SEO Basic Technology and strategy

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SEO Basic Technology and strategy

SEO purpose is to affect the search engines such as google,yahoo,msn, to increase the number of visits to the site. In other words, SEO strategy is a strategy to increase traffic. Site traffic is the center of SEO.

Through SEO, improve the site in a specific keyword search results page rankings, you can achieve the purpose of increasing traffic.

However, the development of successful SEO strategy is not a few experts can master the mysterious art?

The answer is no. Getting a good ranking on a search engine is not as hard as you think. And, almost everyone knows to take effective SEO strategies.

Think in terms of search engine

The first step in developing a successful SEO strategy is to think in terms of the search engine. That is to say, the webmaster must always remember that the search engine only crawls existing information on the page. They do not speculate on the deep meaning of the lines, nor do they digest the ideas in the text or summarize the contextual content. The search engine is much more clumsy than the human way of thinking.

Therefore, the point of view of the search engine is to let the webmaster clearly convey the content of each page, do not blur the search engine's eyes, let them guess between the lines meaning. This is the webmaster can use the most effective SEO technology.

Keywords, search terms, tags

Keywords, keyword phrases, search terms, tags--these terms refer to the same objects--that is, a single word or multiple phrases or phrases that represent a topic on a page. In the formulation of SEO strategy, fully understand the key words in the SEO status, is critical.

For example, if a Web page is about "large green decorations", search engines will find the word "large green decorations" repeated multiple times on this page, and it will assume that the page is about "large green decorations" and put it in its database, "This page has a large green ornament." This way, when someone searches for "large green decorations," your page may appear in search results.

Making an effective SEO strategy means that webmasters must understand which words users are accustomed to when searching for their products or services. Then use these words when editing the content. One page of "optimization" is the repetition of a particular search term on this page, highlighting the importance of the word.

SEO Strategy--5 Rule

The following 5 principles are the basis for developing an SEO strategy for customers:

1. Do an initial keyword analysis, find the most potential search power search terms. The most promising search terms are not necessarily the words that get the most out of the search, because they are so fiercely competitive that it is harder to get good rankings. Choose the key words to get a good ranking.

2. Keyword analysis allows us to eventually choose between 4 and 5 search terms (keyword phrases), which are relatively the most likely to improve site rankings and traffic. We call it keyword group. "Keyword group".

3. Then we strongly advocate that the customer to the keyword group within each keyword to produce a highly targeted page. Page theme must be straightforward, so that users and search engines are at a glance. Each keyword has a separate page, and the word repeats itself at each important point in the page. "Optimization" means to refer to the word repeatedly in a particular page for a specific keyword, or to mention a synonym for the word, an synonyms, and any other word of the same meaning.

4. Firmly believe that "the more the better". If the competitor is doing better than you in a certain target keyword, it is recommended that you start with content and edit more relevant content. Of course, this is not to let you blindly plagiarism or plagiarism or simply piling keywords in the text. Search engines are stupid, but they're not stupid enough.

5. After the page content optimization, you can start to establish an inward link. The so-called inward link is from the external site to point to the link. Each link highlights the importance of the linked object. As we all know, links should be related to Web content, highlighting specific keyword phrases. For example, if the page is about "large green decorations", then other websites about "large green decorations" are the best links to this page. This is called "relevance" and its importance should be self-evident.

We not only have the rich experience of building links, there are a lot of blogs, articles, videos and related site resources, can meet the needs of different customer links.

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