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First lesson: What is Google ranking technology?
After my years of practice and research, in our commonly used dozens of of network promotion methods, Google search engine ranking is the most effective one. Because:
1. Google is the world's most users of the search engine;
2. Through the search engine to the quality of the passenger flow is very high, most of them are your potential customers;
3. Once you get a good ranking on Google, it will continue to bring you customers every day;
4. Only you study will be the Google ranking technology, it gives you work for free, and the effect than you pay to find 10 salesman are good;
5. Use Google rankings technology, based on it, carry out a variety of low-cost, risk-free money-making projects ....
As we all know, Google's left ranking and other search engines to the left of the rankings, other search engines, you can buy a good ranking, and for Google search engine, you pay only to buy it on the left side of the sponsor ads, can not buy to the left of the rankings. Because Google's left rank is the result of its own unique algorithm, Google pursues high-quality search results for its users.
Because of Google's left-ranked marketing effect is very good, commercial value is very large, so there are specialized people engaged in search engines such as Google ranking technology research. This job is referred to as--seo. SEO is the English search engine optimization abbreviation, which means that search engine optimization. and engaged in this work is search engine optimizer, search engine optimizer. The technology that search engine optimizer makes the website to raise in the Google rankings is the Google ranking technology.
This book is mainly to teach you how to learn this technology and how to use this technology to make money.

Lesson two: Using Google's ranking technology to make money one of the models
provides ranking optimization services
1. Mode analysis
At present, most of the domestic SEO is used in this mode to make money, using this model. These SEO can easily earn more than million yuan per month. For the General corporate website optimization rankings, service costs around 3000-20000 yuan. SEO Technology services Company's monthly income more, mostly in more than 100,000 yuan.
China currently more than 90% of the corporate web site is still in the dead of the sick site, they are waiting for you to give them optimization, improve their ranking in search engines, give them the vitality, let them use the network very real help enterprises to make money. Such a huge market, as long as you seriously, customers are endless.
2. Service Flow:
Customer Consultation analysis Customer website "service Quote" sign contract "collect advance" start service "to achieve the effect of" the remaining costs "ranking maintenance
3." Note:
A. Analysis of quotations: analysis of the marketing base of the website, reasonable judge oneself through the SEO strategy can make the customer website achieves the marketing effect. To stand on the customer's point of view, to make every effort to enable customers to bring benefits through the network, not to rank for ranking;
B. Do not easily promise: Because Google changes faster, so the ranking is relatively large float, so it is best not to give customers a blind commitment;
C. To stand in the integrated network marketing perspective for the customer's website, only the Google rankings as the most wanted to promote one of the Web site;
D. Customers can not ask for more, fine. Engage in services and selling products are different, selling products is a large quantity, but the service can not be measured, because your energy is limited. So do customers, do not require more, should pursue to every customer to do fine, let him become your long-term customers, so the price can be collected very high.

Lesson Three: Use the Google rankings technology to make money mode two
the traffic is big Web site to make advertising fees
use Google ranking technology to create a large flow of the site is not difficult things, if your site traffic can reach 30,000 IP per day, you one months advertising fee is very easy things , and do not need you to find advertisers, can be directly through various types of advertising alliances to obtain.
I have a friend, using this mode, three months on their own website traffic to get tens of thousands of IP per day, and then carefully selected ad league, rely on online advertising every month to earn nearly 20,000 yuan.
This pattern has the following characteristics:
1, work time is free, want to play on the play, want to work on the job;
2, do not have to be troublesome and all kinds of people, only can work on the internet can be anywhere;
3, stick to it, work less time and make more money, Can live a happy life with money and time.
At present, domestic this type of personal webmaster, the monthly income of countless million, and even a monthly income of hundreds of thousands of also very many, sincere many are still in school students. Early April this year, the domestic will hold a forum of well-known Chinese webmaster, a short period of two days, the application fee of 5000 yuan. At present, there are more than 100 stationmaster. Now if you can follow our way of thinking, perhaps, next year's Party may also invite you to attend.
The ability to use other aspects of this pattern:
1, Web site production technology, do not need to be proficient, will be able to, the current online has a lot of free web programs for you to use;
2, website Maintenance technology, this is very simple, more simple than the maintenance of computer hardware;
3, online social skills, This is too simple, will use QQ chat, will bubble forum OK;
4, network learning ability, this ability is also everyone has, here I will not wordy.

