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In the previous article do SEO must say that thing: small instructions to help busy, and you share the 13 advanced search instructions of the use of skills, I believe that these skills in peacetime will certainly help you find more accurate results, because each instruction has its own unique usage. When doing SEO in peacetime, need to find some of their own and competitors, so the use of a single command may not achieve accurate results, we need to use these high-level directives. Today and you share the theme is the comprehensive use of advanced command skills, hope that through this article can improve the efficiency of SEO.

Inurl:gov SEO Type

This instruction is to return the page contains the results of the SEO, while the URL contains gov, many SEO personnel feel that the government and school sites have a relatively high weight, to find such sites, is a better link resources. Similarly, we can enter in the search box friendship Link exchange, so you can find a willing to exchange links to school sites, can greatly improve the work efficiency, at the same time find the weight of resources are not bad.

Inurl fit Intitle Type

Inurl with intitle than the above method is more exquisite, this means to find the title contains search keywords, urls in the URL contains search URL string, if the use of the above method can not find their own needs, then use intitle: Link exchange so found the page basically is eligible for the site type, 8630.html "> Sometimes the page contains keywords is not necessarily the result we want, the title with the keyword is what we want to find."

Inurl Wildcard Registration type

External links has always been our pursuit of a focus, and high-quality links is what we want, so use some wildcard characters can find some high weight sites, such as the commonly used*register, This instruction refers to the URL containing the words and regedit, which is the registration page of the School forum. We find these forums, we can leave a lot of signatures, and the weights are good.

Linkdomain Comprehensive Query class:

Using Linkdomain can accurately query the competitor has done and you have not done the external links, so that you can quickly see the site on the outside of the chain, can have the purpose of the reinforcement, such as the common format for, so you can find out what external links link to the ABC site without linking to our site. But this order on Yahoo query more accurate, Baidu and Google do not support.

Here, to share a few instructions for the use of a combination of skills, in fact, the advanced instructions are not limited to these aspects, different combinations of the use of diverse and powerful, a qualified SEO must master the meaning of these common instructions and the combination of methods to more effectively find more competitors and linked resources.

Well, this article is here, will continue to share with you about SEO related knowledge, we have a good idea also welcome and I exchange, this article from: Beijing seo, url:, also welcome reprint, reprint please keep the link, thank you!

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