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SEO is now the industry as a whole is very confusing, the enterprise for the SEO no specific needs, SEO personnel mixed, need to do what SEO does not have a standard, SEO to do nothing also has not a specification. In short, the concept of SEO more and more blurred, if now people ask me SEO has no use, I must answer certainly useful, but if now if someone asked me what SEO is, if the answer is search engine optimization, I feel sorry seoer, and if the answer is the search experience optimization, I still think not. Can only say seoer is a brick.


Pull away, back to the theme, today all day outside with a private hospital network promotion Department of the Director of the talk about the operation of the topic, including the issue of team distribution, details here will not say. This hospital network promotion Department probably has 70 people, outside pushes the ministry 20 few people, the editorial department 20 few people, the technical department 10 number person, the bidding department 5 person, the SEO department 1 person. A brief introduction of what each department to do, extrapolation is mainly engaged in promotion, soft paper, outside the chain, the promotion of various platforms, editorial main editorial content, planning the production of special topics, responsible for the site (including Mobile station), micro-letter, micro-blog, space and other updates; Technical department including network management, write procedures to modify the code to create a website, art, etc. Do Baidu, Google, 360 and other pay promotion.

Say again on the SEO Department of 1 People, I asked the director of the main SEO what they do, he directly answered as if nothing (this SEO can really have no sense of existence). Then he thought for a moment and said, "actually did not do, mainly to change some of the labels, check the ranking, Exchange friends chain, and then look at the flow of such, there are meetings to the editors to say that the latest dynamic Baidu, in fact, the contribution or some, but this SEO like to tinker with some technical aspects of things, And I don't like to communicate with you. "

A simple look, this SEO really do not have to do. Outside the chain, soft text to push the ministry, the article, micro-credit to the editorial department, the site code changes to the server maintenance to the Department of Technology, bid and have the bidding department. Even if the site some not friendly factors, regular rectification on the line, and do not need to do all day. How busy do you say you are? Sure enough, that is the dry seo some of the tired, and some idle death. Then I asked him why he asked for an SEO department, he said everyone else has, and it does have some effect. A very sad and bitter word, but it is a real word.

So much to say, what am I going to say? Today, talk about a day, feel too much, here to borrow the above division of the situation, just talk about some SEO ideas.

First of all, SEO contributions must be some, but to seo an attitude and thinking to change, want to change your understanding of something, first of all, you have to change your attitude, at the same time thinking also decided the way out, the idea has been trapped in the corner. Many SEO is live in their own world, to the technology, I am afraid you say do not know what is called Canonical label will be alive despised death. The mouth said content for the king, the user for the king, but never do. You want him to carefully edit a good article, that is a variety of refuse, and if asked him to check the rankings and add a few H1 tags, that would be very happy.

In fact, some technical things enough on the line, after all, you are not engaged in research, the other can wait when the need to learn, focus or in the content and promotion. Often you find yourself very NB, proud of things in others that nothing, your technology does not fall, create value that is nothing, put out is a fart, can not put out that fart is not. Technology to learn, but in the time you need to use, not in the time you do not need to blow, which is why a lot of marketing of the less than the reason for SEO. In addition, why the above mentioned SEO department contribution is not big? One of the reasons is that their entire network promotion department is what we often say SEO should do, many things others have done, naturally your sense of existence will weaken, of course, there are other reasons, said below.

Secondly, if you are a team of SEO, and above the same, including column division, revision, keyword mining, content, etc. do not need you to do, you are a person in that technology? At this time, you need to communicate and collaborate. More exchanges with various departments, more to express their views, points out that the content of editing some of the wrong views, while the title editor, keyword layout, such as some of the mistaken points. In addition, some traffic jump out of the low and flow big jump high ... Some of the content that you want to analyze and feedback to the editor. And for the chain needs to check regularly, there are problems also need to communicate with the external push department. Some of the issues of code friendliness, user experience design, page element layout, etc. should be negotiated with the technology. And so on and so on, you are experts, you should go to synergy, and eventually produce good results, this is called the existence of a sense of fun, entertaining meaningless.

Finally, personal webmaster and those who need to do all the SEO need to pay attention to primary and secondary, although very bitter force, what all need to do their own, the above a team of various types of work their own basic package, but a little must not forget, the most important things need to spend the most energy. What is the most important? Obviously, the above team division has told us, is content editing and promotion, certainly not SEO technology on the right. In fact, the more you have to do, the more you have to grasp the point, the less time you can spend on technical testing, because your time and energy is limited, you are a person, you need to do the most useful things to users, your more important things if you do not do a good job without someone to help you remedy. This is a key, a lot of times the important thing is that you do not do, others have to work hard to do things.

Written in the last

Finally, why do you want to combine this with this today? is because a lot of SEO thinking really need to change, SEO is never a technology, and will not be a technology, SEO needs to communicate without the need for singles alone, the idea does not change, attitude unchanged, even that only 1 of the SEO department will no longer exist. Technology is very important, but the technology is not a shortcut, but the auxiliary, in the above there are more important things, so do not feel that they are cattle, other people think you cattle, enterprises think you contribute to the big is really nb!

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