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The biggest drawback of search marketing is that it is a passive marketing method, waiting for someone to come to you, when others come to you, whether you have already buried the answer in the waiting for users to come to you? The user in search engine each search, all indicate that it is looking for an answer, the answer is not Baidu give, also not the field grows out, But some prescient marketers have long known that you have the need to bury the answers you want in search engines waiting for you to find it. In fact, the search engine has far more than one information query function, as people's reliance on search engines rising, the search engine has risen to help people make decisions. If I want to buy this brand of products, will certainly in the search engine to ask a certain brand how, such as products how to see what other people's evaluation is, if it is good or positive comments, then our trust immediately rose. If it's negative, then we hesitate.

So do SEO friends must use a variety of methods to enhance the company I brand image, such as people in the understanding of your company after a good sense of your products, is trying to buy the occasion. Search the search engine in a certain company or a certain brand how, if you do not in the search engine buried in favor of your company's positive information, users may be disappointed, in general, as long as you are a large brand large companies, many people used your products will certainly be in various places to leave comments on your traces, If completely blank words may let the user produce a trace of suspicion, if you can know in Baidu, search and ask, Baidu Library, forum or some well-known news source your positive comments, then the user will be more trust your business.

Tell you a case, to see how others are the answer to marketing, a cold medicine manufacturers, it does the answer marketing around such a point. Is that you can take the cold medicine? What this means is that you do not know how to eat cold medicine, people do not need to eat cold medicine casually. If you go to a pharmacy to buy cold medicine, people who sell drugs will not tell you this, they will only choose the most expensive cold medicine to you. And you do not know whether you are suitable for this kind of cold medicine, the enterprise found this point, the problem to break down. For example, women can not eat what elements of the cold medicine, women in the menstrual period can not eat what kind of cold medicine, in pregnancy can not eat what cold medicine. 1-10 of children can not eat what kind of cold medicine, spring, summer to eat cold medicine, the method of what is different and so on.

It collects all the problems associated with colds and spreads the names of its companies and brands through various questions and answers, and then lays them on its website. Almost as long as you search the keywords related to colds, basically in the search engine will appear its information, and this is an accumulation of information. Three years and five years may also remain there, and generally you send a post in the forum, you send a message in the classified information, your information on the business-to-business to live a short time. And you have a long time to live on the site and on the third party quiz platform. This further magnifies its value.

Play SEO search marketing, is undoubtedly in the kind of answer, waiting for users to dig, the key is you this answer kind of good or bad. Here I have to spit out some friends who make bids, they use a broad match. In fact, the probability of such failure is very large, give me an example of what I see. Grilled Fish Practice The word is actually more than 600 searches per day, and grilled fish the word is not more than 700 of the search volume. If you want to do is grilled fish to join, you use a broad match, natural users in the search for the practice of grilled fish will also find you, first of all, said the search for grilled fish practice people are generally individuals, want to learn how to do this dish. Rather than want to join and training to do business. If the user is this way to learn to roast fish, and you give me a join the page, I will certainly be very disappointed. Because my keyword search and you give me the answer completely does not match, imagine such bidding how can success?

In doing search marketing must remember and bury the answer, and this answer to the user to retrieve the keyword matching, of course, also need to do a good job of guidance. If we understand our website or the answer to the search marketing, then we send every article on the site you have to ask yourself what I have solved the user what needs, I planted in the search engine what the answer, you planted what the answer is doomed you have what kind of harvest? I hope that you do SEO when the real stand at the level of user needs to consider issues, you publish every article is for the user to solve the problem. If so, believe that as long as you solve the needs of users, users will not disappoint you. Users like you, search engines will give you the rankings. Hope that you can use this kind of thinking to do SEO, will have an unexpected collection. The content of the article from the sky sent Ma kou iron box share, reproduced please indicate the source.

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