Lesson Fourth: Use Google rankings technology to make money mode bis
Low cost to do international trading company
Do you own an international trading company? Your answer if it is not, because you think it is too difficult, it is a very distant dream! I tell you here, it's not a dream, it's a very simple thing, you can do it now. And I'll teach you a very low cost, almost risk-free strategy.
First step: Earn start-up funds:
There are many production-oriented enterprises in your area, they produce very good products, very low cost, and are needed in many parts of the world. But they are the traditional industry, do not understand the network, do not understand marketing, so can not be sold abroad. At this time, you can help them, but not to their services to earn service fees, but to cooperate with them to help them sell, you take commission.
So the first step, you find a company like this, use your eloquence and ability to talk to them about cooperation, and then help them to make money, and then help themselves to make money, after a period of cooperation, with some basic funds, you can follow the idea to start your own company.
The way is simple: Get a website >> do a good job ranking >> etc Customer calls come over >> quote >> put the introduction into the factory inside the >> transaction successfully. Collect business Commission.
Step Two: Register your company:
in your impression, the first big thing for a registered company is the question of registered capital, you may not have hundreds of thousands of or even millions of registered capital, how to register a company?
Now flip through the ads in your newspaper and see how many provide the company registration service, and then Google search for the keyword "registered company". The answer is out, are you surprised? Much, huh? You can also serve more than three, choose one of the best!
Generally speaking, in any city in the country, register a registered capital of 1 million companies, please professional service companies to help you, you only need to spend about 10,000 of the service costs all ok! The middle of all kinds of cumbersome problems do not need you to run errands, do not worry about you. When you are finished registering, they also offer you a part-time bookkeeping business, 300 dollars a month, cheap?
Step three: Build Your own Brand:
After registering your company, you also need to register your own brand, so that those traditional enterprises to work for you. The registered brand cost is very low, only needs 1800 yuan. Have their own brand, customers are automatically to find the door, you still find those traditional business cooperation, but it gives you a job, let it produce products, you post your brand, then you can as their own products to sell.
If you make your own production, the cost is too high, the risk is too high, you can give production enterprises to bear. What you do is trade, with your own brand you can work with many companies at the same time, so that they are working for you. You earn more than they do, and your costs are very, very small., and almost no risk per month.

Have you ever heard such a word: production is a part of the earned, brand is 1.1 cents of the profit. This is the truth of this sentence!
The fourth step: The next is to wait for foreign customers to give you the initiative to talk about business.
You have your own company, has its own brand, there are production-oriented enterprise cooperation, and network marketing to do a very good site, you are the rest of the work is hard, happy to make money.
One of my friends used this idea to start a business, earning millions in the first year. As long as the efforts of the way I give you this idea to do, you can also, and may do better than my friend is ok!
Please remember this sentence: many things are very simple, but you do not know the method.

Lesson five: How to quickly master Google ranking technology
The first step: Learn the basics of Google ranking technology:
1. Computer operation and Internet
2. Understand HTML language
3. Basic Web page making technology
The second step: the Google ranking technology to see the simple point:
Last lesson I said a very important word, that is: many things are very simple, but you do not know the method. So, before learning Google ranking technology, please remember this sentence, and then use it! Now, you in the heart silently read the following sentence three times: Google ranking technology is actually very simple, as long as I mastered the method, will soon be able to learn!
Step three: Learn the basics of Google rankings:
All search engines, including Google, want to search for high-quality sites, so we want to make our site better ranked in Google, first of all, we must make our website a high-quality site. High quality comes from the user experience, on the other hand from the search engine. If a single search engine for a short period of time that you are a good site, and users do not like your site, your site ranking is not long. Because Google and other search engines are constantly upgrading their technology, so that users have a better search experience. So, want to get a long-term better ranking in Google, the first is to let users feel that your site is good, and then is to adjust the various aspects of your site, so that the search engine also think Hello!

Fourth step: The right way to study Google rankings technology:
We all know that Google announced its own ranking there are hundreds of factors, in so many factors, in fact, we just need to learn those who will not change enough to use, our ancestors have a very reasonable words: ça! We just need to follow these basic ideas to request our website, and then constantly improve the site, the site itself to do a good job, you can long-term in Google to get a better ranking. There is no need to wring out the juice to study the changing factors. Study these, not your time cost, this is just your money tools, you just need to make good use of it on OK.
If you are very interested in research, like to study this as fun, you can go to our Google Ranking Technology Research Forum and you learn to communicate! Can also be a member of our company.
Master the above mentioned four aspects, you can learn the following content!

