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These two days at home nothing, the company also does not require to write soft wen, idle egg pain, usually the same look at A5 Soft wen, learn some of their relatively weak knowledge, to see their own resonance or trigger what ideas, you will want to write some soft wen, if before, I would like to write something will not have a headache, But now the company does not require me to write soft wen, one weeks a piece is enough, Soft Wen wrote also in vain, think too bad, go to A5 talk to find a long-term cooperation site, occasionally write some soft wen, also by the way to earn their own money, brother Heart Good, wrote a soft text also comes with a Baidu space link plus Baidu library links, He's cheap. Of course, I also curious, want to see his site is what kind of, why need soft text to promote?

The site is to do the gallery, the first use of tools to view the next site about information, included 1920, chain 1850, snapshots 2-6, build station time August 11, looks pretty good, snapshots the following day, should be very good exchange friends chain. See the main keyword rankings, basically no rankings, the lowest index 600, the highest 4,000, it is really not easy to do rankings.

Then look at the friend chain, very unexpected only 2, and there is no data, it is estimated that Baidu K, has not been removed. There is a friend chain is PR3, included more than 20,000, strange strange, how would exchange with him, asked him whether he is his own station, he said no, is a friend, this is no wonder. I'm guessing that if it weren't for this friend chain, the site might be down right. Then look at the chain, are forums, signatures, plus a small part of the search to ask, not much use, the main keyword ranking effect is very small, basically do this will not have ranked.

Then look at the station optimization, typesetting, URL, three tags, navigation, bread crumbs are doing well, the site structure is also good, from the home page to the bottom of the 3-4-layer appearance, each section has a corresponding label, I believe this site snapshot the next day, a large part of the reason is here. Should be to do the website design origin. But also found a disadvantage: the main keywords have to be processed, but the whole station did not see H tags, h1-h6 tags can make the search engine very good to identify the keywords of the site, can let the search engine understand the focus of your site, the keyword ranking is very helpful. There is no navigation at the bottom of the site, this is a great flaw, site map and the homepage of what can be placed here, can also write some keywords to do search, increase density use, but also conducive to ranking, conducive to crawling spiders. It is a pity that this piece is not used properly.

General information on the website so, my suggestions are as follows:

1, remove that junk friend chain, every day to add a picture or material site friend chain, preferably included and PR high, snapshot slow little indifferent, let them give you drive weights, you give them to drive snapshots, are very close to the things, should be very good to change.

2, outside the chain can not give any suggestion, because has not contacted this kind of website, also does not know which outside chain method is good, but does some high-quality outside chain or will have the effect, like soft wen, the library what, to the whole station weight promotion has the help.

3, do not always focus on the target keyword, because these rankings will be more difficult to promote, more intense competition. Suggestions to find some long tail keyword optimization, with love to see the site under the keyword ranking, there are only 2, the following figure, the proposal can be optimized from the two long tail words, has a certain ranking, should be better to do, can bring a certain amount of traffic to the site. Of course, can also find some index 100 under the long Tail words first optimization.


4, add site map and secondary navigation to the website, and add H1-H6 tags to important keywords.

Suggestions on these, but feel the most important thing is to improve the chain, outside the chain method need to dig, I temporarily did not think of a good way, can only recommend the whole station to enhance the weight and flow. Anyone who has a good suggestion can be written in the comments section and discussed. The above has said wrong, can also help point out. This article by Tera RMT game Network published in article, reprint please keep the link, write an article is not easy AH.

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