. Since we have to meet the needs of users, then we must be quite practical for users, users search for content with the site has a strong correlation, the higher the site weight for the user's help is relatively the largest. Novice to learn a lot of time to write articles, send foreign chain, but since the choice of doing seo do not underestimate these two points, many times to solve the basic problem is equivalent to solve all the problems, of course, we still need to pay attention to some details, to Improve their own level.

8.seo tools

Finally, we must say seo tools, seo is the need to use a very large number of tools, for example, webmasters tools to analyze web site data, as well as query the site for some special cases to use advanced search commands, and even a variety of Baidu and Google Tools, of course, this is not all, there are a lot of tools are not in this one description, the use of seo tools and methods of use is a seo personnel need to master the technology.

The above 8:00 is my personal through a period of study, some of the feelings of seo, speaking only my personal novice to learn some suggestions. Further learning seo also need personal subjective thinking, after all, how to do depends on the individual's thoughts.

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