Lesson Sixth: One of the unchanged ranking factors for search engines such as Google
Server's impact on Google rankings
1, the server area affects your site's ranking:
for Google, different regions, search results are different, through our experiments and research, This is primarily the area where the server is located. Last year we made two customers for the super hot keyword "Chinese tour" one of the servers in the United States, the other one in Xi ' an, after using the same strategy, the server placed in the United States of that site, only spent 6 months, on the first page of the position, And the server on the domestic site, it took 11 months to row to the first page. Also, some English keywords, you use Google search in China, found that your site is very close to the top, but if you use Google in foreign countries, you may turn 10 pages can not find your site.
The results of our ranking in Google rankings are not for us to look at, but for our potential customers, so the server area selection is critical.
2, check whether the IP of the server has been punished by Google:
when you rent a new web space to put your own web site, please be sure to check whether the IP server is Google punishment, or even if your site is done well, may be implicated victims, how to check it? Here I tell you the right way:
First, you have to check how many sites are on this server? How do I find out? Here we give you a tool that can easily find out how many domain names together point to an IP: (
For example: you want to check this IP you just enter in the IE Address bar: Enter, later can see how many domain name point to this IP, and then find one of the , such as: then you enter in Google: and then take a look at Google included this site how many pages. If the development of Google has not included it, to check more than a few, if most of them are not included in Google, then it is possible that the server is Google punished. For the sake of insurance, it is best not to use. If most of the Web site on this server has been indexed by Google many pages, that the server has not been punished by Google, you can use.

Generally speaking, the domain name that is punished by Google is more, the server that is punished by Google is relatively few!
3, the stability of the server affect the ranking of the site:
To get a better ranking, the server must be stable. If the server is unstable, it is likely that Google updates your site, your site temporarily because the server is not stable and can not open, then your ranking is finished, this factor is particularly important.
Two years, in Google entered the word "E-commerce", our company's E-commerce Guide website has always been the first, but the Spring Festival, the company's technical personnel home for the new year. At this time just the server problem, resulting in 1 weeks of web site can not be accessed, just to catch up with Google Update, E-commerce Guide to the ranking of the speed limit to the third page, the loss of heavy.
So, here we use our heavy losses to warn you: Be sure to keep the server running stable.

Seventh lesson: Google and other search engine unchanged ranking factor two
Here we take a case to explain the domain name/path/filename design principles:
For the Tour this keyword: we chose the domain name for the user, because the content of the customer site itself is very rich, so the use of our domain name, we cooperate with other methods soon after, this site in the Yahoo and SMN two of the world's top search engine has been a better ranking, in Google also has some improvement.
Now, you go to Google search: "China Tour" This popular keyword, you look at its search results in Google, you will find that the first page of most of the site's domain name is included in this keyword.
Through this case, we should cover up the domain name/path/filename design principles, that is to include keywords. But encountered Chinese website, we'd better not use Chinese path and Chinese filename, because the address bar to Chinese can not be directly displayed, the display is encoded.
At present, Google has a very good recognition of Hanyu Pinyin, so if you row Chinese keywords, you can use the pinyin domain name, if you line English keywords, you can choose the relevant domain name.
In addition, there are several principles for using paths and domain names:
Static path is more advantageous than dynamic path ranking
Top level domain name is advantageous to rank than two domain name (famous website, authoritative website two class domain name except)
For example: has a ranking advantage over; a ranking advantage over's path.

Eighth lesson: Google and other search engines unchanged ranking factor four
title and label:
Title and label mainly refers to the contents of <head> and </head> in the source code of the Web page. For example, our Network Marketing Planning Network's homepage title and label are as follows:
<TITLE> Network Marketing planning Agency </TITLE>
<meta name= "description" content= " Network Marketing Planning organization is a well-known network planners Tong founder of the first domestic marketing planning research institutions, for the majority of netizens and enterprises to provide network marketing news, Network Marketing research, website promotion methods, website operation strategy, profit model research, network marketing services. ""
<meta name= "keywords" content= "network Marketing"
<meta http-equiv=content-type content= "text/htm; charset =gb2312 "
<meta http-equiv=" content-language "content=" zh "
Page title design
<title> Network Marketing Planning Organization </title> This section represents the title of the page, the page title has a great impact on the ranking of the page in Google, and the page in other search engine rankings also have a great impact. Therefore, the design of the title is very critical.
Design page titles have the following principles:
The title of each page is different, and to the content of its own web page;
Page title design is concise, the title of each page is best to highlight only 1-2 keywords, not too much;
Title design not too long, It is best not to exceed 25 characters, 50 English letters.

