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First of all, help me to see my site (casually set up a "> site domain name, library does not give the address) how?" Simple SEO Evaluation, we mainly from these aspects:   1. Web site navigation and links are implemented in Html.   2. Whether to implement URL statics.   3. Keyword optimization is in place, including the title of the writing, keyword settings, keyword density control.   4. Site structure is reasonable, whether there are simple SEO techniques.   2, search engine generally how long time to update, SEO How long time has effect? The search engine basically updates the Web page database every day, every two or three days each keyword will be ranked. In general, for a specific keyword, its search results will not suddenly find huge changes. We rarely see the first 10 digits of a keyword being replaced, unless the search engine makes an algorithm change. But for a specific site, if the penalty or the right to fall, the ranking may change dramatically overnight. SEO effect, we generally say 3-6 months, but also according to the specific circumstances and change.   3, the domain name on SEO impact? We think that schools (. edu) and the government (. gov) Web site and its corresponding domain name will have a relatively high weight. Other domain name suffix (. com/.cn/.org/.net/.cc, etc.) in the site just online for some time may be a little different, but for the mature site, this impact does not exist. The domain name contains the keyword, is helpful to the rank.   4, Baidu (Google) Why not included in my site? Generally, the content of the site is not illegal will be included. Not included is often the site itself, such as the whole station collection, cheating, such as SEO. If your site is not included, you can find the reason through the log. Learn from here the meaning of the HTTP status code in the log.   5, you 211.html "> Think SEO is the most important thing?" The development of search engine should be more inclined to the content relevance, professional assessment and judgment. So, my point is, SEO is to do keyword analysis, keyword positioning, site content editing and deployment.   6, what is the fastest way to improve the ranking?   The use of cheating can quickly improve the rankings in a single time. But I suggest not to cheat because:   A. Cheating leads to a very high probability of being sealed off. B. Cheating leads to the vicious development of the whole SEO industry, the user will cause the SEO industry because of the bad search experienceDisgusted。
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