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Keywords themselves these white-hot domestic

The so-called SEO cheating means not only in China, in the world have, but the degree is not the same, in fact, cheating is the excessive use of rules, it is also out of the search engine natural ranking rules of the study. However, due to the "relevance" of the maintenance and "evil" punishment, quite a lot of cheating has been the focus of search engines, "> Search engine companies have special departments and personnel responsible for the "cheating" behavior. In search technicians have a high profile of Googler,matt Cutts, day-to-day is responsible for this work.

So Cheating SEO company is a type, their fees are based on the position of a short period of time to charge, and the amount of fees and the way also various. But the purchase of their services is a high-risk behavior, at any time by the "infringed" possible.

The regular SEO is in the search engine rules to carry on the website optimization, the optimization key involves the website program optimization, the content optimization, the purchase process optimization and so on. In fact, there are more details of the optimization, but are focused on these several points to unfold. Program Optimization is the foundation, content optimization is not only to maximize the "relevance", but also focus on the right target customers to attract, the purchase process optimization is access to the key to the transaction.

SEO in the domestic development should start in 2003 or so, compared with foreign countries, about six or seven years later, but this also with the development of China's internet lag behind the west. However, it is commendable that the domestic SEO industry from the bud to maturity, only a short period of 5 years has been catching up with the level of foreign countries, in this period, is capable of many people, which is a hill, Fu Wei, Tong, etc. for the SEO industry leader. Of course, there are a lot of hidden in the network of the low-key high man, they want to be some large portal site to hire a high salary for SEO consultants, it is to have their own trading company, using their own SEO means to develop and expand the company.

Into the 2008, SEO in China is becoming more and more popular, about SEO sites, forums are springing out of the class, and the introduction of SEO knowledge of the article is like ox flooded in every corner of the network. This should be a good phenomenon, indicating that the webmaster have recognized the importance of SEO, began to focus on SEO. But one of the key issues that many SEO novices have never thought about, now published on the internet about SEO knowledge are some basic things, can be said to be very superficial, I believe that the real experience may not be someone to write the article online, this is human nature, who do not want to let others learn their own core technology, Become a competitor to yourself. Of course, these introductory SEO knowledge of the article, although relatively superficial, but it is also the basis for SEO. When everyone learns this knowledge and applies it to the optimization of their website, everyone is "optimizing" their own website.

Everyone in the SEO, everyone hope that they have a good ranking in the search engine. But because the use of these knowledge are published online, the basic people know, so in the optimization of the vast majority of the site are identical, which makes the SEO into a white-hot stage. In these optimization armies, only those who have learned enough SEO basic knowledge, can be on the basis of these knowledge, to develop their own set of optimization strategy talent can stand out, invincible. This one of the most worthy of our learning should be the hill, the person's favorite alternative, good at discovering common people for the discovery of SEO strategy, can be said to be SEO industry vane!

Well, here to ramble about a lot of nonsense, the purpose is to hope that the webmaster friends in the optimization should have their own way, must not blindly to use the way others are using. This will only make their own SEO level is always behind people, is always second-rate seoer!

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