Web page label Design:
<meta name= "description" content= "Network marketing planning organization is a well-known network planners Tong founder of the first domestic marketing planning research institutions for the majority of netizens and enterprises to provide network marketing news, Network Marketing research, website promotion methods, website operation Strategy, Profit model research, network marketing services. ">
<meta http-equiv=content-type content= "HTML; charset=gb2312 ' >
The above section is the Web meta tag, and there are many kinds of page tags, but these are the most important.
<meta name= "description" content= "Network marketing planning organization is a well-known network planners Tong founder of the first domestic marketing planning research institutions for the majority of netizens and enterprises to provide network marketing news, Network Marketing research, website promotion methods, website operation Strategy, Profit model research, network marketing services. ">
This part is the Web page description tag, it is mainly for the search engine to see, the label design pursuit of simple and clear, and the content of the page to match. In order to improve the ranking, you can improve the density of the keyword.
<meta name= "keywords" content= "network Marketing" >
This sentence is a keyword tag, currently has no effect on Google, but the ranking of other search engines have a certain role, the design principle of this label is concise and clear, if it is more than one keyword, you can use the English comma to open. Irrelevant keyword Best not add, easily be some search engine as cheating to deal with.

<meta http-equiv=content-type content= "HTML; charset=gb2312 ' >
This is a Web page encoding and language annotation tags, mainly for browsers to see. Different languages, so do not use the code, so do the foreign language site must pay attention to the best use of potential customers operating system encoding, otherwise the potential customers see the page will be garbled. If your site is an English site and your prospects are for Western Europe, you can use the following code:
<meta http-equiv=content-type content= "HTML; Charset=iso-8858-1 ' >
The details of this web design, you do in the foreign language site, you must pay attention, because most of the Chinese Simplified version of the software model coding are GB2312.

Nineth Lesson: Google and other search engines unchanged ranking factor of four
Hyperlink factor
PR Value: Link is everything!
PageRank technology: By calculating the equations consisting of more than 500 million variables and 2 billion words, PageRank can objectively evaluate the importance of Web pages. PageRank does not calculate the number of direct links, but instead interprets the link from page A to page B as a vote on page B by page A. This PageRank the importance of the page based on the number of votes received by Page B.
In addition, PageRank will evaluate the importance of each polling page, because some Web pages are considered to be of high value, so that the pages they link to can be of high value. Important pages get a higher PageRank (page rank), which is displayed at the top of the search results. Google Technology uses the comprehensive information of online feedback to determine the importance of a Web page. The search results are not artificially disturbed or manipulated, which is why Google becomes a trusted, unbiased source of information that does not charge rankings.

Site link Structure factor
Site link structure is also very important, the impact of Google ranked one of the factors, the site link structure design is reasonable, not only affect the ranking of the site, but also affect the Google site included in the page. Reasonable site link structure has the following characteristics:
Have a site map, site map links to all the pages, all the pages have a link to the site Map page;
Site navigation clear, user-friendly browsing;
Links use text instead of flash buttons and pictures.

To increase the reverse link policy:
A reverse link is a page with a link to page B, then page A is the reverse link to page B. View a Web site backlinks can be viewed with Google Toolbar, or directly with Google view, such as viewing backlinks, just enter the following statement search Google can see the results: Link:, adding backlinks to pages can be in the following ways:
Link exchange with related websites
Add to a Web page where you can add a reverse link to a related site
Add a website to the world famous category
In the selection of links, not the larger the better, should pursue quality, high-quality pages mainly have the following:
PR value is very high page
PR value is not too high, but exports less links than pages
The main page of the authoritative website
Adding backlinks is one of the most important jobs in Google rankings, and it needs to be done in the long run to make the site more and more highly rated in Google.

Tenth lesson: Google and other search engines unchanged ranking factor of five
Website content and web design
The site wants to get a better ranking, the content of the site is very critical, all Google rankings will never change the factor is the most important factor is excellent web content, excellent site content mainly includes the following several:
Original content more, easy to be cited by many websites, the process of quoting the general will give this page add a link, all this page can get a better split, ranking naturally good;
Rich content of the site: the rich content of the site will allow Google to include a lot of content, the links between the pages of the site to improve the site of each page in Google's rating;
The structure of the website is clear, the page design is reasonable, easy to be browsed by the user and crawling by Google search engine crawler;
Do not have more than 100K per page, export links less than 100.

