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You want to do SEO is not difficult as long as you have the following points, your site in search engines ranked absolute front.

Executive power

Do SEO has a very important point that is the executive power, you do SEO is very important, that is, outside the chain, where the chain from? Only to send or buy their own, but for some 7474.html "> grassroots webmaster to spend money to buy is certainly not worthwhile, but also do not know the effect of good, dare not to invest , and buy links to buy less bad, buy links also have drawbacks, then only their own to hair outside the chain.

Hair outside the chain is also a knowledge, how to send out the chain how to send more outside the chain? Then the implementation of the force, hair outside the chain is a hard thing, I know a few do SEO friends, they are daily hair outside the chain to find 4.5.html "> links, quite boring live, and then to write soft wen hype some events , then how to hype to send it? That will take time, and many times you may be repeating one thing for several days, and it's very simple, but you have to do it well.

The more powerful the implementation of the chain, then the light has the ability to execute is certainly not enough, the following will give you a few other points to talk about.

How to send out the chain

Hair outside the chain said it is very simple, but it is difficult to do, because the hair chain is very elegant people's perseverance patience, hair outside the chain is actually very simple, you can go to the Internet search "can send out the chain of the site", there are many people on the internet to summarize a lot of the site can be sent outside the chain, are not bad, but some have been closed the station.

Found the relevant can be sent outside the chain of the forum to send articles, to remember is not to send a station to record a time in this station hair, and then summed up, that station tube is loose, the station of high quality can be collected quickly after the use, so you can accumulate webmaster resources for the future SEO also has a lot of help.

So that hair outside the chain is not difficult, as long as you have the willpower to carry out the ability, you can get a lot of outside the chain and webmaster resources.

Website Structure optimization

Said finished above, now on how to compete with the same weight outside the chain of the site, that is the structure of the site. may be the structure of some words can not be reflected on the above is very important, but in the same weight with the number of chain with the domain name time to compete against the opponent that must be from the structure of the site to make a fuss.

1. Reasonable application mark

2, from the important relevance of typesetting, long update the site related to the highest side of the front

3, Mark explanation <img src= "alt=" "> Alt attribute, Title attribute of important title

4, keyword tags <strong> keywords </strong>

5, article anchor text (less than or equal to five)

6, page static as little as possible to appear variables

7, reduce the complexity of the structure

8. Scripting Style Chaining

9, the smaller the control page size, the better

10, keyword density as far as possible control between 3.5~4.5

11, the key words according to the difficulty degree arranges the density also according to the difficulty degree distribution

12, must be in the site plus links column

13, the column rationalization (near the topic reasonable naming)

14, it is best not to appear pop-up flash, etc.

Summary: If you have persistent heart, you have the ability to execute your SEO technology is absolutely first-class.

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