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SEO is a technical live, not "network migrant workers", SEO is mental life, not physical life, this sentence is Nanjing SEO before the meeting of the manager said, of course, say this sentence does not mean that managers understand SEO, the manager is not actually SEO is what, What he said meant that we could use our brainpower to bring greater profits to his company, after all, the manager is to do real estate, marketing speech is his specialty, the manager is just talking, we have to do in the next days of the brain, do not do the task of the manager is "work without brains" type of staff, Pay less, say, and be scolded, at first think the manager really TM no virtuous, now do their own station, feel that SEO is really mental life, not physical life, physical life is outside the ability of the migrant workers, we do not move brick just sit in the seat knocking on the keyboard, does not belong to physical life.

There are a lot of people may complain that doing SEO is bitter than talent things, every day hair outside the chain, write articles exhausted, do is "network migrant workers" live, if you are still doing the hair out of the chain and copy sticky site, then you can only say that your incompetent team leader involved you, your team leader in pointing you how to create network garbage , rather than optimizing a Web site for the user experience, such people do not deserve to do optimization, said that he did not understand the SEO, can only do an echo of the boss with not many of the wages of the staff; After this several times Baidu big update can explain Niang already started to stop collecting station, do extermination thing is impossible, There's nothing to do, do not think today did not k my collection station will be fine, next time you still can't run away, and drilling Baidu's loopholes than to meet Baidu, common for users to do site optimization, so that users get the best experience, this is the SEO commissioner should do things, The real seoer is not going to go around making internet trash.

How do you optimize your site today?

The basic optimization in the station is not said, the previous article "Rapid upgrade site ranking method optimization Skills" has been explained in detail, if the basic play is not good, the next optimization is definitely increasing the difficulty, internal optimization technology is the layout of the chain, followed by the original article, external optimization do not use the previous chain of the sea tactics, A just online site has tens of thousands of outside the chain, is it possible? Outside the chain may be k, outside the chain is less but not, selective do point of relevance and authority outside chain can, the next is to write soft wen, soft article marketing success stories too much, soft and SEO law a little different, soft requirements of the entire article can not mention you want to promote the product name, Let the viewer feel that you are telling another thing, when you say the right time, just a stroke of the product you want to promote will arouse the user's curiosity, so as to search your product, if your product has no quality problems, then congratulations, success.

Nanjing SEO has seen many sites outside the chain only 100 fishes, station article is only 30 Lais but stable accounted for the top three, this is the SEO, relaxed nature has ideas, if you do not even site statistics and site logs have not seen, do not tell me you are a webmaster, you are just a no thought of the outside chain Commissioner or editor just.

SEO market is "black hat" gimmick to stink, is by a crash enterprise smelly, cause now 3000 dollars of a list of people with "black Hat" gimmick 300, became the migrant workers price, there are some "black hat" technique will not be in where fake companies everywhere cheating, SEO market is a mess.

We are SEO, is also "network migrant workers"!

Our work let us ordinary with extraordinary, ordinary to the site silently to the first;

The extraordinary is that you do not see the value we create priceless.

I am an seo, tasting every success to optimize a website to the first page of the ups and downs!

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