Highlighting keywords in web pages:
Large headings to include keywords: the title is the page header with <hl></hl> comments page title;
<{#imeinline} style= "line-height:150%" align= "Left" > Web page text in the keywords to focus on: You can use <B></B> to highlight, you can also use eye-catching colors to highlight;

Adjust the frequency of the keyword appearing in the page reasonably, in general, the frequency that the keyword appears in the webpage maintains in 3% to 5% better.

11th Lesson: Google and other search engine rankings of other invariant factors synthesis
A file placed under the root directory of the Web site to search engine crawler, if you accidentally wrote wrong, it is possible that Google has all of your pages have been deleted. On the writing of the content of this document, the Google website has detailed introduction description:
Hyperlink annotation:
title= "Annotation Content"
Code without comment:
<a href= "" > E-commerce Guide </a>
Annotated code:
<a href= title= "E-commerce Guide website provides you with all kinds of e-commerce knowledge" > E-commerce Guide </a>
Picture Annotation Tags: general Web page inserts a picture in the HTML code as follows:
<img height=70 width=187 src= "Images/web136_logo.gif" >
Network Marketing, the details of winning, all these details we can not let go. You can annotate a picture as follows:
<img height=70 width=187 src= "Images/web136_logo.gif" alt= "e-commerce Guide" >
The alt note must be concise, don't write too long, and it will be treated as cheating by some search engines.

12th lesson: Chinese Google ranking case analysis
URL: MBA training
Website Analysis: (December 2004) PR: Four points (this is a very common score)
Alexa rankings: 100,000 out of Google search results: 878,000
Web page title and label design: Almost all the pages of the title design all the same, and most do not describe the label and keyword tags.
Program adoption: A set of PHP developed content publishing system, all the page path is a dynamic path, including "? "Number, not conducive to Google's collection and ranking.

Website revision: (January 2005-February)
To improve the ranking, the first thing to solve is the site itself. Because of its own system of the search engine rankings is not particularly advantageous, all in our proposal, so that its website revision, instead of a set of automatic generation of HTML page content publishing system.

After the system was selected, it took one months to enrich the content of the website and make it a truly content MBA training site.
Website title and label Design:
Website optimization is mainly the title of the site and the design of the label, for medium-sized sites, because of its use of the content distribution system, so only need to its various levels of template label design, you can make all the pages automatically updated, very convenient.
MBA Training is the main line of words, so the word we put on the first page to row, the first page title and label design as follows:
<title>mba Training Center </title>
<meta name= "description ' content=" MBA Training Center offers you professional MBA programs, MBA online classrooms, MBA cases, MBA forums, MBA downloads, MBA information, MBA schools, MBA preparation guides, MBA master Style ... ">
To increase the reverse link policy:
Related to various types of sites for Friendship Link Exchange: Link with text connection, text with the word "MBA training."
In all kinds of links can be added to the high PR value of the page with a link, with text connection, the text with the word "MBA training."
March 2004, the term MBA training in the PR has not updated the case, has been ranked third in Google.
In this case, I would like to stress once again a very, very important idea:
SEO technology is very simple! Perhaps, you do not have too deep contact SEO before, you put the SEO technology to think of the special advanced, in fact, SEO technology is not as you think so advanced, and very simple.
In this case, we only take into account the Google ranking factor of three factors to achieve the effect, the three-day factor is:
The site itself to do a little better: the procedure should be reasonable, rich content;
The title label should be designed reasonably;
Reverse link policy.
In Google's many ranking factors, the above three points is the most important, the above three points to do the ultimate, ranking naturally will be better and more stable.
Easy, huh? Oh, if you feel simple, you will soon become an excellent SEO. Want to be an excellent SEO, first of all, the SEO technology to see very simple, and then take the right thinking, reasonable way to do on the OK.

13th lesson: English Google ranked actual case analysis
Keywords: Chinese tour
Analysis: English Google search results: 6,620,000;alexa rankings: 100,000; PR value: 4; Backlinks: 0
Competitor Analysis: Ranked in the top 10 of the site PR value is more than 5, or even 7 of the right side ads full.
More than 6 million of the results of the search, the competition is very strong, the site itself is very poor foundation, because the English keyword ranking than the Chinese difficult many times, all of us to take a full range of SEO strategy:
To select the domain name:
Because of the domain name on the English keywords ranking impact not small, So we gave up the original domain name, we intend to adopt the new domain name, the new domain name must contain the word "tour". Finally, we adopted the domain name
Web site structure optimization:
To modify the header file and footer file for each page without changing the original site system, making the connection structure more reasonable: Another connection to the home page in each of the pages uses the word "tour" as the link text.

