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To undertake this article: SEO blog strategy. About Us ( In this article, we are going to talk about how to extend our external links from blogs. But what needs to be stated is that what is said is not the way to increase your links by registering a large number of blogs. Instead, take part in blogs that are related to your topic and share your ideas and marketing your site.

This is also a shortcut to improve the ranking of web pages. External settings links are more efficient than setting up links within a site. About Us more external links articles please come here:

However, it is very difficult and time-consuming to make the outside Web site link to your site. It would be very difficult if not your own peers.

But there must be a way.

Write a comment on a blog.

Many blogs have a "comment" feature that allows visitors to leave a view of the blog post.

In the comments, there will be "address" in the column, you can add your own website address.

When you post a comment, the comment is displayed on the other person's blog, and the address is displayed as a link. In other words, they set up a link on their website.

However, we cannot leave comments at random on irrelevant websites. Recently we can often see spam comments that misuse this method. Comments that are irrelevant to the content of the blog are immediately deleted and the links are not accepted.

We should use search engines to find content similar to their own blog posts, and then leave comments. Comments should also be earnest and sincere, so that the owner of the blog will see. Because the content of his blog is similar to the content of our website, it is very possible to become our customers in the future.

In addition, the links that are set up by the top sites will be judged as important links, thus increasing the position in the page rankings. That is to say, the website that is set up by excellent website is also excellent website.

Therefore, when applying for external links or leaving comments, we have to look at each other's page rank first. If the ranking is more, then put aside for a while, first attack position on the front of the site.

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