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Today on the micro-blog to see, Mo Yan's Speech "storyteller", quite touched, this is the wisdom of life, unrelated to the occupation, unrelated to the gender, unrelated to the situation, we are interested in the words can go to see. A lot of personal feelings, especially his mother's love, he stems from the wisdom of life, so how to think of yesterday did not write their own outside the chain plan after the friends reaction. Many people say: Are you crazy? But I feel very strange, this is how to call crazy? To be honest, I really didn't want to know. The original outside the chain plan with crazy what the relationship, and then after a friend explained just know, originally they think two of a day original too terrible, especially has been holding on, don't say a year, one months will collapse. There is also a friend jokingly: one day 10 pieces of original, next year you are Cao Chao (poor Cao boss, lying gun Ah, the estimated Cao boss must be very depressed, you SEO do original with my big Sina has a dime relationship?).

May be in these do not short time SEO friends look, long-term original is a very scary thing, where the idea comes from, the topic from where, the topic and how to unfold, how to spread these things into meaningful content, there is quality content, I am afraid that most of the seoer and personal webmaster are from this. Wisdom from Life, SEO original topic also comes from life, of course, our work is also a part of life, many people will work for work, it is obvious, it is easy to lead to work to muddle through, muddle along, Han story do not know that we have also remember? Because of concentration, so like, Only real work, you will be at work to taste the joys and sorrows, complaining about work only trouble people, you have never really worked. Of course, different people, different personalities, suitable work is also different, but then said back, loose people, never really work people, never find a really suitable job.

The topic is a bit far away, let's go back to the original topic to get, such as how the article, from what? From how yesterday's an article friends read back to the idea of the world, all the things, are inextricably linked, is not it? Find the connection, develop the topic we want, And through the thought of its expansion into content, through the text to show the content to everyone, is not our original? To say a little more broadly, we work every day, have encountered a different problem, pay attention to observation, every day your site will have new changes, these new changes, which you think is more important, Which may have a profound impact on the ranking of keywords, and what might give you customers or potential customers, and what might develop your potential customers into your real customers. Observation, thinking, experimentation, argumentation, all of this is not a good topic?

Often have a lot of seoer and personal webmaster in the Ask, SEO in addition to their own site to send some articles, in other sites to send some outside the chain, what work? Even some do SEO six months a year people will also ask this question, just as I wrote in an article, the chain of the emperor's era, destroyed a lot of people, this time, In fact, say who is wrong for who has no meaning, at least in the way, the urgency to solve the problem far more than blame and curse. The basic concept of SEO, is for search engine optimization, in fact, strictly speaking, should be based on the search engine marketing strategy, because the Netizen's trust and reliance on search engines, so that the traffic generated by the search engine is likely to account for the vast majority of the traffic, our network marketing, for search engine work , it accounted for a large proportion, and even search engine optimization can be independent of the mountain opposition, almost developed into an industry. From here we can see that our SEO is not to do the content, not to do the chain, not to do rankings, in fact, we are doing marketing, network marketing, the real goal is to profit, in order to benefit. No money to earn, everything is empty talk, all work is useless.

So we SEO topic, not only a few articles or ink collected every day, some of the false original or long-awaited began to come out of the original, is not only the collection of external chain platform, the construction of the chain network, our SEO topic can be extended to our marketing tools, marketing strategies, our customer needs, Our customer training, our customer habits research, our customer group development, our marketing strategy changes, our entire marketing network to cooperate with the operation, where our benefits come from, where our customers come from, where our industry is going, what our industry should think about and so on, and so on, our topic, From work, from life, and in constant development, constant innovation, our topic, how could it be missing? In fact, the idea of every day with the topic, absolutely more than two, just because I am a lazy person, so one day to write two, do not want to embarrass themselves (hehe, in the final analysis or lazy, the reason to find enough to rub).

SEO Original from life, I hope this article can be a good idea, lead to more high-quality original, but also believe that our eyes can capture more valuable topics and ideas, can get more customers and benefits, SEO industry, because you and development, because you and grow. Share with colleagues.

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