Title and label Optimization:
The main key words tour of course to use the home page to rank, home page title and label design as follows:
<title>china tour Service–china tour</ Title>
<meta name= keywords content= tour,travel to China,china Travel,,travel China,chian, ""
<meta name= "description" content= "," Toue, operator, offers, customized Individual tours and Yangtze River Cruise with the very value and services. Travel service,home,city Guide,china Tours,china hotels,faq,community,search.the ... Map.china Map Tibet map.picture Today.china Travel "
<meta http-equiy=" Refresh "content=" 1000 "
<meta http-equiv= "Content-type" content= "HTML; charset=windows-1252 ""
There is a very very important tag, take the last sentence:
<meta http-equiv= "Content-type content=" HTML; charset=windows-1252 ">
in Chinese web design software, generally in the page default is
<meta http-equiv=" Content-type "content=" HTML; charset=gb2312 ""
Gb2312 is the Chinese Simplified code, if your English page or use it, any effort you may become a white struggle, perhaps you in Chinese Google search results can see their own site, But English Google search, you can not search this site.
So if your English site still uses gb2312 code, then replace it with the default code on your potential client's operating system.
Because this site is the ASP dynamic program design, so most of the pages are dynamic path, so the optimization of the page, mainly through the modification of the program to complete, in addition to these internal page optimization, mainly to improve the ranking of other keywords, here is not explained in detail. But it's all about achieving a goal: each page has a different title, and it matches the content of the page.
Convert the homepage into HTML page, and give it compression weight loss:
Because the original page is ASP dynamic page, in order to rank favorable, we hand to its homepage to make a static HTML page, in order to improve browsing speed, and with a dedicated network to lose weight software to reduce its weight loss, To increase its browsing speed.
Although you are very fast browsing in the country, but foreigners in foreign countries are not necessarily fast, so we have to do all kinds of ways to make the Web page open faster, to lose weight is one of the methods.

Landing search engines such as Google:
want in the shortest possible time, so that all search engines are included you, and let them include you more pages, the best way is not one to manually landing, but to do a site map, To other Google update very fast site to add entropy this map page connection: more pages, the use of ordinary site map production software made out of the map is very large, and the effect is not very good, So we can only use the toll site map production software to produce a reasonable site map: What is a reasonable web page map? Google has a special description, that is: content less than 100K site Map page.
Reverse link strategy:
English Google is very strict to the site requirements, so using those links factory and other means blindly to increase the reverse connection is not. Google is asking for relevant sites, and high quality connections are effective. So there's only one way to add a reverse connection to it, specifically to arrange for a staff member to exchange connections with her related website.
At present,'s China tour word has entered the top 10 in Google, and in Yahoo MSN and other famous English search engine to get a better ranking.
Here we summarize the Google ranking factors used in this case:
Domain name
site link Structure
Title and label
Convert ASP to HTML and compress weight loss
Make site map
Add reverse link policy
Suggestion: Arrange the foreign key word, website Web space best chooses foreign. As we mentioned earlier, Google's search results are different in different regions. Site server put the area to a certain extent to affect the ranking of the site, more importantly, affect the speed of the customer browsing time.

14th: Google rankings strategy for large Web sites
My previous articles on Google's ranking strategy were mostly for small and medium sized business websites, because the nature of large business sites and small and medium sized business sites is very different, So their SEO strategy for them is also very different, here I give you a detailed talk about the large web site SEO strategy.
One of the strategies: do not deliberately pursue a keyword ranking
large web site if the pursuit of a keyword in a short time to get a better ranking, the use of various means, it is very not cost-effective. Because a single keyword, even if the search volume is large, it brings you a limited amount of traffic. and large web site information is very much, contains more than the number of keywords are countless, if you can improve the overall number of keywords in your page rankings, your traffic will really fly up.
For example: A hot keyword if you are in front, this keyword can bring you 1000 traffic. But you have 100,000 pages, including a hundred thousand of keywords, and even these keywords can bring you 1 traffic every day, that is a hundred thousand of traffic.

So, large sites do SEO, do not deliberately for a keyword to do rankings, the best pursuit of the overall effect!
Policy bis: Do not use those dangerous strategies that Google might be used to cheat with
Large web site traffic sources rely on a variety of, search engines can only become one of its important sources, do not blindly use some may be used as a means of cheating.
Because some people engaged in the SEO industry, often use some may be Google as a means of cheating to quickly achieve ranking effect. These means used to small web site, a but was set off, loss is only a domain name cost 60 yuan, but for a large web site, the domain name is its most valuable resources, is not to change, so will be costly.
Policy three: large sites want to improve the overall ranking needs to consider several aspects of the
1, so that most of the front page "quiet down
as the most basic HTML page, in 2004 by more and more people welcome to see a large web site, if your front page is also used by those who do not responsible for ASP , PHP program to performance, others will say you are not very good technology. And why? There are mainly the following reasons:
static HTML format pages are easily indexed by search engines, and easy to get better rankings;
HTML-formatted static page comparison saves your server resources, not afraid of your website popularity increase fast;
HTML-formatted static pages do not need to call the database, Users browse very quickly.
At present, most of the Web site has adopted a new technology, that is, the background is a dynamic program, the foreground is a static page. Although the foreground is HTML, they can also be modified in the background.

If your site is a mall system or other system, it is difficult to quickly revision, you can also take the following strategy:
that is, through the technical means to news.asp?id=234 such links into news/234.html, the technology is very simple, You only need to install an ISAPI REWRITE on the server ( have downloads), and then make the appropriate parameter settings OK.
2, optimize the link structure of the site
for the Google search engine, the link is everything, so your site's link structure must be designed reasonable. This is mainly in the following small areas:
Each page to add a few related page links; hyperlinks do not use flash buttons, preferably with text links, the production of detailed site map to facilitate the search engine quickly included.
Web site structure design, it is best to consider the search engine, but also to take into account the reading habits of people. If you look carefully, you will find that many of the world's famous web site design is relatively simple and clear, the framework is reasonable, easy to read, such as Yahoo.
But there are too many large websites in China blindly pursue the feeling of the atmosphere, the home is always a very big, very flower Hu, but also want to put all the content in the site on the home page display. It's very unscientific.
3, label optimization strategy
Large sites do not blindly modify the label, the label for large sites, is not particularly important, so large sites in the design of the label must pay attention to the following:
Title:title design must be concise and clear, In line with the content of the Web page, don't be greedy.
Web Page Introduction Tags: because the google search engine for large web site updates very quickly, so the page introduction tag for the bottom of the inner page do not have to consider, for some section page, you can design a professional.
Keyword Tags: keyword tags for google has not much effect, dispensable, sometimes do not write too exaggerated, if afraid of their own design is not good, simply do not.
Other labels, if you know them well, can add, if you don't understand, simply don't.
Some of the midsize sites I've done are bad because their tags are designed so that they are the ones that really allow the search engine to bring you traffic.
4, the ranking of large Web site maintenance strategy
to the large site to do search engine optimization processing, is relatively happy things, because the effort is not too much, but the effect is particularly obvious. Because most of the art and technical staff of SEO knowledge is very little, so in the design of the site, often do not take into account some of these factors. SEO staff do not need to be like the small and medium-sized site to spend a lot of energy to optimize the page, only need to adjust the details can achieve very good results.
Large Web SitesRanking maintenance strategy is simpler, and for search engine rankings, you don't need to think too much because you have a lot of basic traffic there. All you need to consider is some of the most basic ranking factors for search engines such as Google OK. This can be quo. Easy to face the changes in search engine ranking factors.
Special tip: Real seo (Search engine optimization) is not cheating means, but to help your site more reasonable, more easily indexed by search engines, easier to get better rankings in search engines. Because your staff did not understand the network marketing knowledge when designing, so did not take these factors into account. If you think about it first, the content and quality of your website is no worse than others, the ranking will go up naturally. The detailed observation of so many large websites in China, found that the best in this piece is Alibaba and Sina, you can analyze them from this angle.


Lesson 15th: Optimizing Dynamic Web sites
Static processing of dynamic Web sites: General domestic commonly used methods are to change the site to a set of background is dynamic, the foreground is the automatic generation of static page system, such systems have been very many, you can according to the needs of your site to choose, or specifically to invite people to develop. Now generally used in foreign countries are the following URL mapping method: (Implementation of the main 2)
based on the URL rewrite IIS ISAPI REWRITL
based on path info to use the URL address as a parameter pass: URL rewrite
The simplest is the URL transformation based on URL rewriting (Rewrite) modules in various Web servers: These can be almost without modifying the implementation of the program to map news.asp?id=234 such connections to news/234.html, from the outside looks like static links, There is a module on the Apache server (not the default): Mod_rewrite:url rewrite powerful enough to write a book.
When I need to map news.asp?id=234 to news/234.html, just set:
rewriterule/news/(\d+) \.html/news\.asp\?id=[n,i] so that/news/ 234.htm such requests are mapped to/news?id=234.
and there are corresponding REWRITE modules in IIS: such as ISAPI REWRITE and IIS REWRITE, the syntax is based on the correct expression because the configuration is almost the same as the Apache mod_rewrite:
than to a certain simple application can be: rewriterule/news/(\d+) \.html/news/news\.php\?id= [n,i], so that HTM is mapped to http://www.chedong,.com/news/news.php?id=234 
A more general expression that can map all dynamic pages is:
http:// The behaves as a Http://
Rewriterule (. *?\.php )(\? [^/]*)?/([^/]*)/([^/]*)(.+?)? (2&:\?) =4?5:[n,i]
here is an Apache mod_rewrite example for phpBB:
Rewriteengine on
rewriterule/forum/topic_ (. +) \.html$/forum/ viewtopic.php?t= [L]
Rewriterule/forum/forum_ (. +) \.html$/forum/viewtopic.php?t= [l]
Rewriterule/forum/user _ (. +) \.html$/forum/profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u= [L]
This setting can be forum_2.htm user_34 through topic_1234.html. The HTM link accesses the original dynamic page.
There are some benefits to using URL rewrite:

Mod_rewrite and Isapirewrite are basically compatible, but there are some differences, such as: "?" in Isapirewrite. Need to be escaped to "\?", mod_rewrite not, isapirewrite support "d+" (all numbers), Mod_rewrite does not support hidden background reality: This is useful when migrating from ASP to Java platform, For the front desk users, do not feel the changes in the background application;
simplifies data validation: Because parameters like (\d+) can effectively control the format of numbers or even the number of digits;
For example, do we need to migrate applications from news.asp?id=234 to news.php? Query=234, the performance of the front desk can remain news/234.html. From the implementation of application and foreground performance separation: the stability of the URL is maintained, and the use of mod_rewrite can even forward requests to other backend servers. Another way for
path--info url beautification
URL beautification is based on Url_info:
Path_info is the CGI standard, so there is support for the PHP servlet. For example, there is a Request.getpathinfo () method in the servlet.
Note:/hello.jsp, you can also see from here that JSP is actually a path_info parameter of a servlet. ASP does not support Path_info-based parametric parsing in path_info,php as follows:
//NOTE: The parameter is split by "/", and the first parameter is empty: Parse out the $param1 $param 2 from the/PARAM1/PARAM2 2 parameters if ( Isset ($_server["Path_info"])) {

?? List ($nothing, $param 1, $param 2) =explode ("/", $_server["Path_info"]);
How to hide an application: For example:. php Extension:
Configure this in Apache:
<filesmatch "^app_name$" >
?? Forcetype application/x-httpd-php
How to be more like static pages: app_name/my/app.html
When parsing the path_info parameter, it truncates the last 5 characters of the last parameter, ". html".
Especially for the use of virtual host users, do not have the right to install and configure Mod_rewrite, Path_info often become the only choice.
OK, so later see similar to such a webpage you know probably is show.php?id=234 this PHP program generates the dynamic webpage, many site surface may appear to have many static directories, in fact very possibly all is uses 1, 2 program implementation content release. For example, many WikiWiki systems use this mechanism: the entire system is a simple wiki program, and the look of the directory is actually the application to take the following address as a parameter query results.
Using the Mod_rewrite/path_info+cache server solution to transform the original dynamic publishing system can greatly reduce the cost of upgrading the old system to the new content management system. and convenient search engine included traction.

: How to use PHP to support Path_info
on IIS

PHP ISAPI Mode installation Memo: only try to Php-4.2.3-win32

Unpack Directory c:\php

PHP. INI initialization file

replication: c:\php\php.ini–dist to C:\winnt\php.ini

Configuration file association

Configure file associations according to the instructions in Install.txt

Runtime file

Copy C:\php\php4ts.dll to C:\winnt\system32\php4ts.dll

after this operation: you will find that PHP maps path_info to the physical path

Warning:unknown (C:\CheDong\Downloads\ariadne\www\test.php\path): Failed to create strem:no such file or directory In Unknown on line 0

Warning:unknown (): Failed opening ' C:\chedong\downloads\ariadne\www\test.php\path ' for inclusion (include_path= ') .; C:\php\pear ') in Unknown on line 0

installation Ariadne Patch

Stop the IIS service

Net Stop IISAdmin


cover the original C:\php\sapi\php4ispi.dll

Note: Ariadne is a PATH_INFP based content publishing system, PHP4.3.2RC2 in the CGI mode Path_info has been modified, as usual installation.

because the picture is bigger, direct address, everyone batch flashget download

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